BHAVISHYA MAHA PUARANA :- (Pratisarga Parva – Third Khand)

Pratisarga Parva - Third Khand




BHAVISHYA MAHA PURAN is a great book written by Ved Vyasa. It was composed by him when Saunak jee, Soot jee and other sages residing upon the forest named Naimishaaranya. Bhavishya itself highlights about the term “Future”. Where Purana is the history of the past. Bhavishya Purana means what the things told about the future in past times. Vyasa sage every time told about this book in every other Mahapurana and it doesn’t appeared simply, this is the most evidence that I find. Secondly, it contains creation, kingdom of Manu, Kingdoms, and dynasty of sages. It described every pauranic (past) subjects that had occurred before. It started with the verbal conversation between Sumantu sage and king Shataaneek which constructed the Brahma Parva. Brahma Parva tells about the essence of goddess Savitri, creation, fast of Naagapanchamee and the essence of Sun god “Surya” or “Aditya”.  Brahma Parva also constructed of some valuable things which greatness is reached the essence of Sanaataan culture such as worship of god Kartikeya, essence of Ratha Saptamee, laws of matrimony and behavior of women. As the Brahma Parva concluded Sootjee reflect light on this purana staring with the same creation and then he goes on describing about the fruits of Dharma, fruits if hearing purana, laws of conducting austerity and oblation of fire and essence of forefathers and guardians which ended the Madhya Parva. When the Pratisarga Parva started it continued in description of rulers of past of Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Second Khand contains same description of kings of Kali Yuga with the essence of Vikramaditya and Vetala samvad and Satya-Narayan vrata. From Third Khand to Fourth Khand it gives the prediction of legendary kings of India from Prithviraaj till the end of Kali Yuga and the forth-coming of lord Krishna as Kalki Avatar. It reflects light on different activities of Hindu kings, Muslim dynasty (both Slave and Mughal dynasty) and the preserved history of every religious preachers such as Muhammad, Christ, Mosses, Buddha, and Shree Chaitanya. It also gives description about some adorable persons such as Shankaacharya, Ramaanuja, Raamaananda, Kaveer, Guru Nanak and famous saint Meeravayee, etc. It tells about forthcoming British rulers, different states and how it get constructed and the culture of language of Arabic and French. The Third Khand of Bhavishya Maha Purana is Uttar Khand which described about more than two hundred vrats (fasts). We cannot deny the literature of Purana but we can tell that Purana itself flourish the followings of Vedas and its means. 



Ved Vyasa is the writer of this book. It is written in Sanskrit Language. He is the composer of eighteen major puranas. Bhavishya Purana is believed to be ninth among the row. It has been started when sages like Bhrigu , Atri , Vasistha , Pulastya , Pulaha , Kratu , Paraasaara , Vyasa , Sumantu , Jaminee , Paila , Yagyavalka , Goutama , Bharadwaj , Naarad , Parvat , Vaishampayaan , Shaunak , Daksha , Angeera , Garg and Gaalva went near the king from Lunar Dynasty , Shataaneek . It is said by Lord Brahma to Lord Shankar (Shiva). Thereafter lord Shiva gave its essence to lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu said it to sage Naarad and sage Naarad said it to lord Indra. From Indra to Paraasaara and from Paraasaara to Ved Vyasa. From Ved Vyasa to other rishis.  Therefore it is the proof of its divinity.


I am just reflecting light on the Third Khand of Pratisarga Parva more vividly. There are some text in these puranas that were really interesting to hear about the predictions made by sages long ago came true in future. Though the text was written many thousands of years before the recorded events took place, by the power of his mystic vision, Sri Vyasa was able to accurately predict the happenings of the modern times. One of the text’s poetic styles is to present the events as though they have already happened. This is a common practice in Sanskrit poetry, and does not indicate that the book was written in modern times. Modern scholars reject the contents of Bhavishya Purana mostly on the grounds that its information is too accurate. But we should ask ourselves: If there was an empowered saint, who knew past, present and future, and if he chose to write a book named “the History of the Future”, shouldn’t it contain accurate information about the modern times, as the title suggests? We cannot disqualify it simply because it speaks accurately of the British controlling India, Hitler fighting the world, and Max Mueller misrepresenting the Vedic teachings. “Veda” means knowledge, and the Vedic texts contain knowledge of everything – past, present and future.


-Avinandan Bose

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Contents :-                                                                  

  1. Prologue of Allah Udaal Katha amrita (Krishnaamsa, Ramaamsa Charita). 1-2
  2. How Land of Aryan came to known as Hindustan?                                                                           

     ► King Shaalivahana and Eshaamaseeh Katha.                                                                               


  1. Mohammad and Raja Bhoj.  


  1. Expansion of Agni Vamsa and Kali appeals to Shree Krishna.                  


  1. Birth of Jayachandra and Prithviraaj; their rivalry over taxes. 


  1. Sanyogita Haran Parva and

     the first great battle between Prithviraja and Jayachandra.                                                         


  1. Boons from Devtaas and birth of divine animals on the earth. 


  1. The first battle between Mahavatee and Mahismati and

     Birth of Devshimha.                                                                                                                                 


  1. Second war between Mahismati and Mahavatee;

      Birth of part avatars and part of Krishna.                                                                                            


  1. Krishnaamsa (Udaal), age nine, reads Sastras;

         Parimala pays tax to Prithviraaj but Lakshmana refuses;

         Krishnaamsa outwrestles Mahipati’s (Mahil’s) son Abhaya;

         Birth of four magical flying horses from Harinee

         Which king Parimala bestows on heroes;

         Young heroes meet goddess Sarada on deer hunt.                                                                         


  1. Young heroes go to ocean and get boons from Sarada;

        Malana gives birth to Ranajit;

        Krishnaamsa goes to Urviya (Urai),

        where Mahipati tries to capture him in an iron net;

      Mahipati goes to Delhi and

      convinces Prithviraaj to attack Krishnaamsa in Mahavatee (Mahoba);                                                 

      Prithviraaj is defeated;

        Baalakhaani (Maalkhan) builds Shireeshaakhya (Sirsa fort).                                          


  1. War in Mahismati (Maro) (Revenge of Krishnaamsa for his father’s death,

        Slaying of Jambuka (Jambay)).                                                                                                             




  1. Mahiraja (Prithviraja) obtains Mahismati, lakshaavritti (Lakha),

       who becomes an Apsara , Alhaad marries Svarnavatee.                                                               


  1. Birth of Indula (lndal); his trip to Indra loka to be suckled by Sachi,

         the wife of Indra .                                                                                                                                


  1. Sarada gives boons to heroes. 


  1. Baalakhani weds Gajamukta (Gajmoteena). 


  1. Brahmaananda (Brahma) weds Vela (Bela) daughter of Prithviraja.    


  1. Indula goes to Lanka seeking to wed Padminee. 


  1. Indula weds Padminee,

        the daughter of king Aryashimha of Sinhala (Srilanka).                                                                 


  1. Sukhakhaani (Sulkhaan) weds Madanamanjari, the daughter of king Lahara. 


  1. Krishnaamsa weds Pushpaavati (Phulwa);

         Battle with famous Makaranda and king Mayurdhwaja.                                                          


  1. Sports and previous lives of Krishnaamsa and Pushpaavati;

         Krishnaamsa brings Chandraavali (Candra Bel)-

        to Mahavatee from Thatha (Balithatha ).                                                                                                                 


  1. Kidnapping of Indula by Chitrarekhaa,

        Banishment of Krishnaamsa and war with Balheek state.                                             



  1. Banishment of Alhaad;

      Lakshmana’s Digvijaya;

      Prithviraaj obtains the secret of how to kill Baalakhani and Sukhakhaani.                


  1. Lakshmana weds Padminee;

        Death of Sukhakhaani and Baalakhani in the war with Prithviraaj;

        Sati of Gajamukta.                                                                                                                                   119 – 122


  1. Battle of Keertisaagara. 


  1. Return of Krishnaamsa and Battle of Vetravatee.                                                                           


  1. Kidnapping of Krishnaamsa by Shobhana and

       war with Muslims and the army of Mahaamada (Muhammad).                                                 





  1. War with Chinese Buddhists. 


  1. Release of Lakshmana from prison in Delhi.                               


  1. Brahmaananda’s visit to Delhi;

        The wives of the Kauravamsas & Vela’s vengeance.                                                                    


  1. Eighteen days war;

        Death of every kings;

        Vela’s Sati;

        Establishment of Kali;

        Coming of Sahoddina;

        Death of Prithviraaj.      




Prologue of Allah Udaal Katha amrita (Krishnaamsa, Ramaamsa Charita).

Rishis said: – “Bhagwan! You have described the Vikramaaditya’s ruling period. While there was 1200 years of Dwapara Yuga, Bhagwan Sri Krishna did many Lila in the earth. You are omniscient, compiler of all knowledge, please describe about that Katha to us. We are eager to listen it.”

Sootjee said: – “There happened Kurukshetra war in the end of 28th Dwapara Yuga, of Vaivaswat Manvantar, of Bhavishya Kalp. In that war Pandavas attained full victory over Kauravas in 18 days’ time. On the last day, knowing the bad Time, Krishna prayed Shiv Jee to protect Pandavas. ”

Lord Krishna said: – “Namah Shantaye rudraye vuteshaye kapardine. Kaalakatre jagadhvadre paaphatre Namo Namah. ““Pandavan rakksha vagwanam da vaktaan vuta virukaan.”

“I praise the Rudra who is pleasant, who is bhutesha (ghost dweller), builder of time, who sees every welfare of living being and sin destroyer, I praise you again and again. Bhagwan! Please protect Pandavas, they are my bhakts and they fear time.”

Hearing this prayer, Shiv Jee carrying his Trishula (trident) rode on his Nandi and came to protect Pandava’s camp. At that time Krishna was away to Hastinaapur by the order of Yudhisthira and Pandavas were living on the banks of Saraswatee River.

At mid-night, Ashwatthaamaa and Kritvarmaa and Kripaachaarya came to Pandavas camp and they pleased Shiv by their prayers. At this Shiv allowed them to enter Pandavas camp. Mighty Ashwatthaamaa killed Dhrishtdyumn etc warriors by the sword given by Shiv and then went back with Kripaachaarya and Kritvarmaa. Only one Soot remained there who informed Pandavas about this killing. Bheem etc Pandavas thought this the act of Shiv Jee and they got extremely angry and started fighting with Shiv Jee. Whatever weapons were used by them at Shiv Jee, they all entered his body. After that seeing this, with anger they all started beating Lord Shiva with fists and arms. At this Shiv said – “Because you are all the devotee of Shree Krishna that is why I am protecting you otherwise you were all worth of being killed. You all will have to suffer for this by taking birth in Kali Yug.” and he got disappeared. Pandavas got very sorry at this. They came to Krishna for help. All of them prayed Shiv Jee and Shiv asked them to ask for Var. Krishna said – “Dev, Whatever weapons of have entered in your body, please return to them and free them from Shaap (scarce).”

Shiv Jee said – “Krishna, I salute you. At that time I was deluded by your Maya that is why I gave Shaap to them. Although my words will not be a lie, still Pandavas and Kauravas will be born on Prithvi (earth) from their part and will be free soon. Yudhisthira will be the son of Vats Raaj (Bacchraj), his name will be Baalakhaani (Maalkhan) and he will the king of Shireesh (Sirsa) city. Although, he spoke bad languages, Bheem’s name will be Veran and he will be the king of Vanaras. Whoever will take birth from Arjun’s part, he will be my Bhakt and great intelligent. He will be born in Parimala’s house and his name will be Brahmaananda. Nakula will be born as Ratnabhaanu (Raatibhaan)’s son in Kanyakubja and his name will be Lakshmana. Sahadev will be the son of Bheem Sinh and his name will be Dev Sinh. Dhritraashtra’s part will be born as Prithviraaj in Ajmer and Draupadi will be born as Velaa, the daughter of Prithviraaj. The great donor Karna will be born as Taaraka (Saadar/Tahaar). At that time I will also take Avatar in the form of Raktabeeja. Kauravas will be skilled in Maya war and Pandavas will fight according to Dharma.”


Soot Jee further said – “Rishi, Krishna smiled hearing this and said – “I will also take Avatar through my special Power and help Pandavas. In Mahavatee Puree built by Maya Devi I will be born as the son of Desh Raaj who will be called as Uday Sinh (Oodal). His mother’s name will be Devaki. The part of my Vaikunth Dhaam will be born as Alhaad and he will be my Guru. I (Shree Krishna – Uday Sinh) will destroy the kings of Agni Vansh and establish Dharma.” Hearing this from Krishna, Shiv Jee disappeared.


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s Vikram Kaal named first chapter ended.



How Land of Aryan came to known as Hindustan? King Shaalivahana and Eshaamaseeh Katha.

Soot Jee said – “In the morning, grieved by the sorrow of their sons, Pandava came to Bheeshm Pitaamaha after doing their last rites. They learned king’s duties, Moksha duties and Daan Dharma from him. Then they did three Ashwamedh Yagya and ruled for 36 years. After that they went to Swarg. When A-Dharma will increase in Kali Yuga, they will also be born.

Vyas Jee said: – “After saying this Sootjee will again say:-“Now you may go to your place, I am now getting under the control of Yoga Nidraa, you all may leave and get to your respective places. I will meditate on chakratirth and three times more I will think of parm brahma.” By hearing this all rishis of Naimishaaranya went will meditate and will acquire their divine soul .After when twelve hundred years will past away, the rishis will wake up from their meditation and do bath in the pure river (Ganges). After finishing all their sacred act they will come near Sootjee and will inquire.”

Rishis said:-” Bhagwan! In Dwapara Yuga, what shiv jee has ordered accordingly the time of Vikram (Vikram-samvat) has arrived now? Therefore please tell about the rulers ruling on the earth. ”

Soot Jee said – “After Vikramaditya had gone to Swarg, many kings ruled. From Kapila in the east to Sindhu River in the west; and from Badri(Badrika) Kshetra in north to Setu-bandh in south, there were 18 states in Bhaarat Varsh – (1) Indraprasth, (2) Paanchaal, (3) Kurukshetra, (4) Kampil, (5) Antarvedee, (6) Vrij, (7) Ajamer, (8) Marudhanv (Maarvaar), (9) Gurjar (Gujaraat), (10) Mahaaraashtra, (11) Dravid (Tamilnaadu), (12) Kaling (Orissa), (13) Avantee (Ujjain), (14) Udup (Aandhra), (15) Bang, (16) Gaud, (17) Maagadh, and (18) Koshal. Separate kings ruled here in these states. Their languages were also different and there were many Dharma propagators at time to time.

After 100 years passed, Shak etc foreigner kings came in Arya Desh crossing Sindhu River, seeing the deterioration of Dharma. And some other came here crossing the icy paths of Himalaya. They robbed Arya and went back to their own country. At this time, Vikramaaditya’s grandson Shaalivahana was crowned on his father’s throne. He defeated armies of Shak belonged to Taittaar (Tatar) and China etc countries. He punished the evil people of Baalheek, Kaamroopa, Rome and Khur (Khursaan) countries who were born in those countries and took all their treasury. He established separate countries for Mlechchh and Arya kings. He gave Sindhu Desh to Arya. Therefore Arya land was named as Sindhustaan (Today in Modern time it is known as Hindustan).King Shaalivahana gave the area situated across and beyond Sindhu River to Mlechchh.

Once, Shaalivahana went to a mountain peak and he saw a handsome man standing on a mountain peak of Hoon country. His complexion was fair and he had white clothes on his body. He got very happy to see him and asked him – “Who are you?” He said – “I am the son of God and I am born from a maiden. I am the propagator of Mlechchh Dharma and Truth.” Raja asked – “What is your Dharma?” Eesh-Putra said – “After the Truth died, I came in borderless Mlechchh Desh as a Messiah. A girl named Eshaamaseeh was born in Dasyu (slave) community, I got this Messiah-ship only after getting her from Mlechchh. Whatever Dharma I have propagated, listen to it.

First make your body clean after cleaning your physical and mental dirt. Then one should do Jaap (recitation of prayers) of his Isht Devtaa. One should speak truth, follow justice, and worship Param-aatmaa established in solar system by concentrating one’s mind, because Eeshwar and Sun are similar. Param-aatmaa is immovable and Sun is also immovable. Hey Rajan, by doing this I have established eternal pure Eesh idol in my heart, that is why my name is Eshaamaseeh.”

Hearing this, Shaalivahana saluted that Mlechchh and established him there. Then he came back, did Ashwamedh Yagya, ruled for 60 years and went to Swarg. After king went to Swarg, what had happened after, please listen to it.


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s Shaalivahana Kaal’s description named second chapter ended.




Chapter 3

Mohammad and Raja Bhoj.

Sootjee said :- ” In Shaalivahana dynasty there were ten kings and ruled for 500 year . Then they went to Swarg. In their rule, the administration was weak and therefore law and order also got weak. For the king Bhoj, the law and order was for name sake. Having seen the administration, law and order broken in pieces, he went for digvijaya (conquer the earth). In his army there was ten thousand army men, with them Kalidasa was also been present. He also kept other Brahmins with him and then went near the Sindhu River. After reaching there, he defeated Mlecchas residing in gandhaar region and Naravaas of Kashmir. Having defeated them he took huge treasury as punishment. Then he started his journey of conquest and reached near a place where a man named Mahaamada (Mohammad) dwelling in that place, who is residing there as a teacher, teaching his student .King Bhoj also in that place which is named as “Marusthalaa “(Desert) started worshipping lord Shiva with panchagavya, water of river Ganges, and chandan etc. and started reciting prayers to please him:-


“Namaste girijanaath Marusthalnivasine. Tripuraasur naashaye bahumayaa pravartine. Mlecchayi r guptaye shudhaaye sacchidaanandan rupine .Tvam maam hi kinkara briddhi sharanarth samupa aagataam”


Bhoj Raaj said: – “The girijapati who is residing in this desert, I praise him. He who creates endless illusion (maya), destroyed Tripuraasur, and is protected from Mlecchas, being so pure and represent the pure form of Sacchidaanandan.” “I am your servant, hence I am under your recourse.”


“Iti srutva stavyam deva shabda maaha nripay tama. Gantavyaam vojrajena mahakaaleshwaar sthaale. Mlecchayi SA su dushita bhumi r vahikaa naam bishruta. Aryadharmo hi nayivatra vahike desh daarune. Bavuvatra mahaa maayi yo Asau dagdho mayaa pura. Tripuro Bali dayityena preshita punaaragatah .Ayoinah SA Varo mattah praptvaan dayitya vardhanah. Mahaamada Iti khyatah payishaach kriti tatparah. Naagantavyam tavyayaa vupaa paishacha desha dhurtaakey. Matprasaadena vupala tava shuddhi prajaayate.”


Sootjee said:-” By hearing the reciting prayer, Shiv jee said:-” Bhoj Raaj! Please go to Vahika named land of Mahakaaleshwaar, this place is being corrupted with sins by Mlecchas. The very end of the land Vahikaa, the Arya Dharma got destroyed. There, with the order of Bali dayitya, the great illusionist Tripuraasur got rebirth, whom I have been destroyed, turned him into ashes. His inner reality is, he got his rebirth to flourish his greatness and spread dynasty of Daityas. His name is ‘ Mahaamada ‘, who is always fond of doing pisacha like works. Therefore Rajan, please don’t stay in this place of paishacha (land of Pathaans), by my grace you will be pure.”



“Iti srutva nripa-sh-chaiva sva deshaan punaraagamat. Mahamaadascha tayi sardhaam sindhutira samupaa yaayu.

Uvacha vupatim premna mayamaad vishaarada. Tava devo Mahaaraj mama dasatva ma Agatah. Mama Ucchitaam SA vunji yaddyatha tat pashya VO nripa .Iti srutva tatha drishtava param vishmayamaagatah. Mleccha dharme matischaa sittasya vupasya darune.”


Sootjee said:-” By hearing this, king began his journey for his own country. Accordingly, Mahaamada with his students reached the Coast of Sindhu River. The well skilled in illusion master, being very gentle, he said to the king:-“Maharaj! Your deity (lord Shiva) is my slave! Hey king! See your deity is eating pickings and remnants (waste matter, remains of a meal) of mine.” By seeing this, king got deluded in the matter, and got very much surprised. He then started in thinking of converting himself into that horrific Mleccha Dharma.”


“Tacchutva kalidas stu rusha praah Mahamadam. Maya Te nirmita dhurta nripa Mohana hetave. Hanishyami duraachaaram vahikaam purusha adhaamaam.”


Sootjee said:-” By that time, Kalidasa got the knowledge of his maya and being red in anger said to Mahaamada:-“Wicked you are! You are deluding king in illusion that is your illusion which is not true, therefore I will kill you sinner, the most wretched person of Vahika.”


“Ityuktva SA dvija srimaan navaarn japa tatparah. Japatva dashasahasraam cha tad dashaansham juhaava SA. Vamsa vuta SA maayi mleccha devtaas aagataam. ”


Sootjee said:-” By saying this the Brahman (Kalidasa) started reciting navaarn (navakshari) mantra. He recited it ten thousand times. Being pleased with Kalidasa, Devi gave powerful energy into Kalidasa’s body and every tenth part of his recitation, the enormous energy came out through his body obliterating each and every parts of the body of Vahika purusha into fire. He when fully turned into ashes, became god of the Mlecchas.”


“Vayvita astu tachchhishhya (tad shishya) desham vahikamaa yayu. Grihitva sva guro r vasma madhinatvam Agatam.

Sthapitam tayishcha bhummadhye tatroshurmadatatparah. Madhinaam puraam jataam teshaam tirthaam samaam smritaam.”


Sootjee said: – “After that, his every student being very fear in mind, they all went to the vahikaa desha. They carried the remnant ashes of their own teacher (Muhammad) and placed it in under the earth, all became quiet and peaceful after that. Therefore that place is named as “Madhina pura” (Medina). That place is the sacred place for them.”


“Paishacham deha maasthaaye bhojrajam hi so a brabitah. Arya dharmo hi Te Rajan sarva dharmottamah smrita. Isha agyaya karishyaami payishacham dharma darunaam. Lingachchhedi shikhahinah smasrudhaari SA dushakah. Uchchalaapi, sarvavakshi, vabishyati jano mama. Bina kaoulaam cha pashavasteshaam vakshyaam mataa mam. Musalenaiva sanskaarah kushayiriva vabishyati. Tasmaanmusalvanto hi jatyo dharma dushaka.Iti paishach dharmascha vabishyati mayaa kritah.”


Sootjee said:-“In deep at night, the illusionist Dev pisacha, came towards King Bhoj and said: – Rajan! Your Arya Dharma is greatest above every other Dharma. I am only propagating this Dharma by the order of “Isha”**. The Dharma as it goes:-” Being in my Dharma, one have to cut his genital, he will have no shikha (the small amount of hair tied backward of head that belongs to Brahmin), He will talk bigger, shout loudly and will be omnivorous. Without kaultantra, they will eat animals, and they will perform purified act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusa. Therefore, they will be called as musalmaan, the people who will belong to this Dharma will pollute every pure Dharma. Likewise I will spread this paisachik Dharma,” and he dictated his Dharma to the king.”


“Ityukta pra yayu devah sa raja geha ma yayu. Tribarne sthapita bani sanskriti swargadayini. Shudreshu prakriti vasha sthapita tena dhimata.”


Sootjee said:-“After describing his Dharma, that Devtaa of mleccha, went from there and king also went to his own palace. Being very afraid, that Arya Dharma is going to be destroyed, he flourished Sanskrit in three varnas (Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya). He then propagated Prakrit language to those who belong to shoodra caste. ”


“Panchashatabda kalaam tu rajyam kritva divyaam gatah. Sthapita tena maryada sarva devopamaanini. Aryavarta punya vumi r maddhyaam vindhya himalayo. Aryavarnar sthitas tatra vindhyaante varnashankrah. Nara musaal vantoshchya sthapita sindhuparajaah. Barbar tusha deshe cha dvipe nana vidhe tatha. Ishamasheeh dharmashchya surayi ragyiva sansthita”


Sootjee said: – “After that, king Bhoj reigned for fifty years and attained Swarg. He is the only king who restored the respect of devtaas and in between vindhya and Himalayas he created Aryavarta named state. There all people belong to Aryan Dharma reside in that place. And at the end and beyond of vindhyachala area, lived all varnasamkara (Mixture of all caste, varnasamkara because they never maintained own caste rules therefore they break Dharma every time) .At the end and beyond of Sindhu area, King gave people belong to musalmaan Dharma to live there. Ishamasheeh Dharma, propagated everywhere in Barbar, tusha and in every islands like devtaas and kings.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named third chapter ended.







#Note: – Muhammad spoke about the order of Isha, he had to come to earth to preach his religion…Who is the Isha? Isha in Sanskrit meaning god, from whom Ishamasheeh (who also reached India, may be crossing Arabian Sea) took birth, he took birth took as messiah which directly means as a savior, to save mleccha and restore dharm. Will he order Muhammad to preach such religion which is against Arya dharm? Answer we will get by reading those verses what lord Shiva told:-” By the order of Bali dayitya he took rebirth, and we know lord Shiva took the soul of Tripuraasur by destroying him into his body. Therefore Bali dayitya perhaps prayed lord Shiva and brought him into this earth. Also we know, Tripuraasur was great devotee of lord Shiva. We will know by later chapters after Kali Yuga, Bali, Prahlaad and other asuras will fight with all devtaas with huge army. We know that king of asuras is Prahlaad and his grandson Bali who is being protected by Vamana avataara, great devotee of Vishnu whose actual name is Virochana, the great ruler, and grandson of Prahlaad.


Chapter 4

Expansion of Agni Vamsa and Kali appeals to Shree Krishna.

Sootjee said: – After raja Bhoj had gone to Swarg, in his dynasty there were seven kings came accordingly but due to their small age, the unlucky kings only reigned up to one hundred years and went to Swarg. Under those king’s supervision there were small states ruled which were ruled by many kings. In his dynasty, the seventh king was Virsinh (Virsingh). In Virsinh’s dynasty there were again three rulers who ruled two hundred years and went to Swarg. The tenth king was Ganga Sinh (Ganga Singh), who by dharm has ruled Kalpakshetra region. There is a king named Jayachandra who is of Antarvedee caste ruled Kanyakubja. While in Indraprasth (Delhi) was ruled by Anangpal of Tomaar dynasty. Likewise in title of gram-Rashtrapaala (Jamindaar-Talukdaar), there were many kings ruling different states .Agnivansh kingdom has increased in size, such as in east Kapila-ashram, in west Vahikant, in north – the end border of chin (china), and in south up to Setu-bandh. And In the expanded land of the kingdom, there was sixty lakh great revenue collectors (Jamindars), who were in Agnihotri caste, very much kind to cows and Brahmans. The atmosphere became like dharm had regained its power, and dharm had expanded like in Dwapara Yuga. It is feeling like Dwapara Yuga has come again to this earth. Every house has wealth, every person is following the law of dharma, and every Devtaa situated in every villages and in every state, there started yagya ceremony. Likewise, in that period every mlecch king is up to the dharm of Aryans. By seeing this, kali with all Mlecchas getting afraid in mind, came to Nilachala Parvat and prayed to that clever deity (Lord Vishnu). There he did twelve years of meditation, he saw in his mind , the beautiful Krishna who sacchidaanandan and Santana , with Radha and everybody in his mind, he did prayers through mind to the lord Krishna  and pleased him , who is purana , cannot be destroyed and every time present in Vrindavaan playing with sakhas i.e. friends (gopis and gops) .


“Shashtanga dandavat swamin grihaan mam cha Eshwaar| Pahi mam sharanam praptaam charane Te kripanidhe||Sarva papa hara satvam vai sarva kaal karo haari | Bhavan gaura satya yuge, tretayaam rakta rupakah || Dwapare Pit rupaswa, Krishnatwaam mama dishtake |”


Kali said: – “Hey swamin, I praise you through sitting on knees and bend down head to the ground (Shashtanga Namaskar), please accept it. You who destroys sins and present in every Yuga (time). Your looked white complexioned in Satya Yuga, Red color in Treta Yuga, yellow color in Dwapara Yuga, and in kali Yuga you are in lucky color of black complexioned. ”


“Matputras cha smrita mleccha arya dharmatvaam agatah || Chatur gehaam cha me swamin dyutaam madyaam swarnakaam |Stri hasyaam cha Agni vanshayischa vinashitaam||Tyag kritva dehaastya kulaastya yuktaam rashtro janardaan | Tvat Padambujaamadhaye sthito ahaam sharanaam tvyaami ||”


“Kali said: – ” My sons who belonged Mlecchas, had been came in order of Arya dharm. Swamin! For me create a four rooms, – in first room will be for gambling (dyuta), second place where people will drink wine, third place where lots of gold will be stored and fourth place where women will come and have a refreshment of laughing. This all were destroyed by the Kshatriyas of Agnivamsas. Janardaan! I have come here leaving every time, body, family and nation. And now I’m situating now in your feet.”


Then with a smile, Bhagwan Krishna said:-“Kale (Kali). For your protection, I will take birth in this earth, who will be strongest. My ansh (part-avatar) will reach the earth and destroy those strong kings ruling now and will restore kings belonged to Mlecchas dynasty in the nation.”


By telling this to kali, Bhagwan disappeared.”


Sootjee said: – “What had happened after that time, I am describing to you rishis, listen! In the village named Vaksara (Baxar), there lived a Vratapa named Abhiri (Aheerin) who have worshipped Shree Durga with relentless devotion. By having pleased with her Devi Chandikaa appeared and said:-” Shobhane (female – who is very graceful)! Ask for boon”. She said: – “Matah (Mother)! If you want to provide me boon then, hey goddess (Ishwari) please produce two sons who is as strong as Rama and Krishna in my dynasty.” By accepting the want, Devi got disappeared. ”


“Vasumaan named ruler, got faint by seeing her beauty and according to the dharm, he married her. He kept her in his palace.” “In his dynasty from the Queen Vratapa, two sons took birth, one is elder Deshraaj and smaller Vatsraaj, who was stronger of one hundred elephants. The two sons did war with Magadha and became ruler of the state. King of Vanaras (Benaras) was Shatyatt (Sayiaad) named mlecch who was very strong ruler. By the order of lord Shiva, from the part of Bheemsena (Bheem), he obtained a son named Veeraan. The son is the mlecch who can jump up to the tall of a palm tree. For that his name is kept as Talana. That time he did an exciting war with his father Shatyatt. As Talana is much stronger than his father and everybody, victory bestowed upon him. After that, they all did friendship between them and three great warrior (Vasumaan, Shatyatt and Talana) went to test king Jayachandra in his palace.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named fourth chapter ended.








Chapter 5

Birth of Jayachandra and Prithviraaj; Their rivalry over taxes.

Sootjee said: – “In Indraprasth (Delhi), King Anangpal ruler of Indraprasth, to have a child did a yagya named Putreshti yagya by following every law and order of dharma. By grace of lord Shiva , he got two daughter child namely Chandrakaanti and Kirtimalini .Anangpal married  Chandrakaanti with Devpala, the ruler of Kanyakubja (Kannauj) , who is pure and fall in family of Rashtrapaala (One of revenue collector , jamindaar ) . Likewise, Anangpal gave his second daughter Kirtimalini to Someshwara, the ruler of Ajmer, belonged to the dynasty of Chapahaani (Chauhan). That time Jaysharma named Brahman involved in tremendous strong and hard meditation in Himalaya. By divine power, he had seen the whole thing of the ceremony in the palace of the king Anangpal. Having seeing the whole thing, he had desire to become a king. After that, the pure Brahmin soul, left the body, went to the womb of Chandrakaanti and stayed there for rebirth. Thus he took birth again from the womb and his name given Jayachandra, which became famous. He was stronger and well controller of senses. His small brother name is Ratnabhaanu, who is great fighter and famous. With the order of his brother, he subdued Gauda, Vang etc. states and the kings of Marudesh who were all drunkard and live their life in intoxication. He took taxes and goods as punishment from those kings. Thus he obeyed his brother .Gangaashimha ‘s daughter Virmati became the wife of Ratnabhaanu, and from her womb , by the order of lord Shiva , there took birth , the part of Nakula whose name is Lakshmana , who is stronger and very sharp in war of Khadga (Bilbo) weapon . As seven years had passed, he seemed to be equalized with his father. Kirtimalini produced three sons, namely Dhundukaara, Krishnakumaara and Prithviraja. Prithviraja was the smallest of all, and when he became twelve years of age, he started to play with lion. Hearing this Anangpal, gave his kingdom to him and he himself reached Himalaya, started meditation. Likewise King of Mathura, Dhundukaara and king of Ajmer, Krishnakumaara – his small brothers came under him. Both of them, by order of their father, attained their respective thrones. “


“Pradyot and Vidyot, the two Chandravaamsin (belonged to lunar dynasty) Kshatriyas attained the post of king’s minister of the king Prithviraja, who were blind drunkards and stronger. Son of Pradyot is Parimala, who himself is strongest and by the same king (Prithviraaj), he has been made, the chief and dictator of one lakh of king’s army and the son of Vidyot, Bhishmasinh became army chief of elephantry. After, king Anangpal attained Swarg, seeing the time in his favor, King Prithviraja threw all of them out of his kingdom. Pradyot and four of them with two hundred strongest and valiant men went near the king of Kanyakubja, Jayachandra and started saying: – “King Jayachandra!  Son of your mother’s sister (maternal aunt) is ruling your grandfather’s state without any fear. With all very rectitude judgment (fair judgment), we said to the king:-” You can control only half of this kingdom, therefore how could you enjoy full rule of this state.” By hearing this, that king threw us out of his kingdom. Now we are all, in shelter of you, what you feel is the right thing for us, please do it. ”

“By hearing this, King Jayachandra said:-” Two sons of yours will attain the post of chief of the army of horsemen. “Then turning on Parimala, king Jayachandra said: – “You with Vidyot will attain the post of minister of mine.” “Bhishmaka (Bhishmasinh) was made the chief of my elephantry.” “For your kind attention, for all of your living support, I am providing you the kingdom of Mahavatee Puri, which was the beloved and dearest state of king Mahipati (Mahil).”

“By getting such assurance, they all felt happy. King Mahipati (Mahila) being so stronger, but left the place of his own Mahavatee Puri with sadness in mind and made his kingdom in Urviya (urayi) named state. He had two sister, namely Agama and Malana (Malhana). Agama married Bhumiraja (Prithviraja) and Malana married Parimala which has been beautifully held.”

“After getting married, Bhumiraja(Prithviraaj) has created another fort and he kept four castes of people ( Brahman, Kshatriya , Vaishya and shoodra) in that place for living and by creating it , he decorated his fort with those peoples (Modern day known as Lal Kot or Qila Rai Pithora) . On the gate of the fort, he built a long underneath tunnel spread over one yojan (four Kos / kilometer).  To build that tunnel, it took a long time. When King saw the tunnel, he himself got amazed and surprised.  He named the fort as Deholi (Delhi) village.”

Soot jee said: – “Rishis! After three years, Jayachandra has made sixteen lakh warriors ready and sent a letter to king Prithviraja. ““He wrote in the letter: – “Prithviraja, why you have taken away my part of the kingdom by force which I own!  Why you have not returned it yet? Now also, you are enjoying my grandfather’s that part of the kingdom, which I own! Please return it quickly, otherwise your all army will be destroyed by my strong lethal weapons. ”

“Prithviraaj have read the letter , who was excited in drink ,organized twenty lakhs of army and sent a letter through his messenger :- “King Jayachandra ! Carefully listen my word! By the time, I threw those Chandravaamsin Kshatriyas from my kingdom, from that time onwards, I am organizing twenty lakhs of warriors, which has been fully ready now. You just only organized sixteen lakh of warriors, with their help you will fight with me! Remember! Every kings in Varat Barsh pay me taxes, while you only never pay me any taxes. But now, quickly you must pay them, otherwise, with my strongest arrows your all army will be destroyed. By knowing the facts, there started a big quarrel between them on earth. Though Bhumiraja (Prithviraaj), was stronger, he was getting fear of King Jayachandra, and becoming sad in mind. And again, being Jayachandra stronger, getting fear of Prithviraaj at that very moment. King Jayachandra was acquiring half of the kingdom on Varat and last half was acquired by Prithviraaj. By taking this issue, there arose a strong quarrel between them, by which whole Agnivansh got destroyed.”

In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named fifth chapter ended.


#Notes: – In some books you all will find that Prithviraja when he became twelve years of age, he gained knowledge that he was the son of Simha Khela named person in his earlier birth. The two brothers became younger to him. In original context it is written in Sanskrit “Dwadas abda (twelve years) vayah prapta (having gained his age) Shimha Khela sutaa (son) vabath (thought or gained knowledge). So Simha Khela hinting that he was a person not an animal. So, Prithviraja, when he became twelve years of age, he gained knowledge that he was the son of Simha Khela named person (in his earlier birth – to be understood because at same time son of both person Someshwara and Simha Khela).So some scholars interpreted it in their books. In some books even carried an error in Sanskrit language that “Dwadas abda vayah prapta shimhaleghastoha vabath. Fully wrong depiction of Sanskrit. But I will go with others as it is not possible to be the son of different persons at the same time. It is the correct one where Khela is play and Shimha as lion translated.

Chapter 6

Sanyogita Haran Parva and The first great battle between Prithviraja and Jayachandra.

Sootjee said: – “One day Ratnabhaanu (Ratimaan, Raatibhaan) got a victory in a southern state that belonged to Prithviraaj, and looted the wealth of the state. By hearing this, Prithviraja got surprised! Ratnabhaanu’s has a long line (symbolizes the victory and glory) which is well spread. Therefore, the wife of Ratnabhaanu, Viramati, who is the statue of wellness, also known as Tilkaa. She is the leading wife among other twelve wives and mother of Lakshmana. King Jayachandra has sixteen wives. But because of luck didn’t favored the king from birth, he doesn’t have a child. His leading wife name Divyabibhabari, was the daughter of king of Gauda. The name of the servant that came with Divyabibhabari from the palace of Gauda was Survaanwi. She is very youthful and beautiful, and was expert in doing sex. By seeing her king Jayachandra cannot controlled his sex, so enjoyed sexual pleasure with her. Therefore as a result, they had a daughter, named Sanyogini (Sanyogita, Samyukta). After twelve years , has passed , the daughter , was seemed to be looking so beautiful , therefore king Jayachandra , at that time , arranged Svayamvara , and invited every king of every state . The strong king Prithviraja, listened the glory of her beauty, and cannot stay still in his mind. By making a mind of matrimonial alliance with king Jayachandra’s daughter, he called out his minister, Chandrabhatta (Chandbardai Vaat) and said: – “The chief of all ministers, Chandrabhatta! Listen beloved! Go to the kingdom of Kanyakubja (Kannauj) and place a golden statue of mine in the center of the ceremony.” “


Sootjee said: – “Hey best among all rishis listen! The great worshipper of Bhagwatee Devi, minister Chandrabhatta, did as he was told to do. In that great ceremony, of Svayamvara, many kings was present, but Sanyogini left everybody and put her attention to the statue of Prithviraja and said to his father Jayachandra: – “King! The statue of which king is kept at the center, he have all qualities and hence he should be my husband.”  Hearing this King Jayachandra turned his attention towards the minister Chandrabhatta and said: – ” If your king has the courage enough to come all with forces and do war to get my daughter, then I will become glad.” Chandrabhatta heard what king had ordered and gave the same message to Prithviraja. ”


“Hearing this, quickly, king Prithviraja ordered to organize his own army and get ready for war. In that army, there was one lakh elephantry, seven lakh horsemen, five thousand charioteers who were expert in archery, twelve lakh pedestrian soldiers and three hundred kings were going with King Prithviraja. Taking his two brothers, king Prithviraja arrived Kanyakubja (Kannauj) puree (state). In that army, Dhundukaara was the dictator of elephantry. The chief of horsemen was Krishnakumaara. The chief of on-footer soldiers or pedestrian soldiers were those three hundred kings. When king reached the place of ceremony, there was too much chaos, in which earth was observed as un-peaceful. Up to twenty Kos (seventy five kilometers), the army has been expanded in size. Hearing, that king Prithviraja is approaching him with army, King Jayachandra also organized his army constituted with sixteen lakh soldiers. In that pattern it has been organized, there are one lakh elephantry, seven lakh pedestrian soldiers, eight lakh horsemen, who were all expert in every forms of war and two hundred kings were present to help the army. The Chandravaamsin kings, being acknowledged that Prithviraja is culprit and a traitor, they organized army in a manner to attack the Prithviraja’s army from every direction.  The opposite side, on the second coast of Isha river, there kept the sedan of Sanyogini, where there were several musical instrumental players were playing music. Ratnabhaanu had become the chief of elephantry from the side of king Jayachandra and Rupanika, Lakshmana the two chief of army were in-charge to look after the sedan of Sanyogini. Pradyot and Vidyot were in-charge to protect Ratnabhaanu and the Chandravaamsin Bhishma, Parimala and Lakshmana. ”


“The Kings pedestrian soldiers being abducted in war, they took a fiery state, killing Prithviraja’s army men. In that war, there began a tremendous fight between; horsemen with horsemen, elephantry with elephantry; and pedestrian soldiers with pedestrian soldiers. In the fight many army soldiers were killed. Only kings were being protected and without any fear, continued the war. The time at which, sun was present in the sky, the war continued. Like this , the man killing war went for five days in which , Prithviraja’s ten thousand elephantry , one lakh horsemen ,five lakh foot soldiers , two hundred kings and three hundred charioteers were killed in the war and from side of king Jayachandra , nine thousand elephantry , one thousand charioteers , three lakh pedestrian soldiers and one lakh horsemen got killed in the war. ”


Sootjee continued: – “On the sixth day, being very sad, Prithviraja prayed lord Shiva through mind. Lord Shiva got pleased and put the army of king Jayachandra into illusion. King Prithviraja, being very pleased, went near the sedan of Sanyogini.  When the king Prithviraja saw Sanyogini, he became very pleased with her beauty and seeing the king, Sanyogini, too got fainted. Then by force, he took the sedan of Sanyogini, with his army men, he decided to go to his own palace situated in Deholi (Delhi). While he only reached one yojan (fifteen kilometer or four Kos) of his way, the army men of Jayachandra who were fainted with illusion of lord Shiva, opened their eyes. Having not seen the sedan of Sanyogini, those army of Jayachandra ran after Prithviraja with great speed. Hearing their chaos, king Prithviraja kept half of his army there, went to his palace.  The two brothers of Prithviraja, taking the half of the soldiers, constituting them in twelve sides of Battlefield, with soldiers they began a fiery fight with those soldiers headed by Pradyot and other chiefs that belonged to king Jayachandra. When evening came, the army of both the sides faced a tremendous destruction. In the night, the left-over soldiers of Prithviraja ran towards Deholi in fear. But Pradyot and others kept following them and there began another tremendous battle. In that war Dhundukaara pierced an arrow in the heart of Pradyot. By this, being attacked by three poisonous arrows, Pradyot got wounded so badly that he left the earth (died). By seeing his brother’s death, the strong Vidyot arrived with elephant and attacked Dhundukaara greatly.  By attacking Dhundukaara with Tomara named weapon, he became senseless and fall on the earth. Seeing his brother fainted, Krishnakumaara arrived there on riding elephant. Being very angry, he attacked Vidyot with a sharp pointed spear (Vala / Vallam). Vidyot cannot take the pain of the pierced Spear on his body, he died. As Vidyot, the chief of the soldier was dead, the Wight and mighty Ratnabhaanu began the war. By that time, Dhundukaara (Dhandhu), with one thousand soldiers, started war with Lakshmana, who is aided by Bhishma and Parimala. Dhundukaara have gained Shiva’s boon and then he acquired Raudraastra named Shiva’s divine weapon, threw towards opponent in battlefield, by which Bhishma, Parimala and Lakshmana got fainted. Having seeing the act, Ratnabhaanu (Raatibhaan), he threw Vaishnavaastra towards Dhundukaara and he got fainted. Then he engaged Krishnakumaara with a tremendous battle. Both were stronger and residing on the elephants. By the attacking each other, putting their elephants to death, they came down on earth and started fight with Bilbo weapon (Khadga – small sword). Being seduced in war, they threw many powerful weapons at each other, thus creating many paths and ways on earth. They got wounded themselves extremely and enclosed themselves towards death by fighting on the battlefield. ”


“When the two mighty warriors were died in the battlefield, the soldiers of Kanyakubja, in fear they took the three kings with them to Kanyakubja.  Being mourned with grief, gained knowledge that Ratnabhaanu also died, their heart filled with sorrows. By gaining fear of Prithviraja, all the kings went to their respective states and did worship of their Isht Dev. The strongest Prithviraja then took his left seven lakh soldiers and Dhundukaara and went to his own palace. Having reached his palace, he started the last rites of his own brother Krishnakumaara. And Bhishma, Parimala and Lakshmana reached near the river Ganges and finished the last rites of their father. “”By this, In the Warfield, Prithviraja gained victory and Jayachandra gained wealth. The news spread in every houses of the earth. Jayachandra in Kanyakubja (Kannauj) and Prithviraja in Deholi (Delhi) did a grandeur ceremony in their respective states and felt the greatness of happiness in their mind.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named sixth chapter ended.






Chapter 7

Boons from Devtaas and birth of divine animals on the earth.


Sootjee said: – Bhishmasimha sat near coast of river Ganges and started worshipping Lord Indra. Then knowing Indra is like the sun, he pleased him by his taap (meditation). After one month, Indra got pleased with him and said: – “Ask boon, I am pleased with you.” By hearing this, the mighty Bhishmasimha said:-” If you want to give me something as a boon, then please give a divine mare to me.” “By hearing this Lord Indra gave him a divine mare named Shuva Harinee to Bhishmasimha. After that Lord Indra disappeared from that place.”

“On that very moment, being in grief of father’s death King Parimala, started worshipping Lord Shiva who is husband of Parvatee (Uma).  To take an exam, he infected King Parimala with “sarparog”. On the fifth month has ended, king became very weak as he lost his energy. But being indulged in that strong sadness, he doesn’t left worshipping lord Shiva. When he came to near death, King took his wife to Kashi. After reaching that place, though he was infected with that high disease, he slept under the shade of a Banyan tree. On that time, a snake which lived under the roots of that Banyan tree made a sweet sound. By hearing the sound, raudrasarpa (Raudra snake which has taken shelter inside the body of king Parimala) came out from his body and went to meet the snake which was staying under the roots of that Banyan tree .The snake of the Banyan tree said: – “You are very cruel in your heart and a fool! Wicked and evil you are! You are every time hurting the king who is worshipper of Lord Shiva. This King also very much foolish, otherwise, he must have drank (for getting rid of the disease) Arnaala (sour gruel made from the fermentation of boiled rice). Hearing this, Raudra snake replied: – “Hey low caste snake! By getting the body of this very king, sheltering myself in it, I get the happiness of the world. Hence roguish and wicked! How will I leave the body of the king, because, due to any reason of sadness only, one can left his own home! The king is foolish, because, why he didn’t give boiled oil in your shelter? ” . By telling this, he again went inside king’s body. After that, the pure queen Malana did what that snake told, by which king got free from the disease and after she had poured boiled oil inside the hole where the snake took shelter under the roots of that Banyan tree, she started to dig that hole. From that hole , there appeared a shiv ling , of which , only one finger of it can be seen from that hole ; which is eternal , bestowed like sky , face of sacchidaanandan ( true happiness of the world) and who have every characteristics present . In that darkest night, glow from that ling spread in every direction, and king was very surprised on seeing it. He then recited “Mahimna Stotra” by which, Lord Shiva got pleased, and appeared before king and told to king, to ask any boon from him.  Hearing this, king replied: – “If you want to grant me a boon then, for fulfilling my every want, please stay in my home.” Hearing the want from the king, Lord Shiva transformed in a ling and produced an amount of gold from the body of the ling every day presented it to the king. Being very pleased, king came in his house – Mahavatee Puri and started to live with Bhishmasimha happily. After one year had passed, king went to the palace of King Jayachandra. When king saw Parimala, he felt very happiness in his mind, he said: – “You have a good luck that, you have got well from the disease and I have to see your happy face. Now go to your residential place and live happily. If any obstruction comes in your path anytime, please do inform me, I will be there with you always for help.” Hearing this king Parimala left Kanyakubja and went to his own place Mahavatee puree and stayed there happily. ”


“That time, Lakshmana was also involved in worship of husband Usha (daughter of Banasura, Aniruddha part avatar of Lord Vishnu who married daughter of Banasura) lord Vishnu. After one paksha (fifteen days) has passed, Lord Vishnu said: – “Please ask boon from me!” Hearing this, being very kind and polite, Lakshmana said: – “Please give me a divine riding carriage, which is capable of destroying all enemies.” Thus lord Vishnu, gave a divine elephant named Airavaat which is produced from the energy of eternal Airavaat elephant. He rode the elephant and reached his home.”


“After king Parimala reached Mahavatee puree, Talana, Durmuda etc. mighty princess came in that place to see king Parimala. There they formed an alliance and stayed with the king being very lovable and happy. After one month has passed, those princess came there to see king Parimala said: – “King! Now we want to go to our palace, please give us order”. King then approved their proposal. Being very pleased with king, they said: – “We will submit all our duties and will come here again, near you “. By telling this, they all went to their respective home. ”


“Vatsraaj and his small brother Deshraaj has submitted their kingdom in hands of Brahmans. The mighty Talana also gave his Vanaras (Banaras) nagar to his own sons namely: Alikollaamati, Kaal, and Pushpodari vari, Kari, Nari and Sulalita. They all had two sons respectively, who were Wight as his own father. ”


“Talana who was in favor of Rakshasha, ordered his son to worship Mleccha to please god of Rakshasha.  Vasumaan’s son Deshraaj and Vatsraaj did worship of Indra and Surya. Yatudhaan named god of Rakshasha being pleased with sons of Talana, produced a divine mare named Shimhinee and gave it to Talana.  Indra gave Panchashabda named elephant to Deshraaj and *** (Hayam Papihakaam naam surya dattam Manoramaam| Vatsraaj astaam Aruhjhya gamanaye mano dadhe ||) ****Vatsraaj got Papihaka named horse from lord Sun which can speak.”


“The three mighty sat on their carriage and reached Mahavatee puree. There they all lived happily and with respect. “Talana had become the chief of sixty-thousand army and two Chandravaamsin brothers become the chief of every ministers. By this, being protected by three mighty men, King Parimala felt very respect and honor of himself.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named seventh chapter ended.




Chapter 8

The first battle between Mahavatee and Mahismati and Birth of Devshimha.


Sootjee said: – “Jambuka (the ruler of Mahismati) named king became afraid, taking his son Kaliya (Karinga Rai; Kariya) went near the Coast of Narmada River and started worshiping lord Shiva by making idol of him (Linga). After six month has passed, Lord Shiva appeared before him and said:-” Ask any boon from me. “King with folded hands said to Shiva: – “You kind hearted lord! Please make me invincible, by which no kings of the earth can acquire victory over me.” Lord Shiva accepted the boon and disappeared from the place. Kaliya got Mohanaastra as a boon from Lord Shiva and asked his father with polite words: -” Father! Please give me order, to have a watch the pure river Ganges with my soldiers.”  Having got order from his father, he went to his respective palace and said to his sister: – “Sister! The face of victory and wellness! Please tell me that, what is the best and greatest according to you, so that I can offer you! ” . She said: – “The necklace which is attached and presented with many precious stones (Naulkha necklace) is very favorite. Therefore please offer such kind of necklace for me.” Kaliya accepted and went from his house in search of the necklace. Kaliya took one lakh horsemen warriors went near river Ganges, and with following every rules of dharma, there he did bath and after that he gave many Danas (alms) to Brahmins. After that he went to kingdom that was ruled by Jayachandra. Finding none of such precious necklace in the kingdom of Kanyakubja, he left the mighty Jayachandra like a person who has no wealth. Then he went to Urviya region where, Mahipati (Mahila) was ruling that state. Mahila told him that such necklace present in Mahavatee puree. Being addicted in the boon, gifted by lord Shiva, Kaliya with all his warriors surrounds the kingdom of Mahavatee puree. Hearing this, King Parimala, the ruler of the state, went near lord Shiva and worshiped him. By the command of lord Shiva, King Parimala arranged his sixty thousand warriors. He send his three mighty and strongest warriors with their army, as they came out of their state and reached to the battlefield. In the army, Deshraaj became the chief of one thousand elephantry constituting in the army, moreover Talana was made chief of pedestrian soldiers. There started a tremendous battle between the two kings, in which, the strong warriors fell down on the ground. The battle continued in both day and night equally and parallel. The army of king Parimala destroyed enemies and having their victory sound again and again so much in war that, hearing it, the warriors that were the resident of the kingdom of Mahismati began to flee with terror from the battlefield. “


Soot jee continued: – “Rishis! Seeing the flight of his soldiers, he gave confidence in them to remove the fear. Then after that, taking the leftover of his army, he reached to the battlefield and again his army got ready for the war.  Then, by situating Mahadeva in his mind, he called Mohanavana (Mohana arrow) and threw it towards the enemies. By the effect of the illusive arrow which protected with divine mantras, all of them fall in to illusion. Thus the left over army of Kaliya got in the battlefield and started beheading the army of the king Parimala. Having seen the act, Bhishmasimha, threw, “Sanga” named arrow which is divine in nature given by lord Surya. By the effect of the divine arrow, whole army got back to its senses.  After that, Bhishmasimha took “Vairabh” named spear and pierced it into the body of Kaliya, by which he got senseless and wounded fall from his elephant to the ground. Seeing, the state of their king, the army were terrified and flee in every direction. Being senseless about a ghadi; Kaliya woke up and taking his own spear he beheaded Bhishmasimha. After, the mighty Bhishmasimha died and reached heaven, Talana and other mighty warriors obstructing him to go through. Having a sadness in mind, he worshiped lord Shiva through his mind and put enemies into a state of illusion. He therefore, went to his palace. Here – the three mighty warriors, Talana etc. taking their left over half of the warriors entered Mahavatee puree.  On that time, King Parimala heard about the failure of the enemies, he hugged the warriors and gave them respect with honor. Hearing the news, King Jayachandra was surprised. He called Talana and made him chief of his army.”


“After Bhishmasimha died, within five months, his wife produced a beautiful baby .The wife of Bhishmasimha was the daughter of king of Gurjar (Modern day Gujarat). Her name is Madaalsaa. Having heard the birth of the divine son, everybody got happy. Therefore to identify the caste, to know about the future works of the baby and to know his significance of his birth, the king spent huge sum of money. After Jyotish had finished their work, they were asked to inform about the baby that has taken birth, they replied: – “By the order of the Lord Shiva, the baby has taken birth to glorify the surface of the earth.”  Later, those knowledgeable person had named the baby as “Devshimha “.


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named eighth chapter ended.



















Chapter 9

Second war between Mahismati and Mahavatee; Birth of part avataaras and part of Krishna.

Sootjee said: – “The brothers Deshraaj and Vatsraaj, who provides hospitality to the king, having gained victory over Kaliya, they moved forward to Gopalaka state ruled by king Dalavahana. There it has been arranged for the yagya ceremony of one thousand Chandi where many kings were present. The king has many bullocks and on that ceremony two of them got freed and went to the jungle (forest). Every king tried to capture it but they failed but only Deshraaj and Vatsraaj has ability to capture them and gave it to the king. The two mighty had already in capture of the king’s two daughters.  Hence king gave his two daughters in hands of those mighty brothers. By the order of Devi Durga, he gave Devaki to Deshraaj and Brahmi to Vatsraaj who were youthful and beautiful. They got married by following every rules of Dharma. He  sent Lakshaavritti named veshya-angana (courtesan) who was expert in dancing and singing , with her friends who were expert in singing ‘megha mallar’ named song , five thousand horsemen and forty sedan as a gift to Deshraaj and Vatsraaj .  With huge amount of wealth and servants, fulfilling the marriage ceremony, the two brothers came back to Mahavatee puree. Malana have seen two beautiful wives, and he presented Devaki, the priceless necklace (Naulkha necklace) and she gave Brahmi sixteen type of expensive dresses with twelve cloths. Being very happy, King Parimala gifted ten villages to the mighty Deshraaj where different types of people of various caste living in it. On that very place, the brothers lived happily. “


“By the order of Lord Shiva, the time on which, Devshimha took birth, on that same time, when Devaki was pregnant. Having a beautiful moment, the boy took birth from Devaki, whose eyes were like lotus and a divine light is coming out from his body. Seeing that divine child, devtaas with Indra became happy. The sound of Conch shells and joyous victory sound is beating everywhere. The surrounding, consuming every direction, it has a green (filled with agriculture, trees, plants, creepers etc.) visibility. Likewise, the planetary lords became pleased. The ved knowing Brahmans came there and examined the baby in terms of caste, work and name. They said, the baby has a very pleasant face who has taken birth in month of Bhadra, Krishna paksha (dark lunar fortnight or waning moon), in Monday (Chandrabaar) at which the time is of sun rise and the nakshatra residing is Krittvika and he will bring fame to his dynasty by great works. He is the ansh (part) of Raam, hence his name will be Alhaad. He will bring fame on this earth by this particular name. ”


“After one month of the birth of first child, Devaki have her second son name Chaamunda (Chaura or Chamund Rai), who has taken birth in Gandaanth named Nakshatra, which was referred as destroyer of the dynasty. Therefore Brahmans told that: – “Please, do sacrifice of this son for your well and to save your dynasty from being destroyed.” But King saw the childish nature of the son, became very kind and doesn’t sacrifice his son. When those children got their age of three months, a boy took birth from “shudri”(lady belonged to shoodra caste) and he was the part of “Shikhandee”. He got the name “Roopana”. Having his all children with him, King Deshraaj went to call Madaalsaa from Gurjar (Gujarat) state. When he returned from the place, on that day King Jambuka caught Vatsraaj surrounded by his seven lakh soldier. After seizing the state of king Parimala with their army, the two brothers Deshraaj and Vatsraaj came to the battlefield with three lakh soldier outside of the state. Though , the enemy soldier was seven lakh greater than their number , those warriors raged war with them about three nights , in which many soldier belonged to king Jambuka died . But due to the bad luck, as the king has the boon of lord Shiva for being invincible, those mighty brothers were defeated. King Jambuka tied those brothers and looted the Mahavatee state. In their looted wealth, they took the “Lakshaavritti” named courtesan for their sexual pleasure, “Panchashabda” named elephant and the precious necklace built with precious stones (Naulkha necklace – the chain which costs nine lakh). After hijacking all the wealth, king burnt the place from every side, those persons who were hidden in the place built in underground meant for treasury and other reasons only they had saved themselves. Having looted all the wealth, the King was pleased and went to his state”


“On that very moment, Devaki was pregnant carrying third child in her womb, which was part of Sri Krishna and his age was of seven months.  The “Pativrata” (virtuous or faithful wife of Deshraaj) Devaki having known that her child “Chaamunda” is the destroyer of the dynasty , she took him near the coast of Yamuna river , near the Kalpakshetra and floated the baby over the water . With the water flow in the river , carried the baby  about four kos ( nine mile or nearly fifteen kilometer) , the purohita (Brahmin worshipper) of Prithviraja named Samanta saw the baby and took him to the house of his in-laws (Sasural) .


“After the end of ten months , in the month of Bhadra during Krishna-Ashtaamee , Wednesday , when there was black pitch night surrounding the earth and Rohini nakshatra residing on the sky , Jagannatha (the part of krishna) took birth from Devaki’s womb , who was black in color , lotus like eyes and glowing like Indraneel( Blue Sapphire) named divine stone . That time from nowhere there suddenly appeared like thousand chariots. Devaki was also amazed seeing the divine that has taken birth from her womb, and every resident of the place gathered were surprised and said:-” Is the child, a god that has taken birth in form like sun?” Likewise being surprised at the act that has taken place, all were involved in talking to each other. Suddenly there was a divine voice appeared from the sky said: – “On the earth, the part of Lord Krishna has taken birth who will bring happiness to all. His name will be Udayashimha. He will bring victory over his enemies.” Being heard the voice, all became happy. On the time , at which the divine part of lord Krishna has taken birth , queen Malana  also gave birth to a divine child who was beautiful , black in color , having all characteristics in him , very sacrificial and part of Falguna( Arjun) .  By the order of lord Shiva, the child has taken birth. Therefore everybody in the capital, fall in to river of happiness on hearing the news of the child’s birth. Therefore, the child has given name “Brahmaananda”. After six days passed, Brahmi gave birth to a beautiful son, who is the part of mighty Parshad (Dhristadyumna / Dhrishtdyumn). He was black in color, lotus like eyes, strong shoulders and long arms. The knowledgeable jyotishis did the caste works of the child and named him Sukhakhaani. ”


“Those children who were taken birth to do well of every lokas (seven lokas or dimensions mentioned in Puranas) grew up day by day .Their favorite goddess is Mata Kaali, who was also favorite of their parents. When they all reached three years of age, Indra had a desire to see the mighty Krishnaamsa. Therefore, he rode on his horse and came to see Krishnaamsa who was that time with his brothers busy in childhood games in the forest of Sandal (chandan). Seeing Indra in the sky, Krishnaamsa laughed loudly. On that very moment, Harinee named mare went near the divine horse named Ucchaishrava and beget each other. After having a child produced in her womb, that mare again came back to her own home. As the year ends, a son produced by that mare named Kapoth (Kabutaar/Kapota). On the beginning of the fifth year those children started their education. Shivsharmaa named Brahman who was expert in all subject, who was serving through devotion and respect became the teacher of them. On becoming eight years of age, Udayashimha (Krishnaamsa) acquired sharp intelligence among all of them and he became expert in writing his name and letter.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named ninth chapter ended.














Chapter 10

Krishnaamsa (Udaal), age nine, reads Sastras; Parimala pays tax to Prithviraaj but Lakshmana refuses; Krishnaamsa outwrestles Mahipati’s (Mahil’s) son Abhaya ;Birth of four magical flying horses from Harinee which king Parimala bestows on heroes; Young heroes meet goddess Sarada on deer hunt.


Sootjee said: – “When Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) got his age nine, he became expert in politics, and sixty eight other subjects and dharmashastra. Thus he became the greatest learner among the other students and got famous.  Rishis! During that time, king Prithviraja sent his army to Mahavatee (Mahoba) state for collecting tax. The one-lakh mighty soldiers, who were decorated with weapons:-” The king, who born in Chandra Kula (lunar dynasty) – Parimala please listen to our words, the greatest kings of the earth gives their one sixth of their income to Prithviraja. Now you also have to give your part because you acquired the power now to give revenue. Every kings under the king Jayachandra, with fright give their tax with love and respect. Now if you don’t, then your army will be destroyed by Raudraastra thrown by our army of Prithviraja.” By hearing this, king Parimala gave his one-sixth kingship tax to Prithviraja. Taking ten lakh things, the army came back to Prithviraja and Prithviraaj got very happy and he left out the old enmity from his mind. After that the one lakh army went near the king Jayachandra, bow down their heads and said:-” Lakshmana and everybody present here, Prithviraja asked to pay tax for kingship.” Hearing this taking Vaishnavaastra in hand, with Lakshmana, King said to those soldiers:-“In my state there are many kings ruling under my shade, and they are under my command. During my whole life, Prithviraja will never become my king under my Mandalika (ruling under one’s command protecting the king; Mandalika means in the circle)*. “After that, he is about to throw the Vaishnavaastra, soldiers of Prithviraaj saw the dangerous frightful flame coming out of the weapon. Seeing that, they ran out in fear and fled from the place.  Prithviraaj also got fear, hearing about the incident. “


Soot jee continued:-” After Krishnaamsa got his age of ten, he got Excellency in the subject of wrestling (malla yuddha). That time there came many wrestlers on Mahavatee state. The king greeted them and paid well hostage. When those wrestlers gathered, Krishnaamsa got to be seem very stronger than them. As a part of the wrestlers, there came king of Urviya, Mahipati and his son who was sixteen years of age, present with hundreds of wrestlers owned by him. He said to his uncle, king Parimala:-“King! Krishna seemed to be stronger and abducted in wrestling. Therefore, the king who is great, please give me a chance with Krishnaamsa to wrestle. Because my name is also Abhaya. “Hearing those strong demand, King with politeness replied to his brother-in-law:-“You are well knower of wrestling and this son is only eight years of age and very lovable for me. He is very weak according to your age. There are other wrestlers living in my state, you can show wrestling with them.” Hearing this, being induced with anger, he said:-” This boy is very strong king! The reason which I got into my knowledge, I am telling it you, listen! The son of yours got to know that Prithviraja was a traitor , therefore , king Tilaka called every learned pandits (well knower of ved) and asked about the time (muhurt(one muhurt = forty eight minutes )). During that time the pandit named Ganesha who was well knowledgeable of all pandits answered, “King! The son of Deshraaj, was well deserving of it, who got boon from lord Shiva and seemed to be like lord Kubera. He is the part of Krishna. Hearing this Lakshmana extended his kingdom, Varhismaatee (Barhismatee) in the east, Bhumigraam (village) in the west, south till Kalpakshetra and north till Naimishaaranya. Therefore I heard that prince of Kanyakubja (Kannauj) is all the strongest. King! In month of Shravana, the day of Naagapanchamee exposes the body of the sons to be visible by all, hence this well deserving boy have to do wrestling with me.”

“Having got hurt by those words of Abhaya, Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) caught hold of the two arms and started wrestling with him. Within a moment, he threw Abhaya’s body to the ground and broke his arms.  King Mahipati seen the act of breaking arms of his son and find his son laying senseless in the ground.  King Mahipati then taking his sword out send those wrestlers to kill Krishnaamsa. Krishnaamsa noticed that those wrestlers were in anger, hence he fought with them and threw them to the ground. The King Mahipati, saw his soldier who were wrestler fighting with Krishnaamsa got defeated, he took the sword in his hand and vow to get killed himself by Krishnaamsa. King got to know about the matter and he medicated Abhaya and help him to get well and he kept king and everybody in his palace. On the starting of ninth year of his age, Krishnaamsa, Alhaad and other princes prepared to go for hunting, they started their journey towards jungle. Before starting their journey, Krishnaamsa said to king Parimala:-” The greatest and respectful among all kings, you are bestowal of all happiness and most kind of all.  Please give us those best horses.” Hearing those words, he accepted his word and being very happy he gave those four princes , four divine horses that were taken birth from Harinee named mare .”


The birth of four divine flying horses that were given to four princes:-


Rishis said: – “Muney (Rishi/saint)! Soot! We have listened about how Bhishmasingh (Bhishmasimha) got that mare named Harinee from you. Now we want to listen about those four divine horses which were given to the princes by the king, being well dressed and can fly on the sky. How they were produced?”

Soot jee said:-” The dharmic king Deshraaj had worshipped and served lord Sun about twelve years continuously.  After that lord Surya (Sun) got pleased with him and told him: – “Ask any boon from me”. He said: – “Dev! (Lord!) I bow towards you, if you want to give me anything as a boon then please provide me the horse that can fly in the sky.” Having accepted his want, he gave him Papihaa (the one who protects every lokas) named horse. After that, Papihaa named horse, who protects every lokas, have been stuck by arrow of Madana and cannot control his sex and begat with Harinee named divine mare. Which cause divine Harinee to produce pale colored male horse named Manoratha (Manohaaraa) and black colored male horse named Karaala (frightful). The both came same time from that single womb and they were part of Shabya (one of the warrior in Mahabharata) and Sugriva (important character in Ramayana). After that from the part of Jishnu and Vishnu there took birth two horses from the womb of Harinee. One is Meghapushpa (divine name), which is golden in color and was named Bindulaa (Bendulaa) and other is Balahaak (divine name) which is white in color like snow and was named Harinagara.  This were the first four horses produced from the divine horse Harinee and Papihaa and from those four divine flying horses, many horses took birth later. Thus I have explained to you Munis! How those four divine flying horses took birth. ”

“After that what I have seen listen, Rishis! After those four divine horses taken birth on the earth, Manoratha was given to the mighty Devshimha, Karaala given to the mighty Alhaad, Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) got Bindulaa and the son of king Parimala, Brahmaananda, got Harinagara. The four princes went on for hunting in a forest with riding their respective horses. Son of Vatsraaj, Baalakhaani (Maalkhan) taking his mare horse named Harinee and was also started his journey behind them for hunting and reached that forest.”


Young heroes meet Sarada on deer hunt ────────────────────────────────────────

Sootjee said:-” They all reached Shimha named forest, Alhaad hunt down a tiger who was fearful for every animals in the forest. Likewise, Devshimha hunts down a lion, Baalakhaani hunts down a hog and Brahmaananda hunts down a deer.


****”Mrigaa h Shatam Hatastayischa taan grihitva grihaam yayu.” ****


Therefore, they hunted down hundreds of deer (Hart- Male deer) that belonged to the forest, gathered them and make their way towards home.


*** Etasminnaantare Devi sharada cha suvaananaa. Mrigi svarnamayi Bhutva teshaamagre pra dhaavitaa****


On their way, Mata Shaaradaa Devi (Goddess Sharada – a demigod and part goddess Durga or Shakti), who is the figure of wellness of everybody, came there in disguise of a golden colored deer (roe -female deer) and started running infront of them.

Seeing, the deer, being in illusion, they all attacked the deer for the purpose of hunting with their arrows. But every fiercely and strong arrows entered the roe’s body and gets destroyed as they tried each time to hunt her. Alhaad and every other princes saw this and they got amazed and surprised. Meanwhile, Krishnaamsa took his bow and shot a fiercely arrow which struck heavily on the body of the roe, which caught her with tremendous pain. Being in pain and having fear in mind, Devi ran from one forest to other. Krishnaamsa, also ran after her being red in anger. Having reached on the next jungle , devi took her original shape , and with a pleased face said to him -” I have taken an exam for you , if you see and face off any fear in future , just remember me every time on such situations , I will protect you and will fulfil the work , help you to overcome the situation . As you have no end and part of Krishna, taken birth on the earth.” Telling this, the well natured goddess Sharada disappeared.  Then Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) took everybody and reach home happily. That time, king saw the mighty deeds of them and became very happy in his mind. From that time the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi Devi, starting to stay in every house. ”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named tenth chapter ended.







Notes: – In many books you will find a transliterated text, the line: – “Mrigaa h Shatam Hatastayischa taan grihitva grihaam yayu.” Either hundred crore of animals that belonged to forest have hunted down by the princes or hundred animals have been hunted down by the princes in the jungle. But there clearly stated :- “Mriga h ( male deer or hart ) Shatam ( hundreds ) hatastayi ( slayed or hunted) cha (and) taan(those) grihitva(gathered) grihaam(home) yayu(went/gone). So line suggest that, having killed hundreds of harts, the princes gathered them and made their way towards home.  “Etasminnaantare devi sharada cha suvaananaa. Mrigi svarnamayi Bhutva teshaamagre pra dhaavitaa”. This line suggest on that very moment Devi sharada came their as a female deer (a roe). Mrigi means female deer, a roe. ”

Chapter 11

Young heroes go to ocean and get boons from Sarada; Malana gives birth to Ranajit ; Krishnaamsa goes to Urviya (Urai), where Mahipati tries to capture him in an iron net; Mahipati goes to Delhi, convinces Prithviraaj to attack Krishnaamsa in Mahavatee (Mahoba);Prithviraja is defeated; Baalakhaani (Maalkhan) builds Shireeshaakhya (Sirsa fort).


Soot jee continued :-” Udayashimha who took birth from the energy of lord Vishnu reached the age of ten  , one day all princes became happy as the season of spring came , they all proceed to Pramoda named forest . Everybody who were favorites of Lord Krishna decided to perform vrata. Therefore early in the morning, they did bath in the water of sea, and gathered incense stick, fruits, flowers and lamp, following every part of dharma they worshipped goddess Bhagwatee. Then they recited Sapta Sati Stotra (prayer of Goddess Durga), after that, they all started meditating upon her and only ate radish (Kaandamula) and fruits. Thus by following such vrata they passed one month and their life had transformed. They forgot to kill animals and never show violence over them. Likewise, while they performed such staunch penance (vrata), Goddess Jagadambika or Bhagwatee got pleased and gave them beautiful boons, I am saying to you all rishis, please listen carefully!  “


“Alhaaday Suraatvam cha balatvyam Balakhaanaye | Kaalgyataam cha Devaye, Brahmagyataam nripaaye cha | Krishnaamsayiba yogaatvyaam dat tva cha Antardadhe shivaa ||”


“Divinity (Suraatvam or Devatvaam) to Alhaad , Strength (Balatvyam) to Baalakhani (Baalakhaani or Balkhaan or Malkhaan) ,Knowledge of time (Kaalgyataam, power to know what is coming in future) to Devshimha and Knowledge of Brahman(Brahmagyataam) to king’s son or prince Brahmaananda and Innate yoga or meditation (yogaatvyaam) to Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) and thus giving such beautiful boons , goddess Bhagwatee got disappeared .”


“The princes that were there feel the happiness of blessings and felt the specialty of them, they went to their respective home. After getting such beautiful boons from goddess Bhagwatee, Malana gave birth to a divine child. He was light dark in color and was the part of Satyaki (a vital role model in Mahabharata who participated in the war, took side Pandava and son of Satyaka, devoted to lord Krishna and student of Arjun.) He is mighty, excellent in fight and favorite to kings. (# -> His name is given Ranajit, the victory to war – though not mentioned here in this part of Bhavishya Purana, name derived from main section or canto of Alhaad-Udaal Katha).  ”


“During month of Asadha, Krishnaamsa went alone riding his horse to region of Urviya (Urayi). There the mighty boy who was fearless in mind saw the beautiful place in which lived four varnas (Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra) of humans. There everybody leading their life happily. In the place of Dvija (Dvija shaala – the place where Dvijaas lived or the Brahmans lived, dvija Brahmans especially (Can be Kshatriyas also) who took their rebirth), he saw Brahmans. He was great devotee of Brahmans and Cow who were that time residing that particular place. He went there and gave those Brahmans, gold as daan (alms) and pleased all Dvijaas who were like devtaas (gods, pure souls) and reached the palace of the King which of his uncle, Mahipati. He bowed his uncle and the members of the king’s assembly. The members got direction from the king to caught hold of Krishnaamsa. They all took Khadgaas (bilbo weapon) in hand and rushed towards Krishnaamsa. They all fall over him like elephants over lion. The king Mahipati kept the boy in illusion with Mantras, caught Krishnaamsa in an iron net and he himself established over him. In that mean-while goddess Shaaradaa appeared and destroy the illusion that has been created by the king. ”


“Coming to his senses, Krishnaamsa took out his bilbo, and started to destroy the soldier traitors who were involved in the act. After killing one hundred soldiers and after that he took his own horse and rode him, entered inside the state of Urviya. And after reaching to the region, he decided to give his horse some water. There he saw beautiful women gathered there to take water in the jar from the well. He one of the woman – “Hey beautiful lady! Please give me some water.” The woman saw the handsome boy standing there, and she tried to attract him towards her. But that time, Krishnaamsa broke the jar and gave the water to his horse. After that he reach the Urviya forest and won the victory over his enemies. Then he caught hold of his enemies and decided to put them as a sacrifice infront of goddess Chandikaa. ”


“Mahipati listened the sad conversation going on though his state and he went near king Parimala. He described everything what destruction by son of Deshraaj had performed in his state, with every cause and reason. By hearing this, King got very pleased and happy, he called Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) and gave wealth to brahmaana-dvijaas and he touched the head of Krishnaamsa and smelled the head carefully. By doing such acts, king became very pleased and proud of himself. ”


“By seeing the mighty Krishnaamsa got his age of eleven, who is that time intoxicated himself in war, his uncle Mahipati lost all excitement and hopes from king Parimala, reached his son-in-law Prithviraja’s palace in Delhi. Being fear in mind, he described every part of destruction to his sister caused by Deshraaj son Krishnaamsa in his kingdom, felt the sadness that has been created by the son Deshraaj and he cried aloud with tears. His sister’s name is Agama. Having seen his brother occupied with sadness, he told everything to his husband. Prithviraja heard everything from his wife Agama and told – “I will approach Mahavatee state with my army by today and will kill that wicked son of Deshraaj.”


“By telling such words , Prithviraja called his brother named Dhundukaara and ordered him -” Please get my seven lakh warriors ready who were always present with a vow to sacrifice for me .” “Some soldiers rode horses, some rode on camels, some on elephants, some on chariots and others are all pedestrian soldiers moved forward with Prithviraja.”


Devshimha had got boon from Bhagwatee Devi to acquire knowledge of time and he realized that enemy army arriving that place of Mahavatee, he informed to the king Parimala about the incident. Hearing this king Parimala got scared. Having seen the king in fear, Baalakhaani being excited helped him to stand up and became happy he said to him: – “Today I will defeat king Prithviraja and his army with Dhundukaara and will collect kingship tax from him and make your own subject (taxpayer).” Rishis! By telling this, he accepted to take the post of leader of the soldier and every fearless soldiers accepted his chieftain and wanted to fight the battle under him, but the king Parimala remained scared of the battle. The mighty Baalakhaani took his army consisted of four lakh soldiers reached the battlefield. There they cleared the Shimshapaakhya forest belonged to the enemies and stayed in that place. They were ready to fight with the enemy. On that very moment Dhundukaara came there with all his army with chaos and started to fight with army of Baalakhaani. The greatest among Rishi! Listen on afternoon, three thousand soldiers ready with cannons (in Sanskrit – sataghni (a large firing gun which can throw fireballs)) and arranged with five thousand soldiers in all amount started a fiercely war. Those Chandravaamsin (belonged to Chandra dynasty) Kshatriyas took two thousand cannons and doing war with the enemies. In that fiercely war, sixty thousand soldiers of Chandravaamsin king Parimala went to heaven (means dead) and half of the soldiers of king Prithviraja. The mighty soldiers of Baalakhaani, being scared of the enemy started to run here and there. The war raged between chariots warriors with chariots warriors, elephant cavalry with elephant cavalry, horsemen with horsemen, and camel warriors with camel warriors. Bhrigusresht (Greatest among all rishi)! Listen! In that exciting war, in the afternoon time of the second day, having seen the flight of the soldiers from fight, the five great warriors (Alhaad, Devshimha, Baalakhaani, Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) and Brahmaananda) gathered together, entered inside the warriors fighting the battle. Brahmaananda by his arrows started to put enemies to Yamapuri (the place where lord Yama, the lord of death lived; that means he put his enemies to death), similarly Devshimha by his spear, Baalakhaani by his bilbo, and likewise Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) also put enemies to earth and by this they all put two lakhs of the enemy soldiers to death.


Dhundukaara (Dhandhu), having seen his warriors having a setback, facing defeat. He rode his elephant and threw his spear towards Alhaad. Alhaad became senseless and Devshimha saw that. Devshimha took his spear, and threw it towards his brother Prithviraja. This create a sharp wound in his body, and sitting on the elephant, he got senseless and fell down to the ground. In that battlefield, the mighty kings came from many countries, Baalakhaani got them and cut their all attacking weapons with his bilbo. Thereafter, he beheaded those kings and put them to death. Those beheaded heads fall on to the ground. The leftover kings got scared by the scene, fled here and there in the battlefield. Having got back his senses, king Prithviraja saw that he is facing a defeat by the enemies. He saw the destruction of his enemies and led himself to the warzone. He recalled the divine Raudraastra and threw it which struck the heart of Baalakhaani and likewise Alhaad and sons of king Parimala, made them fainted. Thereafter, he reached inside the army of enemies and worshipped Sataghni (Cannon) to destroy the soldiers of Baalakhaani.


Seeing the scene, the warrior Roopana went near king Parimala and described everything that had happened on battlefield.


Meanwhile Sukhakhaani rode Kapoth named flying horse, came through the medium of sky and reached the battleground. He made Prithviraja senseless and put his friends on his carriage and went to capture Prithviraaj. Meanwhile , Prithviraja got back his senses through lord Shiva and recalled the great Raudraastra, again put all heroes with Sukhakhaani to senseless .He captured them inside his net , and again reached near king Parimala . There the battle began again. During that moment ,Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) saw his soldiers in fear running here and there on the battleground being scared  , he came there riding his own horse from the way of sky ,and destroyed all Prithviraja’s  cannons and all his enemies . After that, the mighty Krishnaamsa caught hold of Prithviraja and capture him with long iron chain tied his hands (that those long and strong iron chain used as handcuff to capture a traitor) and took him near his brother Alhaad and submitted him. Prithviraja found himself defeated against Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha), he got ashamed of himself.


He gave five crore of wealth (Panchakoti dhanaam), and went to his palace again. After that, getting order of Devshimha, the son of Vatsraaj, Baalakhaani, made a beautiful state and named it Shireeshaakhya (Shireeshaa or Shireesh). In that state, every varnas of humans started to live and which is of two Kos in extent.  In that capital, there lived the family of Baalakhaani and extended it to thirty Kos. Hearing it, king Parimala reached there with Udayashimha (Krishnaamsa) and smelt of Baalakhaani’s head and again took everybody with Brahmaananda to his own palace.


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named eleventh chapter ended.




#Note: – Divine Horses that rode by the princes are:-

  1. Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) -> Bindulaa
  2. Brahmaananda -> Harinagara
  3. Devsingh (Devshimha or Devsinh or Deva) -> Manoratha (Manohaaraa)
  4. Alhaad -> Karaala
  5. Baalakhaani (Maalkhan) -> Harinee
  6. Sukhakhaani -> Kapota (Ucchaishrava, which is gifted by lord Indra to Bhishmasimha and Harinee beget each other to give birth the first flying horse named Kapota given to Sukhakhaani).


On earlier chapter, we also got some divine animals for carriage, they are:-

  1. Bhishma Shimha got mare named Shuva -Harinee from Indra, same Harinee who gave birth to four flying divine horses.
  2. Deshraaj got Panchashabda named elephant from lord Indra.
  3. Vatsraaj got Papihaa named horse which can speak from lord Sun (Hayam Papihakaam naam surya dattam Manoramaam| Vatsraaj astaam Aruhjhya gamanaye mano dadhe ||). Same Papihaa acquired by Deshraaj through worship of Sun.
  4. Talana got divine mare named Shimhinee from Rakshasha Yatudhaan.
  5. Lakshmana got divine elephant named Airavaat from lord Vishnu.




Chapter 12

War in Mahismati (Maro) (Revenge of Krishnaamsa for his father’s death, slaying of Jambuka (Jambay)).


Sootjee said:-” Listen Rishis! What happened when Krishnaamsa reached twelve years of age? In Kanyakubja state, there took place a grandeur ceremony on the day of Shukla dashaami. On that ceremony Lakshmana came there being heard of the defeat of Prithviraja by Krishnaamsa. He came there to have a view of him. Hey Muni! He said to his uncle Jayachandra – “I want to see him (Krishnaamsa or Udayashimha) who laid a victory over king Prithviraja and got fame in every lokas!”. Hearing those words king Jayachandra replied: – “Your post is in the place of King, why do you want to diminish its fame? “. Thus he doesn’t give order to Lakshmana for the visit with Krishnaamsa. Then those king who came there to have a visit with Krishnaamsa, they took all their soldiers and had sheltered under the King Mahipati, who was his uncle. That time Krishnaamsa was residing in the place of Shireeshapuraa (Shireesh or Shirsha), and those king got knowledge about that. They made Mahipati their leader and went near him.  All king came there saw that  , Krishnaamsa who had a beautiful face like lotus residing there with a very pleasant face, and they all started to congratulate him for his fame . This made Mahipati angry. Having placed himself in the middle of the ceremonial place , Mahipati in anger told to those kings :- ” You all have come from far situated states , but to whom you are all cared about , congratulating him , do you all know about the fact that his father got killed in the state of  Mahismati – which has been ruled by the king named Jambuka , who came with those soldiers , resident of the coastal bank of river , Narmada tied his father and looted tremendous amount of wealth ; after that he went to his place. There, he smashed his father’s body with a large and heavy stone. After that, he beheaded his father, hanged his head on the branch of the banyan tree. Like this, the son in the name of his father is still residing here, but his mightiest father who got a ghost soul, was sad and hurt. Therefore upraise of his son and his fame are all in waste! ” .


Hearing such words from his uncle Mahipati, being polite in mind replied to those kings: – “My father went to the state of Gurjar, where the war had taken place. The Mlecchas who were man eaters (killers or murderers) started a huge war with the king of Gurjar. Deshraaj and Vatsraaj laid a huge fight with those Mlecchas and went to heaven (killed) by Mlecchas. I heard this fact .But my uncle spread some lights over my father’s death which are new to me. If those told facts about my father are true, then you all kings present here will see my might, and time has not ran out yet.”


After he had spoken in the ceremonial place, Krishnaamsa approached his own mother Devaki, told all those words said by his uncle Mahipati for rectification, but being hurt by those strong words, she replied to him nothing, only cried. Thereafter Krishnaamsa, came to know about the murder plot of his own father and also king Jambuka is a worshipper of lord Shiva, he started to worship goddess Shakti in mind –


“Jay Jay Jay Jagadamba vabaani hya akheelaa-lokaa-suraa pitri munikhaani |

Tvyaa tataam sa charaa mewaa bishwaam paatamidaam hri tameva ||”


“I praise thee goddess Shakti who is wife of lord Shiva and I praise her again , who is mother of all lokas , all devtaas(suraas) and all pitris( fatherly pure souls)   and all rishis , You who created the whole universe and you are the protector as well as destroyer of the universe .”


Like this, praising goddess Shakti, he slept on his bed. During that time, being pleased with Krishnaamsa, she kept the strong Talana in illusion and sent him towards Krishnaamsa. He came there quickly with his own four lakh warriors.  Baalakhaani also came there, with his one lakh soldiers. He came there, by keeping his small brother to protect his state. By seeing huge arrangement of soldiers, king Parimala arrived there with fright in his mind. On those arranging of soldiers there were , five thousand cannons , numerous types of chariots , five thousand flags , one thousand woodworkers , ten thousand elephant cavalry ,five thousand chariots , ten thousand camels and last were pedestrian. The leader of the soldiers were given the mighty Talana. Likewise, Devshimha was assigned as the chief of chariot cavalry, Baalakhaani was given the post of the chief of horse-cavalry, Alhaad was assigned as the chief of elephant cavalry and Krishnaamsa had become the chief of pedestrian soldiers. All brothers at the beginning of the travel touched the foot of Queen Malana and gave many sacrificial gifts (Danas), and went towards North. The warriors spent fifteen days on the travel and after that on reaching Ishta region (probably north eastern ) , they cleared the heavy forest and stayed his whole army on that region .The fearless brothers ,on order of Devshimha , they all disguised themselves in Yogi .Krishnaamsa took disguise of dancer and Ahlaad took disguise of Damru (small drum or tabor)player , Devshimha took disguise of Madduu drum player , Talana took disguise of a Veena player and son of Vatsraaj , Baalakhaani took disguise of a Bell metal player(kansya or Kashor)and they all started dancing in front of their mother with love . Having seeing those, Devaki got amazed, cannot recognize them but also didn’t know about the cause, why they are doing all such deeds? Having seeing the mother Devaki in illusion, they all gave their identity with happiness and said: – “Mother! We are all sons of yours.” And after that, being bowed to their Mother in respect, they all way down to Mahismati which was very beautiful. Arriving at their desired place, they all danced and made every resident cherished with their music and dance. That state was under their control and pleased with their presentation of their music and dance. Being over-whelmed everybody by their dance and music, they reached the palace of Mahismati and cherished everybody by their dance and music.  The charming figure, Krishnaamsa got charmed the main wife of the Jambuka (“Kushla- mother of Kariya (Karinga Rai as per Alha khand and Kaliya as per Bhavishya purana) and wife of Jambay (Jambuka as per Bhavishya Purana)” as mentioned in Elliot Alha-khand but not in Bhavishya Purana) like that she became statue felt like that she might have lost her sense. After that he reached that place or room where, daughter of Vijayshinee (Bijaisin or Vijaya) is residing. Having seen the beautiful and charming Krishnaamsa who is black in color and beautiful, she got over-whelmed. Flushed with bash, she got ready to have a sex (commit herself) with him. Krishnaamsa saw her in that position of the desire of attaining sexual pleasure with him, he asked that over-whelmed desiring girl about the breakpoint to win over his enemy. She said :- ” Devaki ‘s son listen , if you caught hold of my hand and promise me of making me as your wife , then I can deliver you want .” Krishnaamsa accepted it and caught her hand, she told every breakpoints of his enemy. After having the knowledge of the enemy’s breakpoints he appeased her of his given promise.  Then by having a satisfaction of himself , he went on his room .During that time , with love , queen being in love said to the yogi – ” I am very pleased by your dance hence I am giving you the necklace  as a present which was wore by the wife of Deshraaj , cost nine lakh  .” Hearing this son of Vatsraaj, Baalakhaani congratulating the queen, accepted it with a warm welcome. After that, taking everybody he reached the court place of Jambuka .Having reached that place, Krishnaamsa started to dance, Baalakhaani started to sing and the left ones – Talana and everybody started to beat their musical instruments. There also present the son of Jambuka, Kaliya and his friends. He said to Krishnaamsa: – “Shyamjee (the respected adorable person whose body color is black)! Please ask from me whatever comes in your mind! “. Hearing such words from enemy, Baalakhaani replied: – “King! I will be pleased if you show us the art of the courtesan (veshya-angana) artist named Lakshyavaati (Lakshaavritti) “. Hearing this king ordered Lakshaavritti to come in the court and to show dance .She was the nearest, be-loved and best-friend of Deshraaj. The courtesan Lakshaavritti having seen, the son Alhaad in form of Yogi, she started to shed her tears from her eyes. Alhaad noticed the tears and also started to cry and started to beat his hand to generate sound. Krishnaamsa after seeing her dance, gifted the nine lakh cost necklace to Lakshaavritti. Being red in anger, Alhaad got up and said – ” I came here to settle down the matter of dispute started between our father and the king present here. I will destroy the king who is my enemy and kill all his members of his family.”


Hearing this the mighty Kaliya got the order of his father Jambuka, told everyone to tie up those brothers and close every doors of entrance. Having seeing the armed forces, gathered in front of them, those mighty Kshatriyas took out their respective Khadgaas (bilbo or small bended sword) and started to win over his enemies. On seeing their one hundred armed forces getting destroyed, Kaliya fled from the place leaving his father Jambuka alone and Alhaad and everybody left the palace, went outside, made their army ready with weapons. The respective sides installed their tent or camp on the coast line of Narmada River. Again, they created a strong bridge and with the help of the bridge, the army belonged to the mighty brothers crossed from one side to another side of river Narmada. And Baalakhani etc. strong brothers took their warriors and enclosed, surrounding the army throughout the state Mahismati. After that they all fired their cannon, and each fireballs stroked the wall of the palace which cause structural breakdown of the palace. The earth was shaking by the fierce strikes of the fired cannons. The residents of the place started to evacuate the place and took shelter inside the caves of Vindhya Mountains. During that time, Kaliya rode over his carriage Panchashabda named elephant situated in middle surrounded by all his ten thousand numbered elephantry (elephant cavalry) ride by wrestler figured warriors.   Likewise , there came Suryavarma , his small brother  with three lakh horsemen , Tundilaa came there with chariots surrounded by one-thousand chariot army , Ramkanaa and Vaamkana – the two Mlecchas with four lakh warriors and one thousand kings belonged to northern states (of India) . Those two Mlecchas forwarded those kings and they all reached to the battlefield.


In the battlefield there started heart piercing tremendous battle between both sides. The battle continued three prahara (one prahara equals to three hours long , three prahara equals to nine hours long ) , the blood flowed like river , meat pieces just flickered like the feathers . Seeing the situation , Baalakhaani took out his Bilbo weapon ;Devshimha took out spear in his hand  situated on his carriage , Manoratha named horse ; Riding Bindula named horse , Krishnaamsa took out his Bilbo in his hand ; Roopana took out his “Shaktee” named divine arrow and Talana took out his sword in his hand ; they destroyed the armies of Mahismati and entered inside the state . Seeing the havoc destruction created by the mighty brothers, the warriors of Mahismati flying from the battlefield being helpless. During that time, Kaliya who saw the destruction of his army in which his warriors just tore into pieces, he rode his elephant named Panchashabda and stroke Baalakhani with arrows, making wounds in his body. After that, Haring the roe (female deer), carriage of Baalakhaani had seen his master on danger, he reached towards the elephant and kicked Kaliya down to the ground. The Panchashabda elephant saw his master fallen down to the ground, it attacked the five mighty brothers with the strong iron chain which was attached with its body and made them fall senseless to the ground. After five brothers – Baalakhaani, Alhaad, Krishnaamsa, Talana and Devshimha got senseless, mighty Roopana went quickly towards Devaki and informed her about the work of the elephant. Devaki being sad in her mind, reached there by sedan and explained the elephant gifted by lord Indra about every reason for being the side of his enemy (actually Devaki explained all the facts of the killing of her husband and how that elephant was abducted by king Jambuka and its reason and about the war that has been taken place) and said to it – “I praise you the mighty elephant which was gifted by the Indra and you must protect the brothers instead of hurting them.” Hearing everything from the mother, the divine elephant sheltered under Devaki and started to ask forgiveness for his sinful act. During that moment, Krishnaamsa got back his senses and reached near his brother Alhaad.  Krishnaamsa touched Alhaad’s body with his hands and Alhaad got back his sense. Again with Baalakhani, Krishnaamsa gave his father’s gift, the divine elephant to Alhaad and Karaala named divine horse to Roopana. After that, Baalakhani reached towards fainted Kaliya and tied his hand with strong iron chain, sent him into his army.


When Suryavarma got knowledge that his brother had been in a strong iron chain and he in under control of his enemy, with anger and a great speed, shaking his body with rage entered inside the army of his enemy. Having seen, Suryavarma coming towards them, those mighty brothers surrounded him from all sides and started attacking him with all their acquiring weapons. But Rishis! No weapons can make any strike and wound in his body. Therefore, having seen failure of their weapons, they all became surprised and started to think, how to kill this warrior? After that the weapons of Suryavarma strikes on the body of those mighty brothers, which created deep wounds inside their body. Being hurt, one used to flee from the battlefield and again getting recovered from the wound, he used to get back in fight. Thus, fight continued till many days. After that, Alhaad, Baalakhani, Devshimha and Talana etc., got feared from the mighty brother of Kaliya and took shelter under Krishnaamsa.  Having seen them in danger, Krishnaamsa then started to worship, the goddess in mind who can take the world under her illusive power and he started to recite “Ratri Suktam” in his mind. During that time, the Devi (goddess), Bhagwatee Durga, who can carry the whole world and destroyer of the sadness, however strong it may be like a fort, charmed Suryavarma into her illusion and she disappeared from the place. The mighty Krishnaamsa saw him in sleeping state, he tied him with a strong iron chain and presented him in front of his mother – Devaki.


As the news flourished in the battlefield, that Suryavarma had been captured by the enemies, Tundilaa the brother of Suryavarma got sad. And in grief of his brother, Tundilaa reached the battlefield, taking a Bilbo in his hand. He started striking and destroying his enemy warriors while Ramkanaa of Mahismati, started destroying warriors of Talan’s army. Seeing his army running out from the warzone, Talana used the divine “Parigh” named weapon to demolish the enemy Mlecchas. After that taking out his Bilbo weapon, he killed Ramkanaa and Vaamkana in the battlefield, and tied Tundilaa. Having captured Tundilaa, he reached his camp in late evening.


Likewise , Kaliya , Suryavarma , and Tundilaa was captured and Ramkanaa and Vaamkana had been in slayed in battlefield , the mleccha kings that came in thousands  in number situated in battlefield , and led the war to one paksha ( which probably means night ) , night till day . The mighty chief of the soldier, Talana being red in anger, he killed quickly sixty kings. That Talana seemed to be looking fierce in the war – the mleccha warriors and the left-over kings, trembled in fear, and started to flee from the battlefield. Hearing the news, King Jambuka got sad and started to do fast. He refused to take any food and slept. He had been indulged in great thought for which he couldn’t sleep. In mid-night, king’s daughter Vijayshinee, who is knower of all art and figure of Radha, who is friend and love of god Sri Krishna, gave assurance to her father and went to her enemy camp. She be-witched every guards of the camp with her charming act. After that, she reached near her brothers, she also charmed those five mighty brother into her illusive power of a witch (rakshashee) and freed her brothers. And then she took them into her sedan and offered them to her father. On the early morning when everybody woke up from their sleep, deed meditation, bath and completed other works, and reached to the place where the enemies are kept as a traitor. They cannot see them at their place and therefore, everybody became sad and asked what the reason for such happening is? On that very moment Devshimha said: – “Here came the daughter of the enemy at mid-night, she created her witch illusion freed them, and took them away with her. Therefore, you all please come with me where, her master is staying. Her master’s name is Ailavilin, a former Daitya living in the great deep forest located at Vindhya Mountains where every types of animals are staying in it. There he lived by making a small hut. He attained yog-siddhi (there are eight siddhis according to Vedas – Anima, Laghimaa, Mahimaa, Garimaa, Prapteyaa, Ishitaa, Vashitaa and Prakaamyaa – all are yakshinis and servants of Lord Maha Lakshmee. Yogis do meditation to attain all those siddhis under their control. But it is demi-god Hanuman, who have able to attain all eight in one. These siddhis are all powerful and had different and respective significance.) , and therefore he was not afraid of demons (Rakshasha). The daughter of king Jambuka, she with her relatives or she alone visit him especially for having sexual pleasures. That Ailavilin himself gave her the technique of doing such illusion to have control over human beings. We must reach near that downtrodden man, to have our success back in our hand again.”


Except Alhaad, the four brothers went there, and charmed that clever, wicked man with their music and dance. They stayed in his hut and came to know that mean wizard was Chitraa named demon (Rakshasha) in his earlier birth. He was continuously worshipping Shiv jee to attain Banaasura’s daughter Usha (whose husband is lord Vishnu). In present birth his name became Ailavilin. He was greatly indulged in worship of  a Yaksha , because they(the daughter of Banasura and Ailavilin , may be Sootjee talking about her rebirth but in which name , not mentioned either ) have mutually decided that once  she will do her marriage , she will left her husband and will come and marry him . After that they killed him and again they took their army and surrounded, king Jambuka’s palace from all -around and made those mightiest surrendered to them. King Jambuka, who got boon of being un-defeated by lord Shiva acquired victory over those five mighty brothers and tied their hands with strong iron chain. He produced them before the place of Yagya where he started worshipping lord Shiva, with a desire to sacrifice those brothers in that Yagya. After that, Roopana approached Devaki and explained her everything. Hearing everything from the soldier Roopana, Devaki started to worship the fear-destroying goddess Parvatee in mind. Having pleased with her Goddess Parvatee said: – “Devaki! The figure of wellness! Why are you worried about your sons! During the time when king Jambuka will present them for the purpose of sacrifice, that I will bestow my illusive power upon him and will make your sons free from the imprisonment and victory over his enemies. Therefore you did not give any place of sadness in your mind. “Hearing it, Devaki who is obedient towards her husband, bowed and worshipped her with incense stick, lamp and all other gifts, by following every laws of Vedas, she finished her worship.


During that time , the king got into sleep by the illusion of the goddess Durga , the persons who were imprisoned got freed themselves , and imprisoned the king with strong and long chain , presented him before their mother Devaki . Having heard the news, Kaliya etc. king’s three sons took three lakh soldiers and went to the battlefield. As they reached inside the battlefield, the war declared there on. The army of both sides again engaged themselves in tremendous battle, in which Talana and four mighty brothers destroyed the army of the enemies and surrounded all around the three sons and started striking them by their strong weapons from all sides creating deep wounds in their bodies. Like this, the battle continued for several days. During that moment, in grief, Kaliya started worshipping lord Shiva in his mind. After that, he started reciting, Mohana named charming prayers, for making those brothers in illusion. During that time, the husband – obedient wife, the mother Devaki, by her purity, able to reach inside the battle-field, near her sons and welcomed his son Alhaad who was riding Panchashabda named divine elephant. After that she worshipped and pleased the mother of the world, goddess -Durga with her prayers and by her illusion destroyer charm everybody got back their senses.


Having got back their senses, Alhaad killed Suryavarma, Krishnaamsa killed Kaliya, and Baalakhani killed Jambuka’s son Tundilaa. Rishis! In their earlier birth, Kaliya was Jaraasandha named king, like-wise Suryavarma was Diwid named monkey, Tundilaa was Trisheera named demon and king Jambuka was fox.  In the earth they took birth and spent their lives, those kings in quarrel and made chaos among themselves. After those sons of Jambuka were slayed in the battlefield, the mother, Devaki being in grief of losing her husband, she made pieces of Jambuka with Bilbo, piercing it into his body. Thereafter, Krishnaamsa filled with kindness, kept his both the father’s be-headed heads on top of king Jambuka’s heart. During that time, both the heads laughed and said: – “Krishnaamsa, may you live long (chiraanjeevi)! Great son of us! Please do our shraadh in the place of Gaya!” Being heard those words from the ghostly souls, Devaki kept Jambuka’s body over a large stone and smilingly said to his son: – “Every sons of mine! Listen! Please do make our father’s utmost enemy and downtrodden man “Jambuka” into small pieces like a part of sesame, and grind him through this large stone, so that I can take bath from his oil produced from his body.” Having said those words, Devaki started shedding tears. The son did as his mother told and after that Baalakhani etc. sons with all other queens did last rites of his father.


“Tadaa (that time) parimalam (King Parimala’s) ragyi (wife) drishtava (have seen) swamin (her husband) Aturam (suffering). Maronaayonmukhaam (about to die) bipraam (rishis) panchatatva (five tatvas – energy, wind, fire, earth and sky) gaman (went) muney (rishis!). ”


That time king Parimala’s wife Malana seen her husband Parimala is suffering and in death bed (maybe she is in illusion as she saw Jambuka’s body in funeral pyre). Rishis! During that time the queen of Jambuka sacrificed herself and her body converts to five elements – energy, wind, fire, earth and sky. Seeing her mother sacrificed for her husband, Jambuka’s daughter Vijayshinee took out her Bilbo weapon and strikes Baalakhani, which made him senseless and after that the brothers on his side – Talana, Devshimha and Alhaad also got senseless by the strikes made by her. She also made other warriors senseless and after that she creates illusive charm which abducted all of them. Having seen hundred warriors on his sides were got killed by her, Baalakhani in rage of anger beheaded her and threw her head in her father’s funeral pyre.


During that time a heavenly sound came out from sky and said: – “Baalakhani! Listen my words carefully, women cannot be stopped, and it has been followed every time, but sinful man like you had finally conducted such sinful job! Hence for your sinful act you must have to pay it during your marriage! ” . Having heard such words, Baalakhani realized his sin and felt sorry. The soldiers of Baalakhani’s side got very happy and looted Mahismati – one hundred camels and tremendous amount of wealth and in a sound of victory they all reached finally the Mahavatee puree (state). ”



In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twelfth chapter ended.











#Notes: – Where does Mahismati state exists? Ans: – Kane [1930-62] 1975, 4:706, says Mahismati on the Narmada is one of those places “about the exact location of which scholars have differed.” Baccha Singh, who travels widely researching Alha locations, says the Narmada Purana (which I have not seen) indicates that Maro is the mountain fort of Mandu, a sixteenth-century Afghan stronghold (Kolff 1990, 40) in western Madhya Pradesh. There he found Jambay’s throne still extant, seven gates, and the appropriate trans-Narmada location. Cf. Schomer 1984, 4. Maheshwar on the north bank of the Narmada has also “been identified as Mahishmati, the ancient capital of King Kartaviryarjuna” (Bradnock 1995, 386). Grierson cites V. A. Smith that “Maro is now called Bijaipur, south of Mirzapur, and still has Jamba’s ruined fort”; a “Bihar tradition” also “identifies it with Mar’war, no doubt wrongly” (1885a, 256, n. 13).Kishan Sharma in Agra calls Maro “Kalinga” (ordinarily Orissa),and makes Kalinga’s daughter Machala (unmentioned in the Elliot Alha) a second wife of Alha (she is known as Machh’lavati in a “Western recension” variant summarized in Grierson 1885b, 128, but has a different father). Note how an eastern “flanking” versions tend to place Maro west of the Alha heartland, and western “flanking” ones to its east.

Chapter 13

Mahiraja (Prithviraja) obtains Mahismati, lakshaavritti (Lakha), who becomes an Apsara, Alhaad marries Svarnavatee.


Rishis inquired: – “Muney!  At which month and how many days, Mahavatee and Mahismati continued their battle and after that reaching at Mahavatee, what they did? “


Soot jee said: – “The tremendous battle between Mahismati and Mahavatee started on month of pausha (December to January) and continued till one hundred days. Thereafter on the month of Jyestha (during the month of May) everybody came back to Mahavatee state and started playing different types of musical instruments. They are all enjoying their victory. The kind hearted king Parimala have heard the victorious sounds outside played by their sons, and he called upon Brahmans of the state, presented them different types of gifts. After that, king started to feed every animals of the state and made them happy. Hearing the news of their victory, Mahiraja (Prithviraja) came before the mightiest Baalakhani and said: – “Strongest you are! I will commit to you my half crore wealth before you, please accept it and feel happiness in your mind. Instead of that, please give me the state Mahismati.  I bow before you my lord! I assure you that at every year, I will give you such wealth”. Having accepted those amount of wealth, Baalakhani delivered the Mahismati state to him and went to his home.


Hey greatest among all rishis! When Krishnaamsa became thirteen years of age, what he did, I am about to explain in front of you all! Listen! When the month of Bhadra(at the end of August)came , during Shukla Trayodaashi (thirteenth tithi (lunar day)) Alhaad and Krishnaamsa along with many elephant , horse , and different types of thing went for peace of the father ‘s soul (pindaadaan) , left for  the pure place named Gaya . On that journey, Krishnaamsa rode Bindulaa, Baalakhani rode Harinee, Devshimha rode on Papihaka and Sukhakhaani rode on Karala. They reached there and started the pure sacred procedure on the beginning of full moon day (purnimaa) and then they went for fifteen days (purna pitraagya), finished sixteen sraddha (solaha sraddha) (sixteen here is of sixteen types and Shraddha means unconditional reverence, which goes for sixteen days). On which , they gifted one hundred elephants , one hundred chariots ,golden garland wore by one thousand horses , hiranya named stone and different types of garments and after getting the good fruits from the sacred deed , they decided to return home . The lakshaavritti (lakhpatur) , the artful courtesan who had lived with them , went to Badrikaashramaa and left the earth , her soul converted to beautiful apsara (divine angel) . From Gaya jee when they travelled and stayed in Kashi, the pure place of Mahadeva and Shakti goddess, because after the purnimaa (full moon day), the lord Rahu had engulfed the moon which caused Amabyoshya (no moon day) – darkness to overcome everywhere. For that, many kings came there from different place for pure bath in Kashi state. For taking bath, Shardool dynasty (Baghela dynasty) king named Netrashimha, he wore different type’s ornaments and the handsome king lived near Himalayan country. When the mighty Ratnabhaanu was killed, he came there in the place named “Netratunga” being afraid, he worshipped lord Indra. After twelve years, being pleased with his worship, Lord Indra gave a divine dhakka (Damru – a small drum or tabor), which was made by the goddess Parvatee for lord Indra. Being gifted to the King, Lord Indra also said some good words to him – “King! By hearing the sound of this tabor, your all warriors will get rise from dead and the enemy’s mighty warriors will get destroyed.” The king got the tabor from Lord Indra and after that he constructed a beautiful place for everybody which is extended upon one yojan (nine miles – twelve kilometers or four Kos = 2 and a ¼ miles) which had four strong entrance doors, and they are all invincible for the enemies. That place which was built in the Bharata’s land became famous in the name of “Netrashimha Garh”. It was very much near to Kashmir and which had been protected by the strong peaks of Mountains from four sides. Muney! That place was ruled by king Netrashimha like his child, by which that victorious place (gram or village) for the enemies named as “Netrapala”. For the travel in Kashi, Netrashimha came there with his daughter named Svarnavatee (Sona). She was the part of Revati and she had worshipped Kamakshee Devi which made her expert in creating illusion (witchcraft). She was very beautiful and her face was very beautiful, whitish like Chaandramaa (lord Moon). The kings who all came there to have a divine bath in Kashi were amazed seeing her beautiful and charming face, and they all stood as if they had lost their senses.  She was dressed well and had worn beautiful ornaments , Alhaad who had reached sixteen years of age , saw her and want of sexual pleasure just overcome him . Being charmed by her beauty, he got senseless and fell to the ground. She also got charmed by seeing the handsome Alhaad. Having seeing that, the friends of her, carried her through sedan, near her father. Having got back his senses, Alhaad again felt like losing his sense and Krishnaamsa saw that. He got sad and said to his elder brother Alhaad: – “You are all knowledgeable about the matter, there why are you being charmed deeply like this? As you know that – Being got indulged with Raajoguna (character of love and affection which attracts wealth), which will create love and affection, and will create sadness in your mind. Therefore brother by the sword of Knowledge, destroy the illusion. “Having heard such words from his brother, Alhaad left the affection from his mind and proceed towards his home. As they reached their respective home, they recited the maddhyaam Chaaritra of goddess Durga and after that they gave different dishes to thousand ved knowing Brahmans.


On that very month, Devi Durga had gifted the siddhi that Alhaad wanted from her, charmed that girl Svarnavatee for marriage. That girl Svarnavatee had watched Devaki’s son Alhaad in her dreams. On that early morning, she woke up from her sleep and had thought about her dream very deeply. And she fell into the illusion. She then meditate upon the Kamakshee goddess, who fulfills everybody’s wants. At the beginning of the month of Pausha, she wrote a letter and tied it on the neck of her parrot. She sent it to Alhaad. Parrot was very near and dear to her. That parrot carried the letter and entered the garden of the state Mahavatee and said to Krishnaamsa in the words of human beings: – “Strongest you are! Listen Svarnavatee had written a letter for your brother mightiest Alhaad. Please do know the details of it and tell the answer to me. Otherwise write a similar letter and tie it to my neck. “Having heard such words, Krishnaamsa took the letter from its neck and read it. He got the detailed knowledge of the letter and gave it to his brother. There it was written: – “You are the strongest of all! You have defeated king Jambuka who got boon from lord Shiva and other strongest kings. Likewise, by the power and strength, you sent those king to heaven, though battle in a battlefield, please do the similar thing to my father an enemy in figure, who got boon from Lord Indra and accept me as your wife. “Alhaad had read everything of the letter and to satisfy her, he wrote another letter and tied it to its neck.


In the early birth, that parrot was a snake, it got scarce from Pundarika named Rishi and took body of the parrot. Having done the work of the Revati’s part Svarnavatee, the parrot got reached heaven. The parrot gave up its life and after that Svarnavatee burnt its body according to laws of Vedas. And to satisfy its soul, she gave different gift as sacrifices to Brahmans. During the month of Maagh, the time of Krishna panchami, Alhaad being very happy, led his seven lakh soldiers for the battle. Talana and other mightiest soldiers had rode their chariots surrounding Alhaad, protecting him and reached the place after fifteen days long journey. They quickly crossed the state “Vang” and reached that place of Himalayas. After that, Baalakhani said to message carrier Roopana -” Mighty! Protect yourself by “Protecting Shield” all-over your body, take Karaala (Kareel) named horse and reach the court of the king Netrashimha. Having reached there, please draw a war sign on your body and come back here again.”  He accepted that and the part of “Shikhandee” -Roopana quickly entered to the king’s capital. Having reached there, he saw the court of the king, in which the kings belonged to the states situated on mountains present there, just increasing the fame of the place. The mighty Roopana said to the king Netrashimha: – “Baalakhani named the strong warrior came here with seven lakh soldiers for your daughter’s marriage with Alhaad, therefore get ready. And therefore gift me this with having a tremendous battle.” King heard such words, and red with anger, he ordered Purnabala named king of Pattana (A place in Thailand). Following the order of king Netrashimha, the king of Pattana closed the all the four invincible doors of the state built by Netrashimha. Purnabala was the chief of the court, and the soldiers that came with him of hundred in numbers, was ready that time with Paash named weapon (weapon that used to catch a traitor). Roopana (Rupana) took Bilbo weapon in his hand and got ready for the war. After that, having defeated the king of Pattana in the war, he able to took away the crown of the king Netrashimha. He took it, and travelled through the way of sky. After that he surrendered the crown to Baalakhani. Having seen the courage of the messenger, Baalakhani with a strong will in his mind, he surrounded the whole state from four side. The mighty king Netrashimha, with his strongest kings belonged to the mountainous states, reached the peak of the Himalaya and welcomed Baalakhani for the war. His soldier constituted of – one thousand elephantry, one lakh horse cavalry, one thousand strongest kings and four lakh pedestrian soldiers. The chief of the elephantry was given to Yogshimha, similarly chief of horse cavalry was Bhogshimha and prince Vinayakumara chief of all kings governed the Netrashimha’s army. Yogshimha welcomed Baalakhani, Bhogshimha welcomed Krishnaamsa and prince Vinayakumara welcomed Devshimha, Talana and Roopana in the war.


The strong soldiers of both sides, stroked each other so violently, that the war became very fierce-full. The mountainous kings surrounded the enemy soldiers and killed two lakh of them. The four mighty brother riding their divine horses, have seen their army in destruction, they started destroying their enemies in large extent. But the enemies, getting the divine sound of the tabor and they started rising from dead, thus they does not experience death in the war. Hey chief among all Rishis! Listen! Likewise continuous rising from the dead, the war continued both day and night, and after seven days it took a fiery situation. In that the mighty brothers showed different types of fight in the war, but all were in vain. The soldiers of Netrashimha rose from the dead, hearing the sound of the divine tabor, and started slaying their enemies i.e. soldiers maintained by Baalakhani. Having seen it, Talana etc. everybody became sad and reached near Krishnaamsa as they were all broken down, lost all their hope for the win in the war.  They prayed him to find a solution for their victory. Krishnaamsa gave them courage and for their satisfaction, he rode his divine carriage. He reached near the princess, though the medium of sky and saw in the room, Svarnavatee, was wearing precious ornaments and beautiful dress, lightning the room like a Devi (goddess). He bowed her with respect, welcomed her with polite words:-” I am your servant, Krishnaamsa, Princess! Like Kamakshee Devi, I am in your shelter and I am present here. “After that he explained her everything of the war and also said: – “Our strong soldiers, were all tired by fighting and lost all hopes of victory in the war.” She said: – “Udayashimha! At this time please visit Kamakshee Devi’s temple. I with my friends on the ninth day (navamee) will reach there for the cause of worship. One of the women will contain the divine tabor. You can kidnap it from her.”


Having heard all such from Svarnavatee, he joined with his army in the battlefield. After that, he took his all remained half of the soldier from there and took shelter in “Patna” nagar (place in Vihara or Bihar). As the enemy faced a defeat in the battle, Netrashimha came with his all sons in his palace and after that he gave cows and wealth to Brahmans. On the day of “Navamee”, the princess Svarnavatee said to her father: – “I want to go the temple of Kamakshee Devi, hence please begin the ceremony of yagya – (sacrificial ceremony of sacred fire in which devas (gods and goddess) are pleased with different sacrifices). Because of her fruit, you and your soldiers got the win over your enemies in the battle.” Having heard such words from her daughter, he said: – “I also saw such dream today. By worshipping her only, kings gets all wellness Otherwise! My Princess! There was a great fear of obstruction always stood in front”.

She heard the pleasing words from her father and banging the tabor greatly entered the temple of Kamakshee Devi. During that time, Krishnaamsa present there in disguise of wife of gardener’s son. He snatched that tabor from the women and ran quickly from there. At that very moment, sixty soldiers got ready with their weapons, ran after Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) to get the tabor back. Having seen those sixty strong soldiers chasing after them, Roopana and Krishnaamsa, slayed them down and sent them to Yamapuri (The place of Yama-lord of death).  Then taking Roopana, Krishnaamsa went to their army – camp. Having heard, Krishnaamsa kidnaped the divine tabor, Netrashimha became afraid and ordered to begin Indra -yagya another time to satisfy him and get back the tabor. On the early morning, the army led by Baalakhani composed of elephant cavalry, camels etc. started their journey to the place where the war had begun. During the time of evening, they had reached the place and a tremendous fiery battle took place with the army of Netrashimha. Krishnaamsa did worship the divine tabor before in hand and started beating it which created divine sound that make his dead soldiers rise .Again he had surrounded  that place from four sides with his soldiers and they started to  play different musical instruments . Having heard the noisy beats of the musical instruments and got news that the enemies had captured the place from four sides, king Netrashimha got very scared by which he sacrificed himself in the sacred fire of the yagya. Lord Indra got pleased by his act and he appeared over there, said to the king: – “Hey king! Through a process the part of Krishna and Balaraam had taken birth in the name of Ramaamsa Alhaad and Krishnaamsa Uday Shimha. As your daughter is a devoted and sacred part of Revati, hence she is the perfect match for the Alhaad. Therefore have said such words to the king, Lord Indra, himself kidnaped the tabor and threw it to the sacred fire of Yagya as a sacrifice to goddess Durga and after that he proceed to his Indra loka.


The king of Devtaas lord Indra reached his loka and after that, king Netrashimha to do alliance with Alhaad, he reached the place of Urviya where their uncle Mahipati stayed. He saw the king came there and had taken shelter, Mahipati paid due hostage to the king and after that uncle of Mahipati told to him: – “King! Though that Alhaad is stronger as his brothers, but he had taken birth in lower caste, hence he had been thrown away from my society. Because, we also listened that his earlier forefather’s caste is Arya Abhiri (Aheerin). Did haven’t listened about that fact? If you gave your daughter to him, then you will also have to get separated and thrown away from the society .There to save your caste! Listen my words carefully! Please make a plan to create separation between Alhaad and Talan with others including Krishnaamsa. After that, during the marriage ceremony behead Alhaad and sacrifice it at the end of the temple to goddess Chaamunda. As because for your daughter’s welcome, those mightiest had come there. Hence you also have to behead your daughter, if not, then you will also have to loose everybody and your family like king Jambuka. This is the act, in which I see the wellness of your caste. ” Having accepted , the words of the part of Suyodhana (Dhuryodhana) – Mahipati , the part of Shalya – Netrashimha said – ” At the end of the temple , I will call those five mighty brothers being unarmed , then I will worship them on that very night . After that I will offer my daughter to Alhaad who is Ramaamsa.”  Having said such words, king reached near Alhaad who was that time staying with his friends. Then the king just laid on ground and bowed before them, touching their feet and said – “You are all the parts of Devtaas and I acquired knowledge about it, hence I will follow for what you all came here.” Then king reached his own palace and started to organize the grandeur ceremony in praise of lord Durga. To slay those brothers in the battle king , Netrashimha had hidden one thousand kings inside the temple and after that he called out those six mighty bothers – Talana , Baalakhani , Sukhakhaani , Alhaad , Krishnaamsa and Roopana in that temple to attend Alhaad’s ceremony of marriage with his daughter .


Having reached the place of marriage, the ceremony of matrimony got started within and on the first part of the circle, Yogshimha took out his sword and strikes on the head of Alhaad with anger. Talana saw the act, and said -: “You have done a great sinful act.” Hearing it, king Netrashimha said: – “Strongest man! Listen! We have a law in our caste that, we do tremendous fight with un-armed soldiers.” Having heard such words Krishnaamsa blocked Yogshimha for fight and Baalakhani captured Bhogshimha. On the third circle, the striker – Vinayakumara had been blocked by Sukhakhaani. And on fourth circle, the Purnabala named wicked king had been captured by Roopana and did tremendous battle with him. On the fifth circle, many kings had been blocked by Talana and on sixth circle, Alhaad captured the king, Netrashimha.  On that great battle many strong warriors suffered from wounds. The six brothers though being un-armed able to dis-arm the enemies in fight.


During that time, the knower of time – Devshimha reached there from the medium of sky and gave those six brothers their respective carriages. After that Krishnaamsa rode Bindulaa , Devshimha on Manoratha , Roopana on Karala , Alhaad over Papihaka , Baalakhani over Harinee , Sukhakhaani over Harinagara and Talana on Shimhinee got ready to fight with enemies .  On that great night, they did tremendous battle which destroyed enemies in the battlefield and them able to capture the chief of the army of Netrashimha.  Again those brothers reached king’s palace, took the sedan (in which Svarnavatee resides) and revolved it within the seven circles. Then those mighty brothers, reached inside the army led by Netrashimha and after that they reached the army-camp.   They saw that army of Netrashimha in a flight from the battlefield, ran in different directions with the cry of help. They captured, Netrashimha with strong iron chain and others, put them into jail. After that the small brother of Netrashimha , Haraananda who is the king of Sundara named jungle (Sundarvaan) , came there with his strong one lakh army and began the battle with his enemies . During that time, four lakh warriors of Netrashimha came in aid for the battle. The five lakh soldiers fought with seven lakh soldiers of enemies. On that great battle, half of the army of the Netrashimha allied with Haraananda got destroyed and others started to flee from the Warfield. Having seen it, Haraananda got amazed and surprised. After that, the delusional Haraananda, who was a great wizard, and expert in creating illusion from the power of lord Shiva, seen the power of his enemies, started strong meditation upon lord Shiva. Having gained the power of Rudra, he spread the Shaabree named charm, by which he convert himself into any living beings. He made his enemies into the figure of stone, and he freed his big brother Netrashimha and the king Purnabala. After that, he went to his home. Netrashimha have seen Alhaad in illusion of his small brother, he captured the senseless Alhaad and tied him with strong iron chain. Thereafter, he took Alhaad with him and after reaching his palace, with joy he gave many Danas (sacrificial gifts) to Brahmans.


During that time, Svarnavatee had seen her husband tied and his friends with Krishnaamsa were under the illusion of lord Shiva, as they were fallen senseless, she became sad and started crying heavily. After that she meditated upon the illusionist Devi (Kamakshee), and she got pleased by her prayer. Then she appeared there, and the mother of the whole universe destroyed the illusion, by which the senseless got their senses back. Getting their senses back, they asked Svarnavatee – “Devi! Where is the brother Alhaad, what is the reason that he was not here? Please tell us quickly. “Likewise, her husband was tied, she described everything before them. Also she said to Krishnaamsa – “I will be transforming into parrot and will go with you. Please take seat on your horse.” Having said that, she transformed herself into a parrot and went with Krishnaamsa there, where her husband was tied strongly, fallen inside the jail. Krishnaamsa reached there through the medium of sky. Svarnavatee also reached near her husband in disguise of Abhiri (Aheerin) and encouraged her. Again she told Krishnaamsa, all the breakpoints of the place. The mighty Krishnaamsa killed those jail guards who were of thousand in number, took his brother with him and on that full moon day (purnimaa) of Chaitra month (starts at month of March -the month of spring), they all proceed to Ayodhya(Ajodhya) , the birth place of Sri Rama. Svarnavatee was very happy and she did bath of Sarayu River, watched every parts of the place. After that, on the day of Holi, they all visit Veni River (Gandaki River). They all took pure bath and did meditation , after that they went their home .As few days past ,they went to the coast of the sea , they all organized a great grandeur festival , and after completing that , they all came to their respective home happily in the month of Chaitra , on the panchami(fifth) day of Krishna (no moon day) .  The message carriers already went home in the month of Falguna (February), the day of Shukla-panchami reached to their own homes. During that time, the happiness of king Parimala and his wife Malana was end-less, they did celebration in every houses that belonged to their states. After that they gave excessive sacrificial gifts to Brahmans. ”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named thirteenth chapter ended.














Chapter 14

Birth of Indula (lndal); his trip to Indra loka to be suckled by Sachi, the wife of Indra.


Sootjee said: – “On reaching Krishnaamsa at the age of fourteenth, what I’ve seen, I’ll be describing before you Rishis! Listen! “.

Son of Indra, Jayanta, by the scarce of Janakee (i.e. the wife of Lord Rama and daughter of king Janaka – Sita), he reside in the womb of Svarnavatee. On the month of Chaitra, day of Shukla-navamee when Jupiter faced afternoon, he took birth from the womb of Svarnavatee, whose face was like the moon and he had all the qualities of king. On the birth of the boy Rishis with Devtaas said -“He is the son of Vaasav (Indra), Jayanta in name of Indula in this great earth. “For that, the son was given name, Indula.  On that glorious moment, being glad Alhaad performed the work of the caste of that child and gave sacrificial gifts to Brahmans such as gold, dhenu (cows), and many elephants and horses. Had Indula taken birth on the earth, two months passed, there after Yogshimha came there and gave her much wealth as gift.  That time the queen, Malana seen the son of Netrashimha, i.e. Yogshimha, she fall in affection with him. Then being very proud and love, she asked him about his condition and all very dear, touchy questions. After that she paid a well deserving hostage and gave foods to him. Then the room which had been booked for him, on that particular room, different kind dancer which are hundreds in number performed different types of dance and modes of music, through which they pleased him.  Likewise, had spent seven days in the sea of happiness, Yogshimha went to his home. When the son of Svarnavatee reached six months, to spend with him, Indra became reluctant and filled with love and affection towards his son, Lord Indra by his illusion, he kidnaped his own son. That greatest son being Kidnaped by Lord Indra and gave him to her mother, the wife of him. She got back her son and being caught with love, Sachi Devi (Goddess Sachi is the wife of Lord Indra) gave her own breast’s milk. Indula got her mother’s divine milk and his age became sixteen years. The amrita (celestial divine drink which make one to reach salvation) drops like the extent of moon (Chaandramaa), Indula acquired it through his amazing body. For that Jayanta was called Indula. He learnt his father’s knowledge and got famous. On Indula being kidnaped by Lord Indra, Svarnavatee became like beggar cried like “Oh! My Son! Where you have gone! Leaving me alone! “Alhaad and the residents of Dashagraam expressed their grief on hearing the news. Alhaad took his neighbors and did fast ,without having any food and being self – restrained or self – disciplined , he meditate upon her and stayed there for three nights . During that time being pleased, goddess appeared before and told them: – “Son! Why are you in grief of that son with all your neighbors! Please leave all sorrows and thoughts from your mind! He is son of Indra, Jayanta and he with his father Indra to heaven (Swarg loka). There he will learn the divine knowledge, and after completion of three years, he will again come back. And as long as you will live in this earth, Jayanta will be there with you always! After that he will reach to heaven and will be transformed to Jayanta again.” Alhaad heard it carefully from the goddess and he leave all sorrows from his mind, went to the place of Dashagraam and he lived there like a knowledgeable person.


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named fourteenth chapter ended.













Chapter 15

Sarada gives boons to heroes

Sootjee said: – “Had Indula went to Swarg (Swarg), the mightiest brothers filled with great sorrow, they started to worship the mother Shaaradaa, who resides in every lokas. Filled with love, with devotion, they started to recite Sapta Sati Stotra through three days, and meditating upon the mother, they were acquiring happiness from it. Samanta named Brahman’s son was Chaamunda (Chaamunda Rai or Chand Bardai – who was the first son of Devaki and was flown in river Narmada) reached eight years of age and was reciting the three Chaaritra of Chandikaa Devi. During that time, his age just fell into twelve years. On the seventh day, to examine the devotees, the Bhagwatee Devi appeared before them, and she just present an idol like her, which was a pot and said to them: – “My Devotees! I want to fill this pot, please think and fill the pot through your imaginary ideas.” Having heard this, Sukhakhaani tried to fill the pot with Madhu named flowers (Madhushree flowers or dried flowers) and fruits. But his try went in vain- because he failed in filling up the pot. Likewise Baalakhani filled the pot with meat, Moolsharma (Chaamunda) with blood drops and Devaki with havyas, chandan (sandal wood), flowers etc. ingredients that are needed to worship, they all tried to fill up the pot but failed to do that. That time Alhaad sacrificed his limbs and every parts of his body while Udayashimha (Krishnaamsa) gave his own head into the pot and thus the pot got filled. Having pleased with the act, Devi (Goddess) who is kind towards her devotees, said to them – “Mighty, Sukhakhaani! You will be favorite to Devtaas ; Mighty , Baalakhani you death will occur at long time in your life ; Mighty Moolsharma( Chaamunda) will become Raktabija ; Devaki , devi , you will all time reside in your loka(country) ; for Alhaad and Krishnaamsa – I am presenting two boons for them – one will speak like a god (Devtaa) (speech that comes true) and other(Krishnaamsa) will have superior strength . And the Devshimha who does everything for his own sake and has no carnal desire, after death he will attain salvation. Had told such words, the Goddess Shaaradaa disappeared from there and those great devotees lived happily.

In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named fifteenth chapter ended.

Chapter 16

Baalakhani weds Gajamukta (Gajmoteena)

Sootjee said: – “Muney Shardool! After Krishnaamsa reached seventeen years, what I have views through my yogic power, relating it towards you! So please listen it carefully! Brahmin! Had King Ratnabhaanu reached heaven (died), Marudhanwa state’s king Gajasena being afraid, started yagya and meditation to please lord of fire “Agni”? Being pleased with him, Agni deva appeared before and presented him beautiful horse, two sons and a girl named Gajamuktikaa (Gajmoteena). As they all took birth from the part of the Lord “Agni” – theirs body colors were like the color of fire, being strongest and decorated with ornaments, as they took birth on the surface of the earth. Hey greatest among all Muni! Listen! Had completed their age of eighteen, they became beautiful like devtaas (gods) and became sharp intellectual in all knowledge. On the eighteen years of age, the beautiful girl got boon form goddess Durga being pleased that Vatsraaj (Vatsraaj) son Baalakhani will be your husband. The king Gajasena who belonged to Shardool dynasty (Bagel Dynasty) did Svayamvara (ceremony to choose husband through exam, especially this ceremony was held among kings). Having pleased with his daughter’s beauty, many kings from different states took part in the ceremony. On the month of Agrahaan (November) on the day of Shukla Ashtaamee , the day of Friday (Chandrabaar) ,to welcome those kings , the daughter of Gajasena arrived there , whose was filled with unsteadiness , lightning just flowing out of her body and her face was seemed to be very beautiful and graceful . King Baalakhani had seen her beauty and got senseless and the princess saw him, felt to have sex with him. And being in that nature, she wore him with Vaijantee flower’s garland. On that moment, there present Taraka – the son of Prithviraja and other kings present here showed their strength and surrounded Baalakhani all over the sides. Baalakhani seen those hundred kings began to attack him from every sides, he took out his Bilbo weapon and beheaded those hundred king then and there. Taraka had seen the act that Baalakhani was being caught by those kings from all sides, with them, he also stroke Baalakhani on his hand with Bilbo, but it broke into two halves. The grandson of Prithviraja, Taraka with all other kings had saw the might of Baalakhani and the horse had been kidnaped, those kings with Taraka had to flee from there. Being those kings faced a defeat, Baalakhani took the girl into the sedan and proceed towards his home. On that time Gajasena had seen his daughter was being taken away Baalakhani, with the trust and assurance of Mahipati – the ruler of Urviya region (Urayi) and those kings who faced a defeat, he spread charm over Baalakhani – who was the mightiest and slayer of king Jambuka. Due to the scarce of Goddess Durga, Baalakhani came into the charm and got into illusion, he felt asleep. Had seen Baalakhani senseless , caught him with strong iron chain , he took him to the fort made up of Iron (Iron Fort ) and called the most low caste , heartless and reprobate persons (Chaandaal) there and ordered them by saying – ” Punish him with different types of punishment and thus put him to death .” Those low caste persons had got ordered by the king, and flogged him with stripes of reed. Going through the punishment, he got back his senses and saw those Chaandaals are attacking him. He stroke them with slaps and fists, thus Baalakhani put five hundred Chaandaals to death. After that, Baalakhani closed the doors of the Iron fort tightly, Baalakhani went inside the palace, arrived near king.


King had heard everything from him, and known every reasons he replied with folded hands: – “Strongest Man! Listen! It is very sad thing that Chaandaals had caught you and those thieves had looted you. May be you went in that forest and fall asleep. My daughter came back in my palace and it very my luck, that I am seeing you alive. Now please do marry my daughter and proceed to your home. “Baalakhani had heard what king Gajasena said and being pleased with him, appreciated him. King also ordered to build temple etc. for marriage. Being everything got ready , the servant of Agni Dev -Gajasena got ready with a letter for Alhaad  and called a messenger who rides camels and do work of sending letters from one place to another place – and said :- ” Go with this letter quickly and give to Alhaad .” On that letter, it was written that – “The marriage of Baalakhani was set with my daughter, please come with your all soldiers and accept my hostage.” After that on the night, the king gave poison in the food and gave Baalakhani to eat and he ate it.” But though he ate the food, due the boon, he did not die.  Thereafter, he lost senses, king had again caught him with strong iron chain, tightly, and started to flog him with belt made up of reeds. The poison which got mixed with his blood flowed inside his body, due to the strike, all those poisoned mixed blood went out from his body. As all the blood been flowed out from his, he got back into his senses and Baalakhani said to king politely – “King! What is the reason? Why your soldiers are surrounding me and striking me? “King said: – “Mighty! It is my law in my caste – that first one get tremendous punishment before getting married together.” The daughter of king heard it from her father, and princess Gajamuktikaa came there and started to say to his father – “Who is being punished like this, my father?” The king said: – “My daughter! You quickly go inside the palace, here is a farmer who worked in the agricultural land, and he is being punished because he refused to pay revenue (kingship tax).” Had heard those disrespectful words from the king, the mighty Baalakhani break the iron chain through his strength. And took his Bilbo weapon in his hand , and slayed those five hundred soldiers that were surrounding him – who were all decorated with weapons and ready to fight an war and tore them apart , made them surrender before him . After that, king Gajasena’s eldest son named Suryadyuti (Suryamanee) went there and again tied Baalakhani with strong iron chain. And put him in the deep ditch or hole. Gajamuktikaa had seen her husband in that condition and became sad. She came there in the mid-night and gave different gifts to guards, went inside the jail near her husband. She gave him different types of food and went from there. Every night, the process went on, and likewise one pasha of time had passed.


After that Alhaad arrived there with his seven lakh soldiers quickly. He had heard of the incident that Baalakhani fell inside a hole. For that, Alhaad surrounded his state from every side and invited king for war. Sixteen thousand elephant cavalry with Gajasena had arrived there, three lakh horse cavalry with Suryadyuti arrived there and three lakh pedestrian soldiers with Suryadyuti’s young brother Kaantaamal went in the battleground. Then the war had started and they all did tremendous battle with Alhaad’s army from day till night. The army of Gajasena got slayed from every part by the army of Talana, and the chief of his army, Gajasena had noticed it and he applied divine fire which convert the army of Talana into ashes. Talana had seen the act and threw his spear weapon on the body of Gajasena, made him senseless. Then, Suryadyuti applied divine horse given by Lord Agni as a boon towards Talana, and convert him into ashes. During that time, Alhaad and Krishnaamsa saw the act of Suryadyuti and tie him hard. Kaantaamal being seen his brother tied tight in the hand of his enemies, he sat on that divine horse. He charmed Devshimha into his illusive power and reached near Krishnaamsa, but Krishnaamsa caught him and absorbed all the divine energy from the body of the horse by which, his seven lakh warrior convert into ashes then and there with him. Only Alhaad did not die as he is above death – immortal. He then slayed the left over warriors of king Gajasena quickly. But victory only came to king Gajasena and he reached his palace after that. As his brother Krishnaamsa covert into ashes, Alhaad after that prayed to goddess Durga from mind. The goddess appeared before him and said – “My son! Your son will come from the heaven and give life to the dead.” Had Devi said those amazing words, the son of Alhaad, Indula – the knower of all knowledge on twelve years of age sat on the amrita horse (divine horse of salvation) and arrived there, and from the body of his horse, three more horses being appeared like cloud which were figured like three gods? Those three horses cleared all the charm of Agni – (put off the fire) from the battleground and after that the main horse on which son Indula sat , saw that the fire being silenced (peace off) , he drop his divine saliva from his mouth to the ground , by which everybody rose from dead again. As the fire being silenced (put off) and every warrior of his enemies got back to life again and were ready to battle – king Gajasena with his two sons ran from there.  The one lakh warrior which were being alive from Gajasena’s army, were afraid and disguised themselves in different form, flew here and there. Some took the form of Sanyasee, some took the form of Brahmachaari and ran from there, and only those were left alive and others who were in the form of soldiers were made to surrender. After that, Talana tied Gajasena, Suryadyuti and Kaantaamal and proceed towards the Iron fort with Krishnaamsa. On reaching the fort, they freed his brother Baalakhani from the strong iron chain, by which he was tied and from the hole. After that they asked the reason, for which it all has took place with him. Having known all reason, they tied those three (Gajasena and his two sons) on the pillar started beating them with the belt of reed as a punishment for their act.


Rishis! During that time, Gajamuktikaa went there and freed his father and brother from that condition. Then, it all started for the celebration of marriage ceremony. Baalakhani rode horse with his wife Gajamuktikaa on the temple built for marriage and they were well decorated, debonair and well -adorned. There king Gajasena paid hostage to them with divine foods (foods made for gods). But such paying hostage is a lie as king Gajasena kept them inside the fort and closed the door of it tightly. He kept one lakh army as the guard to, in protection of the fort hidden inside, king came to his palace with his brothers and daughter. On the early morning, they saw the door being closed, ordered the chief of the army – ” Please open the door otherwise you have to lose your life.” The chief heard that and ordered his army -” Kill those great enemies from every sides.”  They heard it and those mighty warriors decorated themselves with weapons, began to hit with firing cannons. Those army of Alhaad just started slaughtering the armies situated in protection of the doors as guards. Ten thousand soldiers of Gajasena being slaughtered on the fight, Krishnaamsa rode Bindulaa named horse, with his Bilbo named weapon started killing those warriors. The left over eighty thousand soldiers ran to the fort of Indra (Indra fort) where King stayed and described everything to the king – how those soldiers got slaughtered in the fight. King heard it and being afraid, went near Alhaad with his two sons. He gave Gajamuktikaa to Baalakhani with tremendous amount of wealth and repented on the sin that he had done in influence of king Mahipati, the king of Urviya region. Alhaad got pleased with king and accepted all those wealth, put those gold on the back of sixteen camels, with all his friends and son, he proceed towards his home. Had Alhaad reached his own home, Svarnavatee took Indula on her lap and cried being compassionate and filled with pity saying -“Son! You have again revived me from death, Jayanta! Having seen you I am feeling great and blessed.” On hearing such words from his mother, being pleased, he replied: – “Mother! I cannot set free from your liability.” King Parimala got the news and through beating musical instruments, he gave many sacrificial gifts to Brahmans.


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named sixteenth chapter ended.





Chapter 17

Brahmaananda (Brahma) weds Vela (Bela) daughter of Prithviraja


Sootjee said: – “When Krishnaamsa gained age of eighteen years, what I had seen, listened, relating it to you all! Listen! When Ratnabhaanu killed Krishnakumaara , in the great battle , king Prithviraja got sad and did one lakh Chandi ‘s yagya (Lakshya (one lakh) and Chandi (Chandi goddess one form of Durga ) . After, yagya had been over, Devi said from the sky – “From the womb of your Agama named wife till seven years, the part of Kauravas will take birth and daughter from the part of Draupadi will take birth on the surface of the earth.” After that queen Agama became pregnant, from which the part of Karna (the eldest brother of Pandava and son of lord Sun in Mahabharata who is son of Kunti and friend of Dhuryodhana) and he was named Taraka (Tahaar) – the strongest and eldest son of Prithviraja. On the second year, the part of Dushshashana, took birth in the name of Nriharee, on the third year there took birth from the part of Uddharsha (Durdharshaa) named Saradana and from the part of Durmukha there took birth of a son named Mardana. From the part of Vikarna took birth named Suryakarmaa as the son of Prithviraja and from the part of Vivinshatee, there took birth of a son named Bheem (Bhima). From the part of Chitrabaana, took birth of a son named Vardhan (Veervardhan) and from the part of Draupadi, there took birth of a daughter named Velaa. Muney! Likewise how Krishna (Draupadi) had beautiful character with graceful charming look, that daughter taken birth in the palace of Prithviraja also have the similar ones. On the time of the birth of Velaa, there was a great earthquake and Chaamunda Devi did a world destroying unpleasant soundly laugh. In the state, the power abdominal bones mixed rain of blood occurred from the sky. Brahmin reached there and did all the work of caste of the daughter and after that what they had named, I am telling you please listen! The mother of the Shashee is Ilaa ( as per Chandra dynasty or lunar race ) , she had only taken birth by her thoughtful figure in the surface of the earth , therefore , this beautiful daughter name will be Velaa ( Since it is the versioned name of Ilaa) . After Velaa being taken birth, king was very happy and gave different type of sacrificial gifts to Brahmans. After completion of twelve years, that beautiful daughter told her father: – “Please listen my words, king Prithviraja! One who will lay me down in the temple on the flow of blood, that person only will gift Draupadi, the ornamental gifts, and he will be my husband.” Those words of poetry that has been came out from the mouth of his daughter, king Prithviraja, wrote it on the leaf made up of gold and gave it to his eldest son and said -“For my daughter, please arrange such husband for her.” After that Taraka accepted his father’s order and proceed to arrange such for her sister. He went with one lakh warriors and three and a half lakh different type of gifts for visiting kings. Starting from the river of Sindhu, he visited every kings of Arya Desha but hearing those words that sounds like poison, no kings accepted it. Being discarded those words by many kings of Arya Desha, Taraka just lingering here and there, he thought of visiting his uncle Mahipati. He visited the place of Urviya and described everything in front of him. Hearing that, his uncle said – “Strongest man! Please listen my words! The prince Brahmaananda is the perfect match for her, please go near him. He is the strongest of all among kings because he himself is protected by strong mighty Alhaad etc. Please present your words before him, he will surely accept it.” “And you didn’t know the story of him! The six brothers fulfilled and executed your marriage, Alhaad etc. brothers are only responsible persons for your marriage. They are under the shed of that clever and brilliant Brahmaananda. Who is the mighty king in the earth that equals Brahmaananda? Had heard those words from his uncle, Taraka (Taraka or Tahaar) with his soldiers reached the state of Mahavatee and recited those words of the poetry in the court with folded hands. Krishnaamsa soon took the letter from him – “I will fulfill the marriage of her with Brahmaananda.”  That time court was plenty of science, Taaraka did abhishek (a law of Hindu caste to welcome address of husband from his house before marriage done by girl’s side) of Brahmaananda and after that he proceed to his home.


On the month of Maagh, the day of Shukla Trayodaashi, the marriage of the husband and wife was decided. The party of the bridegroom , to get ready for reaching bride’s house , Talana reached there with seven lakh soldiers in the state of Mahavatee , Alhaad and Krishnaamsa got ready with one lakh soldiers , Sukhakhaani with Baalakhani took one lakh warriors in their hand , Netrashimha ,Yogshimha and Bhogshimha with one lakh soldiers reached Mahavatee puree and two lakh soldiers with the mighty boy who is invincible reached there in Mahavatee state- (Ranajiccha (who get win over every battle) Bali (the mighty ) Balo (the boy) dvi (two) lakhshya (lakhs) Balaam(warriors) Sajuta (arranged) .  In some context , it is considered that Baal named mighty had arranged two lakh warriors and reached Mahavatee puree but it clearly indicates no such name whole through-out the chapter . Therefore it ought to be Malana’s son Ranajit, who is in previous chapter considered to be the sign of victory and being invincible. ). Likewise those twelve lakh soldiers were guided by the chieftain Talana, who sat on Shimhinee and reached the state named Deholi of Prithviraja and after reaching there he had ordered those warriors to have some rest. On that journey, Devshimha sat on Manoratha named horse, Krishnaamsa on the Bindulaa, Svarnavatee son Indula sat on the mare who is the creator of salvation (Amrita named mare), Roopana sat on Karala, Alhaad sat on Papihaka (Papihaa), Baalakhani sat on Kapota named horse, Sukhakhaani rode on Harinee named horse and that war victorious son of Malana – Ranajit himself sat on Harinagara named horse. Likewise the king of Mahavatee, Parimala rode Panchashabda named elephant. There was a beautiful vehicle with the king, which is decorated with beautiful precious stones and pearls and it was architect with gold which had been carried by one hundred sedan carriers whose occupation was fisheries (fishermen). With them different type of musical instruments which are thousand in numbers, ten thousand flags and took the belt of reeds in their hands which are of thousands , one thousand sedan , five thousand chariots and five thousand carts ran by bullocks (bull-cart) surrounding Brahmaananda , moving forward , proceeding towards the bride’s home . The party of the bridegroom was very much soundly and hearing that chaos, king Prithviraja got very much surprised. After that, being very much pleased, king Prithviraja produced camps for them to stay. Again, king worshipped his doors of the fort (Deholi fort) by the law of Vedas and after finishing it, he said to them -” Please bring the dress and ornaments wore by Draupadi for my daughter Velaa.” Had heard the words of the king, Indula reached the heaven with his amrita named horse and said to him – “Hey the king of devtaas! Please give me all the dress and ornaments wore by Draupadi to me.” Lord Indra, on that time, brought the belongings of Draupadi from the Lord Kubera and gave it to his son. Indula took her belongings and reached to his father within one prahara (within the three hours of the day time). Alhaad took the responsibility of himself, and sent those belongings for Velaa with respect.


Thereafter on the Brahma-muhurt (in the midafternoon), the marriage ceremony started. On the first circle Taraka stroke the husband Brahmaananda with his Bilbo which was quickly obstructed by Alhaad and did many war made up of lilaas (types of battle may be in form of divine illusions) with him. On the second circle, Nriharee’s stroke of weapons had been obstructed by Krishnaamsa. Similarly, Saradana’s strike had been obstructed by Baalakhani. Likewise, on the fourth circle, Mardana’s strike had been obstructed by Sukhakhaani. On the fifth circle, Ranajit obstructed Suryavarmaa’s strike and on the sixth circle Roopana obstructed Bhima. On the seventh circle Devshimha stopped Veervardhan’s strikes. During that time, on the temple formed battleground, Gajasena with one hundred kings allied with Lakshmana came there and started to surrender their enemies – the soldiers of Prithviraja. Prithviraja had seen his army got dismantle fully, he got very angry and rode on the elephant named Arivayamkara, started a tremendous battle with enemies. That noise breaking greatest king Prithviraja defeated, Netrashimha and allied kings present there, literally reached near Lakshmana who sat on the Baudhinee named elephant and started a furious battle with him. Being anger in the heart and prayed lord Shiva in mind, king Prithviraja, won over him and tied him tightly, went near king Parimala to have a view that he had tied Lakshmana. He had heard that and king Parimala in fright said to Krishnaamsa – “Alhaad and everybody got defeated by king Prithviraja.” Therefore invincible Krishnaamsa went immediately went to the palace of the king Prithviraja and roar furiously. The happiness giver to Yoginis (the female woman who spent their lives with yogis performing sacred yagya to please devtaas) – Krishnaamsa roared so heavily that the mighty Lakshmana got angry and broke the chain with which was he tied , thereafter he started to meditate upon lord Vishnu from his mind and reached inside the palace of Prithviraja . Lakshmana, then, by force took Agama in sedan and went to his army camp. During that time, everybody got back their senses and took their respective Bilbo and other weapons of themselves and started to make their enemies surrender. Accomplishing victory in the war, they all caught their enemies in front of them and slayed only hundred kings of their side and caste. Velaa did bath in the blood which flowed from their veins. Then, the warriors of the battleground went to their respective army camps. Had reached their camps, they all freed the seven sons of the kings. The sevens sons of Prithviraja after that went to their palace and welcomed everybody to eat ceremonial food which are to be produced in the marriage. Soldiers hiding in the places of the fort were all decorated with weapons. During that time, from the side of bridegroom party was ready, decorated with weapons, reached that place to have the ceremonial food. The seven sons of the king paid hostage towards them and on that time those hidden soldiers started war with the army of Mahavatee .The mighty soldiers saw that what was being waiting for them, and the mightiest left the food and slayed those thousand soldiers, and again caught hold of those seven sons of the king Prithviraja. Being laughing at them, by viewing their condition of the seven sons, they all proceed towards their respective army camp.


After that king Prithviraja went with ten lakh soldiers near king Parimala and praised him with folded hand , said :- ” The son of Pradyot, king ! The mighty Lakshmana had kidnaped my wife Agama and wanted her to become his own servant.” King heard that, and went near Lakshmana with all other his allied kings to make him understand. But Lakshmana understood nothing. Then on that very place , the Maha satee ( the women who die in her husband’s funeral pyre , goes to heaven along with him ) Velaa started to cry heavily .Krishnaamsa saw the heart touching cry of her , Krishnaamsa and Baalakhani gave her  assurance and confidence and went to meet Lakshmana . Had reached near Lakshmana, they scolded and rebuked him for his such deeds and after that they took Agama through sky, Krishnaamsa sent her to the palace and arrived to his camp. He then set free, the seven sons of Prithviraja. Those sons of Prithviraja being free themselves, left all their pride and made promises. Muney!  Likewise, King Parimala after the ten night’s stay, he proceed towards the state. During that time, king Prithviraja got filled with tears, and fell onto the feet of king Parimala, said -“King! The wife of your son Velaa, is now only twelve years, she is still adolescent girl, she cannot tolerate being away from her father and mother. So please do leave her here and go to your palace, when she will become eligible of being wife of her husband, I will present her in your army.” The king Prithviraja said those kind words towards the king Parimala and filled kindness and affection, he met Parimala with a heartfelt touch (perhaps – Soot jee told they both hugged each other with love and affection.). But , when both the kings came together , he saw king Parimala , standing as a figure of betrayal , he went there to  break both the bones of the kings being sad – (Churna vutey( to break those kings ) parimaley ( with king Parimala ) Alhaad sa tatra(there)   dukhitah  (being sad ) ) .


After that Alhaad caught hold of Prithviraja with king Parimala and broke their bones – (Mahirajam (Prithviraja) SA (with) pasparsha (caught hold of) raja (king – Parimala) churnatam (broke) gatah (went)). After both the bones of the kings had been broken, the worshipper of Agni deva – king Netrashimha medicated them and recovered those kings, by which those two kings got happy and proceed to their respective home. Queen Malana saw his son being married, she got very happy and gave Brahmans different sacrificial gifts and to satisfy Chandikaa Devi, she performed yagya, which she fulfilled by the laws of Veda. King Lakshmana during the leisure time of his journey, he explained everything about that incident – “To make Agama, the wife of king Jayachandra, I have kidnaped her by force, but, those two yogis (Baalakhani and Krishnaamsa) with the permission of lord Shiva, snatched her from me and sent her to the respective home. Otherwise I have made my mind to make her the wife of king Jayachandra.” After that being satisfied and with happiness, king Lakshmana asked the order from Malana and king Parimala for the departure and he said -” The greatest king!  May you live long! Now please give the order to depart, I want to go to my home.” Had king Lakshmana gone, after that all the kings with love and affection asked the order of depart from the king Parimala and went to their respective home. ”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named seventeenth chapter ended.






Chapter 18

Indula goes to Lanka seeking to wed Padminee.

Sootjee continued: – “Krishnaamsa reached twenty years of age, what he had done, I am describing before you all! Rishis!  One day Indula reached near a lake named Saagar, Indula started to recite Sapta-Shatee Stotra (prayers to Bhagwatee goddess or Devi Durga) and tried to meditate upon her. During that time, from the sky, a group of duck just landed near the lake. Hearing their words, his meditation got destroyed. After that, he got up from the place and started to listen the sounds of the ducks, who were saying – “The divine body acquired by that man was blessed! Among mountains – Himalaya is greatest among them, likewise among forest – Vrindavaan (Brindavan forest) is the greatest, among states – Mahavatee is the greatest, among lakes – Saagar is the greatest, among women – Padminee named woman is greatest and among man – Indula is the greatest.” After that those ducks welcomed Indula who was present there with them and said: – The greatest Indula! We are all ducks, resident of this lake (Manasarovara), being accepted goddess Lakshmi’s words, we went near Nalinee named sea. There we have seen a beautiful girl ornamented with precious stones and dress with her seven friends present there. We were all seen that girl who was beautiful and expert in singing and dancing. We were all pleased with her and to find similar man who can equals her, we had visited many countries and had seen every types of man that lived in the surface of the earth. But found none like you who can equal that girl named Padminee. You are the perfect man for her, so please do seat on my back. I will take you near her and will be very pleased if you listen my words.” Indula accepted the words of the king of ducks and sat on the back of the duck. Rishis! In the Sinhala (Shimhala modern day country Sri Lanka) dweep (island), there was a king named Aryashimha who ruled that island. His daughter’s name is Padminee, who looked beautiful, attractive and charming and filled with full of youthfulness. Seven girls who were experts of music, beautiful, charming and attractive were all friends of hers. On the coast of the Nalinee named sea, inside the house of Parvatee (the daughter of Himalaya and wife of lord Shiva), she was busy with her play of different modes of music from her mind, on that condition, and Indula reached there and saw her.  That beautiful girl seen that man who was situated that time on the back of the duck, and she got pleased by his handsomeness and beauty. She called him near her and stayed with him with love and affection. Meanwhile, Alhaad got proud of being devoted to goddess Chandikaa. Goddess Bhagwatee to destroy his proud, disappeared from him. After that, Alhaad had to experience many sadness and grief in his life.  Because during that time some men who visited the temple of Chandikaa, where Alhaad and others were also present, said: – “Being pleased with beautiful and charm of Indula, the Rakshashaas who were resident of Lanka, had kidnaped him and proceeded towards their respective home.” Alhaad listened the news and with his relatives started to cry loudly. Muney! During the cry, only the sounds of grief was coming out from their mouth.  During that time, Krishnaamsa said to his brother, who was in tremendous grief of losing his own son, said – “I, Talana and others together, will defeat those Rakshashaas and will deliver your son Indula to you. Please keep a strong patience.” After that Baalakhani, Krishnaamsa, Devshimha and Talana with their seven lakh soldiers proceed towards Lanka. Those kings who came in their way , if they surrender to them , gave kingship revenue and praise them was well and good , but those king who thought to be stronger than them was being defeated by Talana , who tied them with strong chain , and took those kings with them . Likewise, they reached the place Setu-bandh where the temple of Lord Shiva was situated. Thereafter, they all praised the god Rameshwaram which has been situated by the god-king Sri Rama, they traveled to Shimhala Island. On the six month journey, they did their staying place near the sea named Nalinee. Then, Baalakhani wrote a letter and sent it to the king – “The man of pure soul! Aryashimha! Please sent your boat, we were all willing to come to your state. If not then please, come with your soldiers, now in the country of Lanka. Otherwise with our soldiers we will win over and demolish your state.” That mighty king read the letter, and being protected by Indula, the son of lord Indra, he proceed towards the battlefield. Indula recited Stambhana (Overcoming) mantra (prayer) and bewitched his arrow, which stroke Talana and other soldiers, and they all fall into the illusion of the arrow. During the day time, Sukha Sharma who was chief of three lakh soldiers came in the battlefield and did tremendous war. And during the night, Indula came with one hundred princes, for the battle. The horse that Indula rode was of green in color and all the princes were disguised in yogi’s form. They destroyed the army of one thousand of the enemies and returned home, stayed there happily.  Likewise, the war between two warriors continued till six month and in which the army of Baalakhani which was in great amount was being destroyed slowly. “



In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named eighteenth chapter ended.




















Chapter 19

Indula weds Padminee, the daughter of king Aryashimha of Sinhala (Srilanka).

Sootjee continued: – ” Had seen his soldiers were being lessened, Baalakhani with great grief in his mind ordered the soldiers to stop the fight, after that Baalakhani called the intelligent Devshimha who was knower of the three aspects of time – past, present and future, and sat in discussion to find a point by which they will have the victory in the war. Devshimha listened the words of Baalakhani and the strong, powerful and great yogi – Devshimha said – ” One of the son of Lord Indra, who is very sharp and knowledgeable of applying weapons and had great knowledge of books (Vedas), on the early morning, he will apply his divine weapon which will capture and obstruct your whole army thereafter, during night, he himself will come and destroy all your enemies. Therefore it is my suggestion that with the help of Talana and Krishnaamsa, you defeat the handsome son of Indra, but if you don’t then you will be destroyed soon and will reach to the house of Yama – the lord of death.” Baalakhani heard the words of Devshimha, and took the help of his brothers and friends and tried the plan which was made. That time Krishnaamsa was in the beginning of the age of twenty one. The master of the war Krishnaamsa hidden his soldiers in the ship. He had kept the half of the soldiers in the ship and, with the half of the soldiers proceed to the northern side, the soldiers of him was the master of war and they were great horse rider. They had reached the entrance door of the state, and opened the door, slayed the guards and went inside to loot every wealth of the state. After that, they had reached the fort of the enemies, slaughtered them and went inside the court of the palace. There he saw the princess Padminee whose eyes was beautiful and like lotus   , she was with the seven friends who were expert in songs and music , Krishnaamsa captured all of them with the princess and made them to sat in the sedan and took the sedan in their army camp , where the great war had took place . That time Baalakhani with Devshimha and Talana started to destroy those soldiers of Indula and literally destroyed all of those and surrounded Satyavarmaa from all sides, made him to surrender before them. The war beloved warriors had put Satyavarmaa to death, the famous and victorious son of lord Indra became angry and rose his brother-in-law to get back in his life again; proceed towards his home. He had reached the palace and saw everybody shedding their tears. He then searched for his wife and her friends, and found none of them in the palace. Therefore he sent his messenger in the palace of Aryashimha, to know every reasons, why they were all not in the home? He got know that the enemies who have sharp knowledge of doing war, looted the palace and kidnapped her. That mighty got very sad and started to shed his tears heavily, and said: – “Hey my beloved wife, most attractive one of all! Quickly give a glance of your face, your husband is very much inquisitive to see your face.” Likewise said those words in grief, he took his bow and arrow and the illusive Bilbo weapon to put the enemies in charm. He rode on the mare, and being red in anger, reached the battlefield alone. During that time the strongest Baalakhani saw the beautiful girl and started to cry and said: – “Indula! The strongest of all! My friend and well-wisher! This youthful and most beautiful girl is only made for you, where are you hiding? Please come here and take her! “Likewise, meditating lord Shiva from mind, Baalakhani got senseless.


During that time, the mightiest Indra’s son Indula destroyed the army fighting under the chieftain of Udayashimha (Krishnaamsa). Thereafter, the famous Talana had seen the soldiers were being destroyed in the war, rode on the Shimhinee named roe, and road loudly said: – “The mightiest of all! Only destroying the soldiers and the army will not bring victory to you. The little boy figured as yogi!  First make surrender before you and after that slay my army.” That strongest Indula heard the words of Talana and strike arrow just middle of Talan’s heart. Talana cut the arrow with his Bilbo. After that, he stroke with his spear to the middle of Indula’s heart which made him fall to ground senseless. Had Indula got senseless, the divine mare went in the sky and by her divine saliva, Indula got back his senses. During that time, the son of Indra, put the Kaal named arrow (Kaalastra) in the divine bow which caused a great sound, by which Talana died. Being the chief of the army of Mahavatee died, Krishnaamsa reached there and started to roar loudly. During that time, Indula became angry, and applied Agni named arrow (Agnivaan). By which whole atmosphere looked like a fiery pit. As Krishnaamsa saw whole atmosphere was in fire, he applied the Vayabya named arrow or the Wind arrow (Vayabyaastra). By the yogic power, he just swallowed the flame of the fire and reached near Indula. Having seen the impertinence or boldness of Krishnaamsa, the son of Indra, to indulge him into, the illusion, he applied Gandharvaastra (Gandharva named weapon). But due to the yogic power of Krishnaamsa, again the weapon got destroyed. Then he applied the Varunaastra (Varuna named weapon) but Krishnaamsa swallowed it. Likewise, the strongest and mightiest Krishnaamsa being happy in mind and did the same act of swallowing the weapons of Indula, continuously, destroyed every try of Indula. During that time, Indula got down to earth with his divine mare and started the fighting with Bilbo weapon with Udayashimha (Krishnaamsa). During that time, Devshimha and other kings saw the amazing furious fight and they all got surprised by that. On the early morning, Baalakhani saw the beautiful and handsome child – Indula in the battlefield, who was that time in the figure of yogi, he had matted hair and wearing the skin of the deer, looking too much graceful in the battlefield. Indula took vow against his uncle who was the brother of Baalakhani and also his father Alhaad and said: – “Krishnaamsa! By this Khadga (Bilbo), I promise to behead you right here! If I don’t do then think that my mother Svarnavatee is polluted.”  Likewise, he did strong promise, and became sinful, took his Bilbo and reached there.” Baalakhani saw him and with love and affection, he left his weapon right there and reached near him, said:-” Indula! The greatest part! You are the fame provider of your mother and father, you are equal to the life of your father Alhaad and the part of your mother Svarnavatee. Therefore mighty! First you kill me, then you kill your uncle Krishnaamsa, Devshimha and thereafter you slay down your neighbors, relatives and family members. Then you live happily in the house of Sukhavarmaa happily.”


Having heard those words from him, that boy know they were their family members, he threw off his Bilbo weapon and put his head on the feet of the legs of Baalakhani and he repented for the sin that he had done. He cried loudly saying – “My favorite uncle! In the Vedas it had been said that – the girls always put boys in their charm. Though he may be a god, human beings, snake or a monster. Therefore, this is polluted Arya! In the net of their charm, man are always very much aggressive and possessive.  Today, I also felt the same now- Therefore I am the son of Indra, Jayanta and my father Alhaad who is pure from the time of birth, on that family I have taken birth. But got into the charm of that Padminee, into her illusion, I never gave a look on that matter. Therefore, I am a sinful man and have no knowledge, therefore please forgive my sins. I have made Talana and whole army alive again. “Having heard the words of that boy, Krishnaamsa put him on his lap. Thereafter, they with the resident of the place did great ceremony. Aryashimha also heard of the news gave different types of precious gifts and did marriage of Padminee with Indula by laws of Veda, and he gave many precious stones and pearls decorated elephants and gave expensive cloths to his son-in-law. After that, they shared the words filled with love and came back to their respective home. After that in the feel of happiness, they left the palace of Aryashimha and proceed to their respective country. On the one month journey, had the fiery path ended, they reached near Kirteesagara (Kirti named sea), all had arranged a big and beautiful ceremony. Alhaad saw his son with his wife and got pleased; and he welcomed Brahmins in their house in front of them. He gave different types of sacrificial gifts to them and pleased them. Then living beings of Dashahara state, with their relatives and family members gathered together and sang the song of his fame, which extended from every living beings and went far. Prithviraja also heard about it and became surprised.


Due to the scarce of Durvasha rishi, Padminee wife gave up the post of apsara (heavenly dancer) and took the figure of human, taken birth on the earth. Till the twelve years, she lived gracefully on the surface of the earth. After that, she caught into the disease of leprosy. And again she attained the form of apsara and went to heaven. She only stayed nine months in the palace of Alhaad.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named nineteenth chapter ended.






Chapter 20

Sukhakhaani (Sulkhaan) weds Madanamanjari, the daughter of king Lahara.


Soot jee said: – “Muney!  In the state of Panchal (Punjab), Balavardhan named king used to rule there. The queen of that king’s name was Jaldevi. He was the well-knower of Veda and born on the family of Bisena, that king worshipped the god of water Varuna, by which he had two sons who were staunch follower of Kshatriya dharma. The name of the elder son was Lahara and the younger one’s name was Mayurdhwaja. Had on the age of twelve , the prince Mayurdhwaja got the order of his elder brother Lahara , started worshipping the lord of war and chief of all devtaa’s army – Skanda (Kartikaa – the elder son of lord Shiva) . He himself acquired silence in himself and did the recitation (japa) and meditation (dhyan) with the laws of Vedas. After that, the son of Rudra and the chieftain of Devtaa’s army – Skanda became very much pleased with Mayurdhwaja and gave view to him of his divine amazing figure. Mayurdhwaja saw the god who is his ishtdevtaa, started to please him with polite words.


Mayurdhwaja said:-


“Jayati Te vapudivyam vigrahaam sarvadaa devtaaganaan |

Pibati mantriyam dugdham uttamaam badhatee sarvada dayitya daanavaan ||”


“I praise thee your divine body which is victorious, who in the figure of devgana (the chieftain of devtaas), run them and drink only your mother’s milk and destroy all dayitya and danavas.”


“Namaste devasenesha Mahishaasuramardana | Shadanan Mahabaho tarakpraan nashakah ||

Prasanna bhava sarvaatmaan guhaa dharavyaya | Kinkaram pahi mam nityam sharanagata vatsala ||”


“You are lord and chieftain of Devtaas, slayer of Mahishaasura (Mahishaasura named demon), you who has six mouth and mightiest of all. You who took away the life Tarakaasura (Tarakaasura named demon), I praise you. You who is omnipresence and who is all powerful, please be pleased with me. I am the slave and taken shelter under your grace, please save me.”


Hearing such words from by the lord Kartikaa (Skanda), he said: – “The great of all king! What do you want? Please ask! You can get everything from me.”  Dev Skanda being said those words, Mayurdhwaja heard it and said: – “Lord! Please produce tremendous amount of strength in me, and protect and help me always.”  Skanda lord accepted it and disappeared from there, and that king being pleased set up a state named “Mayurnagara”-(Mayura named state) and in that different types of humans of different caste and it was extended up to two yojan (Vedic parameter to measure length). The state and he was well protected by the lord Skanda.


His brother Lahara also did continuous worship of Lord Varuna up to twenty years and tried to please him by every mean near the coast of the river (Sindhu). During that time Varuna deva being pleased with him, with love and affection, said to the king: – “King! Please ask boon from me! Hearing such words of salvation, king Lahara started to please him with his polite words to the lord Varuna who was the lord of water and who hold the Paash (Kaamsa – metal gong) named weapon.


Lahara said:-


“Yashya chittam mahajgeyam tapo bala samanvitam | Atah prachetaste naam namustuvyam prachetase ||

Runaddhi payasaam vegam Na kenapyavarodhitah | Atastvam varuno namaste varunaye vayi ||

Dayityaanaam bandhanaarthaya devaanaam jayahetave | Divyah paasha SA tava ya anitah paashine Te namonamah ||”


“Being yourself indulge into continuous meditation, therefore, your mind got greatness. Therefore you got the name of Prachetaa. Therefore I praise the lord Prachetaa. The flow of water, which cannot be stopped, you can stop it easily, therefore you got the name of Varuna, and I praise the Lord Varuna. To capture Dayitya d to bestow victory over Devtaas, you acquired the divine weapon named “Paash “. Therefore I praise the lord who occupy the Paash named weapon.”


Likewise, he worshipped, the lord Varuna and that brilliant king created Lahara named state which was three yojan long and where four varnas (Kshatriya, Vaishya, Brahmin and Shoodra) lived in there. That state was protected by lord Varuna himself. Thereafter by the grace of lord Varuna, he got a beautiful wife whose name was Ravee, that means who was filled with greatest youthfulness and most beautiful which equals the greatest among of all apsaras (heavenly dancer). Though the king , that queen produced sixteen sons from her womb , who were all powerful and strongest , equals to those part avatars that has taken birth on earth which were the  son of Dhritaraashtra , and part of Kauravas  and the king Gajasena .


After that, from her womb, a beautiful girl took birth named Madanamanjari. As she got twelve years of age, that king Lahara wanted to marry her with Devshimha, who took birth in lunar dynasty (Chandravaamsin) and sent his eldest son near him. The son Ranadheer with one-lakh coins and one thousand soldiers proceed towards Mahavatee state. Had reached there, Ranadheer praised king Parimala and his sons and said all the reasons of his arrival there: – “I came for my sister’s marriage and I’m here to serve you.” Hearing that, the king Parimala called that keen-witted Devshimha and said: – “I have a great wish, please do accept the marriage.” He had heard it, and that shrewd mighty Devshimha said to the king Parimala: – “I have made Brahmaacharya vrata (Fast named Brahmaacharya) and therefore I am unable to do the marriage.” There came many Brahmins to make him understand but the mighty who was in that great fast did not think of giving up the process as according to him it was unrighteous. Therefore, he kept his mind strong on the fast. Therefore king Parimala said to Ranadheer: – “I want to do this marriage alliance with the Sukhakhaani named boy, please to set the marriage with him.” The prince Ranadheer accepted it happily and went to his own home. Being reached there, he said about Devshimha’s greatest fast and admired the handsomeness of Sukhakhaani.” In the middle, Mahipati said: – “King! That marriage is not fit for the pure caste that you belong! Because the husband Sukhakhaani was Shoodra caste from birth and therefore he was varnasamkara (low caste). Therefore to get victory over him, you must reach there with all your army. King! Thereafter, you must tie him with strong iron chain and must put him in the jail. By which, your act will get famous and your famous act will reach from earth to heaven after your death. As they defeated, king Jambuka, king Netrashimha, king Gajasena and mightiest Prithviraja, also Aryashimha and all other strong kings and stood victorious over them.” The king who is the greatest among all, listened the words of Mahipati, Lahara enthused the four lakh quadripartite army which was being chieftain by his sixteen sons – every day for the battle. On the month of Maagh, on the day of Shukla dashaami, the mighty Baalakhani with his four lakh soldiers with all his family members and relatives went to the Lahari named state. With him, Krishnaamsa who was of twelve years (Dwadas – twelve; Abde – age) of age, was also residing that place. By the order of the king, his soldiers declared war over them. The dharmic Baalakhani (Maalkhan) saw those soldiers came for war and he also gave order to his soldiers to do war with them. After that an amazing battle started between them. On the fifth day, that mighty Baalakhani took Krishnaamsa with him and slayed those enemies in the battlefield. In that battlefield, many soldiers put to death by them and those who were left ran out of fear. Having seen his soldiers been destroyed and saw the enemies in front, that sixteen sons of the king, who were very much expert in archery, came to the battlefield and started to strike them with arrows.  Krishnaamsa saw those princes who were engaged with bows and arrows in the battleground, he took his own shield and Bilbo, alone reached the warzone, destroyed the bows which were in the hand of those sons and tie them up.


After that, Krishnaamsa who was expert in the war, brought those sons and surrendered them to Alhaad. The king Lahara heard the news, he put the army of Baalakhani in the great flow of water. The great Jayanta (Indula) the son of Indra, saw the army in the flow of water, he applied the Vayabya Astra (Vayabya – wind; Astra – weapon) and swallowed the whole water. And by the flow of wind, he put the army of Lahara, long distant, away from the battlefield.  During that time, the god of the water, lord Varuna, himself took the responsibility and fulfilled the marriage of Sukhakhaani and Madanamanjari.  King Lahara got to know about the news and became very much pleased and became strongest follower and worshipper of lord Varuna for his rest of his life. Thereafter, he kept many precious gifts on those mighty warriors and revolve around them. After that being very much happy, kept them in his palace for a month. The mighty Baalakhani accepted the worship of the king and took the wife of his brother in the sedan; went to his home. Rishis! Like this I have described the marriage of Sukhakhaani and Madanamanjari, by which you all listened about and feel happiness in your mind.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twentieth chapter ended.










Chapter 21

Krishnaamsa weds Pushpaavati (Phulwa); battle with famous Makaranda and king Mayurdhwaja.


Rishis said: – ” Biprendra (Bipra means Rishi and Indra, the chief lord of the Devtaas, hence here it indicates that the lord of all Rishis)! Being reached their home, what they did please tell in front of us! You are all knowledgeable before us.”


Sootjee said: – “After they had reached home, they all decorated the court of the king Parimala from the four sides, and described the war that had taken place on the battlefield to the king. The king Parimala heard that horses were destroyed a lot in the war and therefore he said to Krishnaamsa with politeness: – “Please go to the state of Sindhu and sell five lakh horses there and come back.” Krishnaamsa heard it and took Devshimha with him, with one thousand weighted gold on the back of camels and ten thousand warriors, and he proceed towards Sindhu. There he found Mayura named state (built by Mayurdhwaja) which was filled with human beings of all four varnas.  On the early morning I saw that a daughter of a gardener named Pushpaa was going for collecting flowers. The part of the god, Krishnaamsa after he had finished his worship, being happy reached to that garden. That time king of the season – spring put its shed over that place strongly that the petals of the flowers expanded creating an amazing scenery and the bees were flying with happiness for collecting honey. Krishnaamsa saw the beautiful charming garden and got very much pleased. During that time, that Pushpaa named girl reached that place for collecting flowers. (She came there with the daughter of Mayurdhwaja that is Pushpaavati in that garden, in which there was an interaction between Pushpaavati and Krishnaamsa.).  She (Pushpaavati) saw that handsome man Krishnaamsa, who’s every part of the body was beautiful and being on the age of sixteen, have pleasant face, peaceful and glowing like Indraneel stone. Krishnaamsa also saw the girl and got amazed by seeing her prettiness. He asked Pushpaa, the daughter of gardener – “The girl who is with you now looks like a god!  Who’s beloved is she, who came here from the heaven? Or! Is she herself is a snake (snake that can transform into any being)?  Hearing those words from Krishnaamsa, Pushpaa replied: – “King! Those flower will be grinded to form oil which will be given on her body, and her name is Pushpaavati (Phulwa). And that girl Pushpaavati, with his knowledge and her beautifulness got famous in the figure of Radha (the girlfriend and divine wife of Krishna). Devtaas were also in want of getting her. By the fear of Makaranda, devtaas cannot show strength, King! I am describing you that reason please listen carefully!  King Mayurdhwaja worshipped Skanda and got boon that – Other than Krishnaamsa, you are invincible to everybody. Therefore his friend is king Prithviraja who is king of everybody and pure devotee of Lord Shiva. One day the king, to please lord Vishnu did Dharmamedhaa named yagya. During that time being pleased with him, lord of yoga (Vishnu) by the help of fire (Agni), gave a twin son in which one was a boy named Makaranda and other was a girl named Pushpaavati. On the age of five, the strong Makaranda, who was great follower of Vedic dharma, by his own tapa (meditation) started to please the Lord Dharma. Again on the twelve years of age , lord Dharma got pleased and gave him a great divine horse who is dreadful , can run faster and destroyer of enemies . For accepting that horse, he got famous, happy and worshipped by all. The owner of this beautiful garden is Makaranda, who is divine and worshipped by Devtaas.” After that she also said: – “Pushpaavati’s charm and beautifulness is only eligible for you.”


Krishnaamsa listened everything from her and being in great charm, wanted have sex with her. After that he gave much wealth and went to her palace .The knower of time Devshimha, saw Krishnaamsa in charm of that girl Pushpaavati, he gave order on the law of Shankhhya and provide him knowledge. After that with Devshimha, Krishnaamsa reached the state of Sindhu and sold the horses till the end of the month and thereafter he reached the state Mahavatee. He gave all the wealth that he had got on selling those horses and with the order, he gave it the king Parimala. One day he thought of Pushpaa’s words of describing the beautiful figure of Pushpaavati and got into illusion of her , Krishnaamsa thereafter started worshipping the goddess Jagadambika :-



“Devamaye Mahaamaye Nityashuddha swarupini | Paahi mam Kaamdevarte Pushpavatyi Probodhaye ||

Madhukayitabhasmmohe Mahishaasurghaatini | Paahi mam Kaamdevarte Pushpavatyi Probodhaye ||

Dhumralochana SA Na dahe Chanda-Munda vinashini | Paahi mam Kaamdevarte Pushpavatyi Probodhaye ||

Raktabijaasrikkapeete Sarvadayityabhayamkare | Paahi mam Kaamdevarte Pushpavatyi Probodhaye ||

Nishumbhadayityasamhaare Shumbhadayitya vinashini | Paahi mam Kaamdevarte Pushpavatyi Probodhaye ||”


“Hey mother of all Devtaas and who is pure goddess, by the lord Kaamdeva, I am very attracted towards Pushpaavati, please honestly endeavor her towards me. You who slayed Madhu – Kaitabha named demons, I am being acquired by Kaamdeva, and therefore do console Pushpaavati for me. Who had burnt Dhumralochana into ashes, slayer of Chandaa- Munda, I am being acquired by Kaamdevata, and therefore do console Pushpaavati for me. The one who, drank the blood from Raktabeeja and put the Dayityaas (Daityas) into terror, I am being acquired by Kaamdevata, and therefore do console Pushpaavati for me. The one who slayed Shumbha – Nishumbha Daityas, I am being acquired by Kaamdevata, and therefore do console Pushpaavati for me. ”


By worshipping goddess Shakti, he closed his and indulged into deep sleep. And during that time, Shaaradaa Devi gave her presence in his dream. Likewise, that boon bestowal goddess gave her view every day in his dream and spent four months of rainy seasons.  Muney! During that time Krishnaamsa acquired twenty third years of age. On the beginning of Kartikaa month, Krishnaamsa with Devshimha, went to Mayura named state which was protected by Makaranda. After reaching there they all stayed in the house of the daughter Pushpaa, the daughter of that gardener. One day Krishnaamsa built a garland with flowers and


Precious stones and made it very attractive to anybody’s heart. Pushpaa took it and gave it to Pushpaavati, by reaching her palace. Had seen that attractive garland, which had been architected beautifully and very much favorite, the girl who was as beautiful as Rati (wife of Kaamdeva) wore that garland which touched her heart. After that she said: – “Friend! The great mother. Please tell the truth in front of me, where do you have the garland that is very attractive to my heart? “Hearing such words, by the fear of great Makaranda, Pushpaa took flowers in the folded hands said to Pushpaavati: – “If you give me my life back, then I can say you everything.” That Pushpaavati removed fear from her heart and then she began to say: – “The well doer of all listen! Listen! I have a sister named Krishna, who is very beautiful and she could charm anybody and attract towards her. Her house is in Mahavatee capital. Now, she had arrived to my home. She had only given this attractive garland and she built it by her own hands. “Hearing it Pushpaavati said to the daughter of gardener – “I want to see her. Please do bring her to me quickly! You know that, by the fear of Makaranda, even Devtaas and any human beings is afraid to visit and come near me. I am telling the truth in front of you.” By hearing such strong words, Pushpaa in fright couldn’t say anything to her. Therefore, Pushpaavati asked her again and again about her. Pushpaavati saw her and said: – “Are building any fear in your mind of any words.” Pushpaa replied :- “She is my sister and she is so beautiful that if she come here , any man could be charmed by her beauty and can show strength and consume her , if it happen so , then during that time , I will put myself to death . I have told you because you always follow the rules of your caste.”


Pushpaavati had heard it from her and said: – “You know well that my father Mayurdhwaja is staunch follower of the laws of kingship.  The one who will do such mischief, have to proceed towards the home of lord Yama (the lord of death). Therefore please bring her in the sedan and have her view to me, after that you may proceed to your home.” Had accepted it, that Shoodra caste woman, came back to her home and told everything to Krishnaamsa. Muney! He had heard the beautiful words of her, and he himself make a hole in his nose and wore the garments and ornaments of a woman. He had figured like a beautiful woman and proceed to meet princess Pushpaavati in her palace with her. Pushpaavati saw the beautiful woman and said: – “Friend! Please listen my words! That beautiful girl you brought here is looking just alike to a man, who come into my dreams and stay with me.” Hearing those words from Pushpaavati, Krishnaamsa replied: – “That is the great son of king Deshraaj, whose is famous in the name of Udayashimha, and I am his beloved friend. To worship him, I always built a garland for him and he accepted the garland from me, after that he surrender all that to Devi. One day, he was walking in the garden very slowly between the flowers and his face was unpleasant. When I reached there saw, his unpleasant face, and asked him: – “Why are you so thoughtful today? Please tell me about it quickly!” Hearing that, Krishnaamsa said to me:- “Friend! I always see a beautiful girl in my dream every day, and being away from her, I am feeling very much unpleasant in my heart! “Pushpaavati heard that, said to the beautiful lady: – “Hey well-wisher of me! During the time when my marriage will take place with him, I will present you many gifts and make you satisfy. Therefore please go near him and tell him about me. “After that with happiness in mind, Pushpaa put Krishnaamsa in the sedan and proceed to her home. Rishis! When the sedan came near the doors of the fort , the victorious Makaranda whose age is only twelve years , came near the sedan and saw Krishna ‘s beautiful face , which was like dark blue of neel (blue) Kamal (flower ) and expanded beautiful eyes which could stole anybody’s mind . Makaranda who took birth from the part of the mountain named “Govardhana” (Present in Mathura), got pleased to see her. And with love, he said to her: – “Dear! Please accept my words and go with me in my palace, accept me as your husband.” Krishnaamsa heard the prince words and with a smile, he said: – “Mighty! You are kulin in terms of caste and produced from the fire, decorated with sword, spear and shield and other weapons. You can marry daughter of the kings of either lunar dynasty or solar dynasty, according to your decorations. I took birth in caste of Shoodra which is a low caste therefore, how can I be your match? I have taken birth in Shoodra caste and I am following Brahmaacharya named fast (vrata). “Hearing that prince Makaranda, showing his strength and clutched him to his heart. During that moment Krishnaamsa created a pain in Makaranda’s heart (perhaps Krishnaamsa beat Makaranda in his chest with his fist) and went out from there.  Thereafter, with Devshimha, he arrived to home.  Then, Makaranda got back into his senses and started burning in fire of having her. And on that time, he went in the house of Pushpaa and said everything to her. Pushpaa saw the prince dying of love of Krishna said to him: – “The best of all king! Please listen my words! In the state of Mahavatee, there is the house of Krishna. Being afraid of you, she went to the palace of Krishnaamsa. She was crying loudly, and condemned you for such act. The mighty who had defeated your uncle Lahara and made marriage between his daughter and his brother, that great Krishnaamsa will surely come here, therefore please make your soldiers armed and ready.”


Had heard those strong words , prince Makaranda set the cannons (in Sanskrit :- Sataghni) near the doors of the fort , that Bilbo warrior Makaranda set up his three lakh soldiers on that place for the country’s protection . Krishnaamsa reached the palace and described everything to Baalakhani. That strong Baalakhani heard everything from Krishnaamsa, took his brother and friends with five lakh warriors and went for the Mayura named state. On that army, there are five thousand cannons, ten thousand elephant cavalry, one lakh horsemen and the last were all pedestrian soldiers. With them, Krishnaamsa did fifteen day’s journey and reached the boundary of Panchal (Punjab) where that Mayura named state was situated. Famous Makaranda had heard the arrival of Krishnaamsa, he himself, reached there with sword and spear. On reaching the battleground, he ordered the soldiers – “Destroy the soldiers of the enemies.” The army that belonged to Makaranda heard it and started to put fire in the cannons, by which soldiers of Baalakhani was being destroyed by those seven thousand cavalry. On the northern door of the fort, where Baalakhani’s horse cavalry, who were expert in war of Bhushundee named energy and Bilbo, started to do tremendous battle with the one lakh horse cavalry? There, the amazing battle started between both the horse cavalry which was forming a great shape.  On the western door, twenty thousand soldiers of Baalakhani was fighting with ten thousand soldiers of Makaranda. Likewise, forty thousand camel cavalry was fighting tremendous battle with Baalakhani and other mighty warriors on the southern door of the fort. That thrilling battle was going on with a great speed from day till night. After that the soldiers of Baalakhani got defeated and started to run from the battlefield. During that very moment, Krishnaamsa sat on Bindulaa, Baalakhani sat on Kapota, Devshimha sat on Manoratha and Alhaad sat on the elephant went to the eastern door of the fort and started to destroy the soldiers of Makaranda by their sharp edged Bilbo. The soldiers of great Makaranda cannot bear their strike and hence they all flee from the battlefield and came near him. The son of Lord Agni, Makaranda saw his soldiers were in flight from the battlefield, rode on horse which was built up of stone, and took out his sword and spear, proceed for the battle. As soon as he had reached the battleground, Krishnaamsa and other mightiest warriors surrounded him from all sides and after that the strongest Baalakhani by his Bilbo weapon stroke on his throat, in similar way, Devshimha stroke him by his spear, Alhaad with arrow stroke on his chest, and Krishnaamsa stroke him with his Bilbo weapon. But due to Makaranda sat on the horse that was built up of stone, all the strikes made by them went in vain. Thereafter, Makaranda saw their strikes went in vain, that mighty roar loudly on the battlefield. And by his spear, put everybody of them to senseless. Due to the speed of the stone built horse, those horses, they sat were also got senseless. The mightiest Makaranda tied those strong warriors on that position and present them before his father. Roopana had seen those mighty brothers got defeated in the war, and therefore, he went out from there quickly and reached Mahavatee, thereafter he described everything what had happened in the battlefield. Brahmaananda took Indula with one lakh warrior in the Mayura named state. After that he wrote a hateful letter and sent it to the king Mayurdhwaja.


He wrote in the letter: – “King! I am the husband of the daughter of Prithviraja. My name is Brahmaananda. You please surrender your daughter named Pushpaavati to Krishnaamsa otherwise with my great strikes your all soldiers will get destroyed. “The greatest king Mayurdhwaja heard the letter and took Makaranda with him to the battlefield and started tremendous battle from day till night with enemies. The strongest Brahmaananda was doing the war with his arrows. During that time, Makaranda strike him with his spear, by which he got senseless and fell down to the ground. The son of Svarnavatee and Indra – great Jayanta (Indula) arrived there quickly and show his beautiful divine knowledge in front of him. Through his Vaishnava named weapon (Vaishnavaastra) put the stone built horse to ashes and by the Shanee (Saturn) named spear he made Makaranda’s hand to fell on to the ground. The greatest rishi among all! He tied that mighty Makaranda with his naagpash (snake filled rope) and fulfilled the marriage between his daughter Pushpaavati and Krishnaamsa. During that time Indula by his grace of power, he made alive those army under them by his divine knowledge .Thereafter Makaranda did a festival in every house of the state named Mayura for the well of his country. During that time, king Mayurdhwaja gave many precious gifts to his daughter. After few days, with love and affection, by the order of the king, those mighty warriors went to their residential state Mahavatee.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty first chapter ended.



















Chapter 22

Sports and previous lives of Krishnaamsa and Pushpaavati; Krishnaamsa brings Candravali (Candra Bel) to Mahavatee from Thatha (Balithatha).


Sootjee continued: – “The mighty Krishnaamsa reached the state of Mahavatee, King Parimala did festival for wellness of everyone. Krishnaamsa every day with Pushpaavati’s friends, started to do dance and music and used to entertain his wife Pushpaavati. Likewise , Indra in the month of Hemanta ( Starting month of rainy season )  and the  droplets of frost fall from the sky , he used to get entertained with the Apsaras ( heavenly dancers ) likewise , Krishnaamsa started to get entertained with his wife . By his sharp intellect, he touched every part of his wife never had a sex with her. One day while performing a dance in front of Krishnaamsa, Pushpaavati asked to Krishnaamsa directly: – “Who are you in your earlier birth?” Krishnaamsa listened what she asked and he replied: – “Beloved! I was Chandradaas named king. From the beginning of my birth, by the daiva-yoga, I was sad from my mind. And used to worship the lord Shaalgraam’s idol every day. On my deathbed, I was greatly attached with Shaalgraam idol, therefore Lord Brahma got pleased with me and I got free from age and rebirth. After that, on the Kaliyuga, Kali worshipped, the lord of time and the god of all – Lord Vishnu. Therefore by the order of Lord Vishnu, I got detached from his body and made my birth again on this earth. My love! On which dharma will be about to get destroyed, to restore the dharma again, I used to take birth on this earth again. On Satyr yoga, to please devtaas, we have to worship Maansee (mind), during Treta yuga we have to do yagya (oblation of fire) and present sacrificial gifts by this we worship the lord of fire Agni, on the Dwapara yuga to please Devtaas, we have to do idol worship and in kali yuga, we have to do worship of Lord Brahma and satisfy Brahmins through gifts and food. My Beloved! On Satya yuga , I took birth as a duck ; on Treta yuga , I was the lord of yagya and in Dwapara yuga , I am Hiranyagarva and therefore in Kaliyuga to please devtaas , I am the wellness bestowal Shaalgraam stone . By worshipping Shaalgraam stone, the great rishis, devtaas and the pitrvis (pure souls) get pleased. The dvijaatis (the pure souls who take rebirth) of three varnas (Kshatriya, Brahmins and Vaishya) have to worship Shaalgraam with sandal wood’s paste and with great devout and love. Shoodras must do bath and worship Shaalgraam stone and Mlecchas with love, devout and respect; must do view of Shaalgraam and only by which they can acquire purity in their heart. Because, that Shaalgraam is very pure minded person and he himself is holding the whole universe (Brahma). By having only a small visit of the Shaalgraam, the sins get destroyed. Devi! Likewise I have described this explanation before you the laws and mannerism of Yuga. Now you say the truth in front of me – In earlier birth who are you? “


Pushpaavati said: – “In my earlier birth, I was Chandrakaanti named courtesan (veshya). I used to perform before Devtaas, the song, music and dance, and by that purity, I attained the heaven. By seeing the youthfulness and my beautifulness, they got pleased and those Devtaas praised me, but on living in that heaven, I protected the subject of Brahmaacharya (the subject of Brahmin ideology). Due that pure act, I took birth as the daughter of Baanaa-asura and her name was Usha, and that time the figure of Universe – Aniruddha married me. After that Kali for the selfish mean, had praised my husband, therefore he took the figure of Acharya and went to the house of Markendya rishi and showed his power and fruit to the rishi for which he is famous in whole Universe.  In fame of husband in that figure of wood is still now famous here in this earth. My husband! By the order of him, I again took birth as the daughter of king Jambuka. That time I was in my divine figure and my name was Vijayshinee. There your brother Baalakhani slayed me. Now you know that, I am the sister of Makaranda and became your wife and by the sin, your brother Baalakhani went to the palace of the king of Gajasena and got tremendous punishment. ”


After that, Pushpaavati who sat beside her husband, like the bird named Maina (mynah bird), she got silence. During the month when festival of Holi is celebrated, one day the queen Malana with love and affection, she got sad and saw her daughter Chandraavali (Candra Bel) in her dream. Feeling tremendous sadness in the heart, queen spent that whole night through shedding tears for the want of getting back her daughter. That time, Krishnaamsa got to know the reason of her grief and with ten thousand soldiers and with tremendous amount of wealth, he proceed to the house of Chandraavali being alone. The greatest enemy of Krishnaamsa Mahipati got to know the reason of the departure of Krishnaamsa and he also proceed towards that place .Because Mahipati (Mahila) was the part of Dhuryodhana, he was full of selfishness. There was a state named “Thatha” (Balithatha) which was protected by the dynasty of yadu (Yadavas) and was ruled by a ruler named Veersena with his three lakh soldiers. He had eight sons who were handsome and full of youth, namely – Kaamsena, Prasena, Mahasena, Sukhasena, Roopsena, Vishvakasena, Madhuvrata and Madhupa. Those were the part of Yadavas who were just expanding the fame of Yadavas. There in the court of Veersena, Krishnaamsa – the king of manhood reached there and praised the king with folded hand. After that he gave ten times weighted gold and the letter of queen Malana.  After that with those Yadavas, Krishnaamsa consumed great and amazing types of food and thereafter he reached the room of Chandraavali and delivered every messages and news. Filled with love, Chandraavali expressed the grief from her mind saying: – “Mighty! During the time, I got married, my age was only two. Today it is completing twenty years of age. My father and mother never remembered me. They have forgotten me. Mighty! You only got that ability, that you have remembered me. My life and birth brought to success today, what do I say to you? Had visiting my brother, everything of me have been brought to success.” During that time with politeness, said to his sister – “The mighty Jambuka with everybody looted our palace, and being on that grief, the king was spending every day. Thereafter, we with very hard work, got victory over king Jambuka. There Prithviraja also surrounded our country by his army, and after that we defeated them and did marriage between our brothers Brahmaananda with his daughter Velaa. And again, after that, we had to face difficulties in Shimhala Island by son Indula. Likewise, your father had to face many difficulties and problems by which he was sad. Therefore, we didn’t get any free time to visit here, But, Sister! Now we are very pleased with you and therefore we want to serve you. We are servant of you.”


Likewise, had listened those polite words of Krishnaamsa, with love in heart, Chandraavali got extremely pleased with him and made him to stay in his own room of the palace. During that time, that wicked man, Mahipati went to the court of Veersena and accepted the hostage of the king. He stopped the king in middle during a discussion and said to him: – “King had banished those sinners Alhaad and others from their place, because those low castes stole wealth from king’s treasury.  During that time, those were staying in the Shireeshaa named state.  Krishnaamsa got time and went to your palace, now staying here, to, caught up Chandraavali in sedan and will take her away from here forcibly. King! I am telling all the truth before you and it my words will not go in vain.”


Hearing that Veersena found truth on his words, he called his son Kaamsena who was the husband of Chandraavali. And said: – “Son! Go and tie up Krishnaamsa.” Had heard those words from his father, he filled poison in the food and gave it to Krishnaamsa. Chandraavali heard the news, and quickly reached near her brother, took the plate and went from there. Being red in anger, Kaamsena with belt of reeds flog his wife Chandraavali extremely. Krishnaamsa saw that, and tied his legs and hands. The mighty king Veersena got to know his son tied, he ordered his other sons to tie up Krishnaamsa. During that time, Krishnaamsa took sedan of Chandraavali out from there and went inside the camp of the enemy, started a tremendous battle with them. One side ten thousand army and other side three lakh soldiers, participated in that war. Krishnaamsa slayed one lakh warriors of the enemy. The others who left in the battlefield, who were Yadavas, ran out with fear. The seven sons of king saw his army got defeated, they all surrounded Krishnaamsa from four sides as they rode on elephants. Krishnaamsa who sat on Bindulaa destroyed the throne situated on the elephant, on which they sat upon and cut the weapons of them and tied them up strongly. He heard it, and the great devotee of Sun – Veersena with weapon that he got from his lord, made the soldiers of the enemy into ashes. And again with the same weapon, he applied over Krishnaamsa by which he with his horse lost senses. During that time, Veersena freed his sons and his son’s wife and by beating different musical instruments, he celebrated that moment for the victory. The left over warriors of Krishnaamsa, ran out of the battle field, here and there.


On that, few warriors reached near king Parimala and explained from first till last of the war and said: – “Mahipati (Mahila) who is very wicked in nature and everything had happened because of him.” King Parimala who gained the knowledge of Mahipati’s wickedness, ordered Brahmaananda – “Go quickly one lakh soldiers and tie the husband of your sister, and set free your brother.” Hearing that, with one lakh soldiers, he reached there, and with red in anger he surrounded the whole state with his great army. Thereafter, the soldiers of Veersena arrived in the battlefield and he captured and tied all of them .Veersena saw those soldiers got tied by Brahmaananda, he tried to apply the divine weapon over him, but before he could do such thing, he silenced it by Brahmaashtra. Thereafter he appeared his red anger face. The king Veersena saw it and with fear took shelter under him. Being fearless, Brahmaananda said to the king: – “King! By hearing the words of a wicked man, you have tied my brother and it is said in Vedas that women cannot be stopped, while your son Kaamsena had violated such law. Therefore, please do surrender you daughter and with your son Kaamsena.” Hearing that king replied politely: – “My daughter is not present in my palace but Kaamsena in present.” Therefore king surrendered Kaamsena and Chandraavali and with gladness, he made him to proceed further. The strongest Brahmaananda with Krishnaamsa, taking eighty thousand warriors proceed toward Mahavatee state. After they had reached the palace, Malana filled with love, by seeing her son back. He did bath in the tears of his mother. After Malana gave wealth to Brahmins.


Rishis! Likewise, I had presented before you the story of Krishnaamsa and now I am about to present you the story which has ability destroy every sins.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty second chapter ended.






Chapter 23

Kidnapping of Indula by Chitrarekha, Banishment of Krishnaamsa and war with Balheek state.


Sootjee continued :- ” The strongest Krishnaamsa when got twenty four years of age , king in month of Ashwin , day of Shukla dashaami ( Vijaya Dashami ) did an exemplary celebration . On that celebration, he gave foods to Brahmins and gave honorarium to them. After that king Parimala, gave wealth to the servants, who were nicely serving and protecting the state .On the month of Kartikaa, the mighty Krishnaamsa took Indula and Devshimha and with ten thousand gold and ten thousand warriors, proceed for the state of Barhismatee state where, many kings were already staying.  During that time, there came Chitrarekha name girl in between with seven friends, who was great worshipper of Chitragupta named lord (the lord keep details of auto biography of every human beings). She made a beautiful craft by her illusion in between the river Ganges.  She kept it in between, to produce excitement which is well decorated with wealth. Due to see the craft, kings from many countries visited that place and were staying there. In that amount of water the daughter of king of the state named Balheek , beautiful Chitrarekha saw the handsome Indula , whose face is glorious like Chaandramaa (Moon) and very soft , which bestows happiness to everybody and also who was the luckiest person stayed with her in her dream . The daughter of Abhinandana (the king of Baalheek) got knowledge, that he was the son of Alhaad and transformed him into a parrot by her illusion, caught him in the cage. On that Svayamvara, having kidnapped him, she got the happiness of the universe. Thereafter, completing the view of her illusion, being pleased, she went from there. Krishnaamsa woke up from the illusion, cannot see the son Indula there, he made Devshimha to wake up and asked: – “Where the son did went?” Devshimha know everything of the time but he was in illusion of Chitrarekha, therefore he couldn’t recognize and know the truth that Chitrarekha had transformed Indula into a parrot, and carried him with her. Krishnaamsa didn’t get any answer from him, even saw Devshimha surprised and he filled with sorrow as he was charmed by Chitrarekha, started to cry loudly. Uncle, Mahipati saw him crying and he got pleased with that. He proceed towards the home of Alhaad. Having reached there, with crying loudly and filled with politeness, he said: – “Your brother Udayashimha gave Devshimha and Indula wine like thing by which they got senseless. Thereafter, he killed Indula and flow in the water of Ganges. What that mighty did, I have seen in my own eyes. He gave me a lot of gold being so polite and protected me to tell anything to anybody. Therefore when Devshimha got his senses back, being in that illusion, cannot know anything from his power.” Had Mahipati said all those to Alhaad, he didn’t believe in him but during that time, while crying those two reached that place. “


He had lost the son of his brother and Krishnaamsa wanted to leave his soul from his body. Alhaad had seen his condition, he believed in those words of Mahipati. Being so angry, Alhaad, put leather in the belt of reeds and started to strike so hard in the body of his brother which produced big scars on his body. The mother Devaki, his wife Svarnavatee and his sister started to make Alhaad understand who was in the illusion of Mahipati’s words, but Alhaad gave a deaf ear to them. During that time, Pushpaavati saw her husband was in the tremendous torture made by his brother, and she got very sad for his husband. Without doing any mistake, Krishnaamsa got the blame of that great sin. During that time, ved knowing Brahmins came there and said to him – “Two type of punishment has been told for such sinful act, one is death sentence and other is permanent banishment. Which one you feel like to do? , please take a choice from it! “Alhaad who was in deep grief of losing his son called Chaandaals there and tied Krishnaamsa, surrendered to them and said: – “With wife, please kill those two and take their eyes off from their body and give it to me.” Hearing that Chaandaals (labor who used to give punishment under the order of king) took them and took them deep inside the jungle. During that time Devshimha gave tremendous amount of wealth to Chaandaals and took them in the house of Baalakhani. The wife of Baalakhani – Gajamukta had hidden them both in her house and kept them secretly. She serve and feed them. Chaandaals took the eyes of deer and gave it to Alhaad. During that time, Devshimha with red in anger said: – ” I censure you about the sin you have made, you greatest sinner, you have killed my friend. I am telling you the extreme truth that your son is alive, to get him back, I am about approach many kings. Hence, I am departing from here.”


Being that mighty had said such words to Alhaad, he proceed for the Shireesh named state. Gajamukta gave order to Devshimha, he took Krishnaamsa and his wife Pushpaavati on that mid and deep night and reached the Mayura named state. There the mighty Makaranda understood every details of the reason of Krishnaamsa, took his sister and gave her shelter in his palace. After that, the famous Makaranda did many types of oblation of fire (yagya) to please lord Dharma. Being pleased with the worship of Makaranda, Dharma raja said to Makaranda – ” King Abhinandana’s daughter Chitrarekhaa who was great worshipper of lord Chitragupta, she had Kesharinee named friend, she was the daughter of man who was a monarch (Naat – ya) and learned woman in the subject of Dambha (pride) and the same girl had teacher named Kutuka, who take the figure of yogi, and he had expanded his charm and illusion over one hundred yojan. That land was very much inaccessible for the enemy and that illusive land was the concrete wall for the enemies to enter. For the lord Chitragupta’s influence, that king Abhinandana stays fearless. That king’s daughter namely Chitrarekhaa had kidnapped Indula, and she transformed him in the man in night and in parrot in the evening. The illusion created by the daughter named Chitrarekhaa bestowed over Indula in such a way, that he is experiencing great misery of distress. Therefore Krishnaamsa , you , Devshimha , and Suryavarmaa , everybody together go there in that place taking my given prayer (mantra) and after reaching there , through dance and other activities , charm that girl , and thereafter learn her knowledge  ( of that illusion) . After learning, come back again and with your army, you must go there and rage war with them.”  Had said such, the lord of Dharma got disappeared and the king (Makaranda) got amazed hearing such words. After that, he told everything to Krishnaamsa whatever the lord of Dharma had said. On the beginning of the month of Falguna (February), that three mighty who were expert in dance and singing, disguised themselves in the figure of yogi went in the state named Indragihaa where the court of king Gajasena situated. They had reached the court of the king and Devshimha took Mridanga (an egg shaped drum also known as tom tom) in his hand, Makaranda became player on serang (a name of a musical instrument) and Krishnaamsa started to do the charming dance and singing. They had presented a beautiful play by which all resident of the state and king got into illusion of their presentation.



The king with his relatives, neighbors and family members got pleased to see such effective play of presentation and said: – “Yogin (those persons dressed in figure of yogis)! Please tell anything that comes out from your heart! And I will provide you that! What do you all want? “They heard what king had said and replied: – “Please give your son Suryavarmaa for some days, we have to do some specials works .After finishing our work, we will give your son back to you. Because, Lord Brahma made kings to protect the universe.” The king heard and accepted it. Thereafter, he surrendered his son to them and he went inside his palace, and those yogis did their work. After fifteen days of journey, those they reached the Baalheek state, and after reaching there, taking the device which had been charmed by the prayers of lord of Dharma himself, they all entered inside the palace of their enemies. There every men and Kshatriyas were present. Those brothers disguised in form of yogis, presented their charming skill before them composed of dance, singing and beating musical instruments and charmed them deeply, those Kshatriyas present there. That Kshatriyas who were belonged to Tomara dynasty got very much pleased with them and presented them with wealth. After that, they all went inside the palace of Abhinandana for showing their skill of dance. Their Makaranda played Veena, Devshimha played Mridanga, Suryavarmaa played Majeera and Krishnaamsa was presenting singing and dancing before the king and courtyards. They were charming the king and the queen present there at the court. By their presentation of skills, those women present in the court got very pleased. In that group, Chitrarekhaa was also been present. And to charm them she created many powerful illusions, but they did not came under her charming power. Her power went in vain. Being pleased with them, Chitrarekhaa said:-” What do you all know! Tell in front of me! “Krishnaamsa replied: – “Surrender me the parrot or I will scarce you!” Hearing that, princess Chitrarekhaa indulged in great thought and said to the yogi: – ” Tell me the truth, who are you? Because the spell which I have created is so powerful that even, Lord Indra and other devtaas cannot get escape from it! But my power went in vain! You are not get into my charm! Therefore are you: Lord Narayan, Lord Dharma, or the lord Shiva himself.”


Krishnaamsa replied: – “Devi! My name is Udayashimha, and with me is Devshimha, my brother-in-law Makaranda and Suryavarmaa. We had lost Indula and disguised us in the figure of yogis. My elder brother Alhaad have lost his own son Indula and became mad. Therefore Devi! Please give us that parrot or Indula quickly.” Had said such words, Krishnaamsa started to cry loudly saying – “The greatest Indula please give us your presence, otherwise I will leave my soul out of my body.” Hearing that, beautiful princess Chitrarekhaa showing shyness, said to Krishnaamsa: – “With your son, please do accept me also.” After that she created the beautiful figure of Indula in front of them. Thereafter, that family (Krishnaamsa and his wife Pushpaavati) fell down to her feet and started to cry with a high pitch voice. Being happy in mind, he gave her assurance of providing him the son of Alhaad and made Indula to write a letter. They took Indula and went to the state of Mayura by the influence of the device. After that, being respected by Makaranda, Suryavarmaa went to his residential state named Indragrihaa of Gajasena. The strongest Devshimha went with the letter near Alhaad by riding Manoratha named horse and proceed for the state of Mahavatee. There he reached near Alhaad. There he saw Alhaad who was in the grief of losing his son, sat there like an insane person, and said to him and Alhaad saw him sad: – “Who are you roaming here like a mentally sick person.” Devshimha replied: – “I am the person who have investigated and searched your son Indula. Mighty! Please accept this letter which has been written by your son himself. “Alhaad heard it and filled with great joy. Likewise, how his son was kidnapped, he tried to gain knowledge of that through the letter. Thereafter, he called up his uncle Mahipati (Mahil) and asked him politely: – “King! How my son was kidnapped by Krishnaamsa, please tell the truth in front of me.”  Mahipati replied: – “Greatest Alhaad! Listen! How Krishnaamsa killed he and I had heard of it, already described about it everything in front of you.”  And with a laugh, he said: – “I have fulfilled my act.”  Alhaad with red in anger, his eyes is bulging like the fire, he took the belt of reed in his hand, started to flog Mahipati.  Hearing his condition of Mahipati, Parimala and his wife Malana came there and tried to console that part of Balaraam (Ramaamsa) who is in different figures at that moment in the name of Alhaad. Being in anger, and striking that wicked Mahipati, he was saying: – ” You wicked and great sinner! You have killed my brother by me, therefore where my soul had gone, I will sent you with your relatives and family members.” During that time Mahipati became silence, and taking deep breath, he remembered the great sin he had committed and felt the greatest pain in his body.” That Baalakhani came there and saved his uncle from being putting to death by his elder brother. Thereafter, he started to prepare himself for the marriage of Indula. In that preparation , with one lakh soldiers of Netrashimha , one thousand five hundred soldiers of Taraka (elder son of Prithviraja) , Veersena with ninety five thousand soldiers , one lakh soldiers with Suryavarmaa , three lakh soldiers with Brahmaananda and being indulged in deep thought , Alhaad arranged one lakh soldiers and proceed towards Balheek state saying in grief to everybody :- ” Hey Friends ! Where have you left me, leaving such a downtrodden man? “During the journey, sometimes, he lost his own senses. The mightiest Baalakhani also took Devshimha with him, took one lakh of his own army and proceed for the Balheek state. In that day and night journey, those mightiest warriors reached Balheek state within one month.


That day was the greatest Krishna panchami. Had reached there Baalakhani started to create vyuha (tactics of formation of army) .First the army composed of Chariots , elephants and fifty horses then after them was hundreds and hundreds of pedestrian soldiers situated in each form . I am describing about the proof of one of the formation of soldiers that had been formed in the war – In the army there was one charioteer, one elephant, and fifty horsemen – five thousand cannons and fifty thousand pedestrian soldiers. Likewise there was sixteen type of forms that had been created to do the battle, in which there was ten thousand elephants were situated separately in each form.  The army who were situated to strike their enemies had been described before you all! Rishis! Now listen the number of soldiers of the king Abhinandana – there was the pisacha dharma (perhaps musalmaan) follower Mlecchas who were of three lakhs and they were all horsemen, one lakh canon cavalry and one lakh pedestrian soldiers who were are all decorated with bhushundee and pareegha named weapon. Those Kshatriya warriors of Tomara dynasty who were of ten lakh in numbers sat on the back of elephants and reached near the army of Alhaad. There was an amazing battle raged between them and which was very fearful and dreadful. In that tremendous battle, that war-beloved warriors became fearless and courageous and started to play the sound of war. The war which was continuous, went on till day and night and lasted up to seven days. In that war half of the warriors of Baalheek state and one lakh warriors of Baalakhani (Maalkhan) were slayed. The soldiers of the enemy just started to get flee from battlefield being afraid and the half soldiers of Baalakhani started to shout “Jaya doorg” – the cry of victory. The sons of Abhinandana seen their soldiers got destroyed, and those sons namely – Mahananda, Nanda, Paraananda, Upananda, Sunanda, Suraananda and Prananda, who belonged to the dynasty of Tomara sat on the back of the elephant. And through their sharp arrows, started surrendering those soldiers of Baalakhani. After that, being defeated those soldiers of Baalakhani took shelter under their chief. Baalakhani saw his soldiers got a set-back, being red in anger took his horse Kapota, and proceed towards the battlefield. Had reached there , Nanda fought with Devshimha ,Paraananda  fought with Taalana , Upananda fought with Suryavarmaa , Sunanda  fought with Taraka, and Prananda fought with yadav ( Makaranda) , and that battle was terrible . Those strong warriors fought in the want of killing themselves off which went till the afternoon. In that battle, many warriors got slayed. After that, the prince of that Baalheek being afraid of Baalakhani, left the battle and had flee from there. King Abhinandana saw the enemy soldiers powerful than them, he called that master of casting spell Kutuka and monastic Kesharinee (perhaps Buddhist nun according to Alf Hiltebeitel – Rethinking of India’s Oral and Classical epics). And the king explained everything of the defeat in front of them .Hearing that , Kutuka gave assurance to the king , created Shaambaree illusion by meditating upon Lord Mahadeva (Shiva) and cast it to the enemy which transformed those into stone figure . That time that monastic Kesharinee tied those mighty eight warriors, surrendered them to the king Abhinandana and came back to her home. Baalheek (Valhik or Balkh – the Bactrians) king Abhinandana handcuffed them with strong iron chain, looted their wealth and deposited it in his own. Due to the boon of Devi, Devshimha was left alone and didn’t come into the illusion. Being afraid, he came back to Mahavatee and explained everything in front of Svarnavatee. Svarnavatee who was expert in every subject, during that very moment she transformed herself into a hawk and went near Pushpaavati. There in the room of great Makaranda, she saw those woman and man (Krishnaamsa and his wife Pushpaavati), being sad in mind, described every reason of the defeat of their side in the battlefield. During that time, Krishnaamsa being in sorrow said to Makaranda: – “Please get prepare and come with me quickly. Because my mentor Alhaad is got tied. Before, the knowledgeable persons said when the family gets destroyed then it get indulged into the guilty of great sin (Mahapataka). Therefore my friend! Being in great sorrow, please rescue me. “Hearing that from Krishnaamsa, his brother-in-law Makaranda took ten thousand soldiers with disguised in Sanyasee (ascetic) and took Bilbo weapon and shield in hand, proceed for the Balheek state. Krishnaamsa sat on the back of the horse and controlling that huge army in a great speed. That time, Svarnavatee also with Pushpaavati disguised as hawk and reached that battlefield. Svarnavatee destroyed that Shabree spell which was casted over that place and made those soldiers that belonged to them alive again. Being get back to their senses that huge army surrounded the state of Abhinandana from all side again. Kutuka and Kesharinee had seen the enemy soldiers were back to senses, together they co-operated to reproduce that Shabree named spell and created net of that illusion. Both Svarnavatee and Pushpaavati destroyed the illusion and tie up those sinners. Thereafter, they tried to destroy that capital of Abhinandana burnt down to ashes. But that place had been protected by the illusion of the king and therefore the strength of the fire couldn’t overcome that place and it remained unharmed. Because that illusion had been created by Chitrarekha herself. The try of burning the place down to ashes went in vain, thus seeing the fact, Pushpaavati red in anger slayed that monastic Kesharinee and gave her meat to the fox and vultures. There Svarnavatee also had killed Kutuka and feed those mighty warriors from the jail. After that, Devi Pushpaavati came near her husband, where Krishnaamsa was staying. Had known the fact that those enemies were fearless because of the power of that Devi, became very angry and proceed for the battle with enemies. That two soldiers started a tremendous battle between them.


In Baalakhani fought with Mahananda, Alhaad fought with Nanda, Taraka fought with Upananda, Netrashimha fought with Sunanda, and Veersena fought with Prananda and Brahmaananda himself fought with the king Abhinandana. Those princes situated themselves on the back of their elephants and continuously striking the enemies with bows and arrows. During that time, in the mid-night Chitrarekhaa arrived the battlefield and she saw the soldiers on her side were helpless, she mediated upon the lord Chitragupta and created the Chitra named illusion (Chitra-maya indicating a spell based on architect, drawing and creative). In that illusion, she created friendly soldiers who were dressed like the soldiers of Abhinandana and it look like, many of them fall in the dynasty of Abhinandana. Seeing that huge army, the soldiers of Mahavatee ran from the battlefield in fright and were surprised. Being in great sorrow, those soldiers reached five yojanas away (1 yojana = 1.6 Km) from the battlefield. There they built their army camp to stay. During the evening, those mighty warriors became disappointed and were crying loudly saying: – “The great Krishnaamsa! Chitrarekhaa who took shelter under you had again kidnapped the son Indula. Being afraid of her spell we came here to take shelter under you.” They were saying it loudly and cried in high voice saying “The greatest of all! Where are you?” Hearing those soldiers cry, there created a big chaos .They all felt ashamed of Alhaad’s deeds and rebuking it, they all fall senseless to the ground. Alhaad also felt like a thunder in his mind and like a mad, he began to strike his chest hard. During that time , the part of god ,and part of lord Krishna , that Krishnaamsa disguised as ascetic (yogi) and with Makaranda took ten thousand soldiers in hand on the day of Ashtaamee , Friday when moon felt its presence above the sky , arrived there . After that Baalakhani’s soldiers started to loot that place and won every king and conquered tremendous amount of wealth.


Again riding Panchashabda named elephant he came near his brother and roar loudly. Hearing his loud voice, that mighty Baalakhani had recognized him. During that time he became prognostic and being so weird, with rigid in mind, he put up the ascetic form Krishnaamsa in his hand and took him to his lap. Thereafter filled with love and affection, he bathed him with his kind hearted tears and he gave sacrificial gifts to Brahmins and described him everything from the first till last. Being very pleased, Udayashimha (Krishnaamsa) also told everything in front of him. After that again, controlling the huge armies, they all proceed towards the state of Balheek. Had reached in that place, he applied the spell created by Chitrarekhaa and destroyed it then and there. Thereafter, they tied the king Abhinandana with his sons and ministers and did marriage of his daughter Chitrarekhaa and Indula. During that time , king Abhinandana also being very please and with smile in his face surrendered his daughter in the hand of Indula in which there contains hundreds of elephants , hundreds of horses , one thousand types wealth , one hundred slaves and one hundred female servants . Baalakhani had accepted it with happiness and proceed for the state of Mahavatee. On the month of Shravana, with everybody when they reached Mahavatee puree, Alhaad awarded those kings and soldiers with many rewards according to their deeds and being accepted his hostage, they went to their respective states. Rishis! Thus I have described the story which destroys sins of Kali. Therefore, I will again say that sin destroying story, please listen it carefully! ”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty third chapter ended.












Notes: – नाट्य – “Natya”means costume of an actor, whereas Naat नाट means Buddhist nun, the person who are monastic. Here Alf Hiltebeitel – Rethinking of India’s Oral and Classical epics states it as a Buddhist nun, the monastic sense. He considered it as gypsies or those persons who had travelled from other countries. Moreover the Balhika or Baalheek or Valhika – the Bactrians descendants of Punjab in India. Alf Hiltebeitel in the story of Krishnaamsa – states “Citralekhaa (Chitrarekha), whose father Abhinandana and his Tomara Kshatriyas defend Valhika with five lakhs of “Mlecchas of ghastly dharma”. Those Mlecchas are clearly indicated as Muslims.

Chapter 24

Banishment of Alhaad; Lakshmana’s Digvijaya; Prithviraaj obtains the secret of how to kill Baalakhaani and Sukhakhaani.


Sootjee continued: – “After completion of marriage of Indula, Krishnaamsa went to his home. Seeing it, Mahipati (Mahila) had been living in misery .Thereafter with Taraka, he described everything to the king Prithviraja of Deholi (Delhi). Hearing the story of Krishnaamsa, Prithviraja got very surprised. In that mean time, the most sacrificial person and who was very intelligent, Chandra Bhatt said to the king: – “Rajan (King)! I have worshipped the Devi – who is the mother of the whole universe. That boon bestowal mother and who destroys every fear from mind, that Devi got pleased with my worship on the end of the third year of my worship and present me the boon of pure knowledge which destroys every sins. Therefore king!  By that pure knowledgeable power, I have gained knowledge about the autobiography of Krishnaamsa. Therefore I have written a book about him.” Telling such, he present his speech that had been written on the book to the whole courtyards that were present inside the court of the king. King Prithviraja heard about it and became very amazed. During that time Mahipati (Mahila) said to the king – ” The autobiography of the mightiest Krishnaamsa , which you have written about in the book , he is very pride of his horses who took divine figured body can travel through water , sky and earth .If you kidnap those divine horses , you can become the greatest among all .” King Prithviraja heard it from Mahipati and called a messenger named Kundanmala, who was expert in character show offs and presentation of speeches. Thereafter he told every speech which had to be presented before and send him to Mahavatee. That messenger reached the capital Mahavatee (Mahoba) and started to present the message of king Prithviraja, politely – “King! The daughter of Prithviraja, Vela wanted to see those divine and pure bodied horses, which belonged to you. She, who is the wife of your son in great want of viewing them. Therefore! On her demand, please get rid of being surprised to hear such news and prepare those horses and make them ready sent them to Deholi otherwise! “After hearing such strong fearful words from the messenger, king Parimala called Alhaad and others, said to them politely: – “Please do accept my words! Please surrender your horses to him.”  Alhaad had heard it and meditated upon the mother of the universe – Parvatee Devi (the daughter of Himalaya and goddess Shakti) and replied to the king with sweet words – “The king who is very much dear and favorite of Lord Shiva listen my words! We cannot give our horses, those horses are very favorite for us!  Our soul from our body situated on that horses and they are very much dear to our life. This is very much truthful and it cannot be false, there is no other mean to it! ” Hearing that strongest king Parimala , made a strong vow in front of them :- ” The food served here is like the meat of Brahmin , the water served is like the blood of cow , like mother on the bedstead , Killing of Brahmins like the court of here  and your stay in my state is very much sinful .” Devaki their mother heard such strong vow and became very thoughtful, started to cry loudly and by seeing her cry, her relatives and family members also started to cry. During that time, the age of Krishnaamsa reached twenty five years of age. On the month of Bhadra, the day of chaturdaashi, those mighty who were follower of dharma, left the place and proceed for the state of Kanyakubja (Kannauj) which was ruled by king Jayachandra. During that journey Svarnavatee, Pushpaavati, and Chitrarekhaa with Indula and with ten thousand horsemen arriving to the destination of that journey. Indula himself rode on Karala named horse and his father Alhaad rode Panchashabda named elephant.


Likewise, Krishnaamsa rode on Bindula and going under shed of his mother Devaki. Those strong warriors left the king’s state which was well built and travelled three days to reach the capital state of Jayachandra. Thereafter, reaching, bowed to the king and told everything that had happened .They stayed there in that cold place and worshipped the Chandikaa Devi. He had described why they were thrown out from the state of King Parimala by mighty Devshimha , but Jayachandra  cannot accept the reason and didn’t gave the validity to it , denied saying Parimala had no wish to throw them out from his country . Devshimha became sad and went near Krishnaamsa and told everything that had happened in the court of the king Jayachandra. Krishnaamsa got excited after hearing it, quickly sat on the back of Bindula and took five hundred soldiers with him, started to loot the state which had been protected by mighty Lakshmana. Seeing him, the strongest Lakshmana sat on the back of the elephant, went in front of Krishnaamsa and stroke an arrow on the heart of him. Though that arrow was charmed and well spell casted by Vishnu mantra (prayer), it failed to make any effect on the body of him. Being surprised, mighty Lakshmana (Lakhaan) got down from the elephant and fell on the feet of him. Krishnaamsa was that time decorated with vajra (thunder) and other servant, and Lakshmana in the figure of praying tried to please him with his lovable words of pride.


Lakshmana said:-


“Vaishnavam viddhi maam swamin Vishnu pujana tatparam | Jaane Aham tvam mahabaho Krishna shaktya avataara kam ||

Tvadrite KO hi me baanam koorute bhuvi | Kshamasya mama douraatmyam naath Te maya ya kritaam ||”


“I worship Lord Vishnu and therefore I am Vaishnav. The greatest, and strongest lord! I know you well, you came to this earth from the power the power of Lords Krishna. Therefore, there was nobody who can make my arrow go in vain. Therefore lord! Please forgive my sinful act. I under your illusion therefore, I have committed such act.”


After Lakshmana made such praises before Krishnaamsa took him and present before Jayachandra. Thereafter he described, everything about how Lakshmana got defeated. Thereafter, king Jayachandra to examine Krishnaamsa, he created illusion through Chaya (shade – the wife of lord Surya- the Sun) and cast it over Kubalayapeeda named elephants and send them to the cold and large space. During that time Alhaad and Krishnaamsa in a playful mood, they caught up its tail and pulled up the hair of that elephant continuously. In which , Kubalayapeeda  named elephant died and seeing it king got very much afraid and gave them Raajgraha named state .Thereafter , on the beginning month of Ashwin – Shukla , the mighty Lakshmana got the order from the king and took those strongest warriors for digvijaya ( conquer states in every direction to expand territory of the kingdom ). On that journey, with the seven lakh soldiers, Taalana and others was also going with them. They reached the Varanasi (Banaras) named state which had been ruled by Rudravarmaa named king who took birth in gauda dynasty and was famous , had been surrounded by Lakshmana’s army from all sides . King Rudravarmaa took his soldiers consisted of fifty thousand warriors, came to the battlefield to led the war with them. But within one prahara , he got defeated by the Lakshmana’s army  and took revenue tax from the king Rudravarmaa which was of sixteen years composed of one crore in number . They took the wealth and placed it in front of king Jayachandra  , then they conquered the Magadha state defeating Vijaya named king and after defeating him , they took revenue tax of twenty years wealth composed of one crore in number . Then they sent all those wealth to king Jayachandra. Again, from there they reached Vang (Bengal) state, which was ruled by Kalivarmaa named king and Lashmana on reaching that place did a tremendous war with one-lakh army of that king. From day till night , the war went on continuously and after defeating him , he took twenty years tax from him , which was one crore in numbers , and being pleased gave it to the king Jayachandra .From there they all proceed to Ushtra named state ( Such place only found in Rajasthan , but here it is talking about the southern India , therfore , it is either indicating Andhra – pradesh or Oundra or  Orissa states ) , which had ruled by the king named Dhoyeekavi . The strong army of Lakshmana got indulged in the war with the one lakh army of Dhoyeekavi. Those one lakh army was the devotee of lord Jagannatha and by his instruction, they started to play the sound of war and raged the battle with the enemies. The battle led between the two armies, was thrilling and extreme. Krishnaamsa from day till night , he led the war and brought victory to his side and had taken twenty years revenue tax from the king which was one-crore gold coins and send them to the king of Kanyakubja , Jayachandra . Again, the mighty Lakshmana travelled to the Pundra (A place located in West Bengal named state in India) named state, where, Naagapati named king was ruling and under him fifty thousand warrior was always being decorated with weapons for protection of the state. Those soldiers did an extreme battle with them and before sunset, the mighty soldiers of Lakshmana got the victory. Thereafter, they took one crore – coins from the king and sent them near king Jayachandra. Then, they went near Mahendra named mountain, there they praised Bhargava named rishi and after that, they reached the state where king Yogashimha and Netrapala was staying. The king presented them one crore coins and made them to stay there for seven days. Again, those war beloved strong warriors reached Veershimhapura named state where king Veershimha was ruling his state in the top of Himalaya. His state had been surrounded by those warriors of Lakshmana from all the sides. That state had been protected by the king through yogee (ascetic) named Gorakhnaath. The small brother named Praveera took ten thousand warriors and did tremendous battle between Lakshmana’s soldiers. That mighty warrior Praveera, everyday made one thousand warriors of Lakshmana to surrender and thereafter at sunset, he reached his palace and did worship of that ascetic. Being pleased with his worship that Yogi, made the dead soldiers of the king Veershimha alive again. And he bestows the energy of an elephant to Praveera and thereafter, he started meditating upon. Likewise that strong warriors, did one and a half month tremendous battle.


Then being in despondency and hopeless, those warriors with Krishnaamsa said to Devshimha -” King! Why we didn’t produce a victory over them? Please tell me the cause of it.”  Hearing those words from Krishnaamsa, Lakshmana replied: – “Krishnaamsa! Listen my words carefully! Please defeat ascetic Gorakhnaath through your dance and again start the war. The victory will be yours! “Hearing it, Krishnaamsa and others disguised themselves as ascetic (yogi) person and proceed to the temple of yogi Gorakhnaath. There in the battlefield, those soldiers being controlled and protected by Lakshmana. Being reached there, Krishnaamsa who was expert in playing flute and other musical instruments, started to do dance while Devshimha was playing Mridanga, Taalana was playing Veena and Alhaad was playing the gong metals (Majeera). In that, the song of famous Bhagwata was being recited at that moment. The expert of meditation, ascetic Gorakhnaath, did knew the reason and cause of the act and said to them: – “Please ask boon from me!” Hearing that, those warrior said: – “We all bow before you. If you are so pleased with us, then please provide Sanjeevani knowledge to the great Alhaad.” That priest listened what they said and after that, he meditated for few time, and then being pleased with them, he said – “This Sanjeevani knowledge will be active in you for a year, then will not work and will again come back to me. Therefore mighty! Today I am leaving this world and going near my student Bhatrihari (the brother of famous Vikramaditya of Ujjain) and will sleep peacefully near him.” Thereafter, the ascetic got disappeared and those strongest warriors again arrived in the battlefield. Then they defeated Praveera and the king Veershimha and they took away ten thousand warriors from them with looting the palace from every nook and corner. And made the king their servant. Again, they arrived in Kaushala named state, where Lakshmana did tremendous battle with the Kaushala king named Suryadhara and his ten thousand soldiers. They had defeated them and took revenue tax of sixteen years which was of one crore and thereafter to have some bath, they all proceed to Naimishaaranya (Naimisha named forest). During that time, that was the month of holi, Lakshmana gave many sacrificial gifts to Brahmins and thereafter did a grandeur ceremony. During that time, we and everybody rishis were indulged into deep meditation. King Lakshmana that time reached the Naimishaaranya named forest and did bath in every teerth (pure and sacred places) and thereafter providing much sacrifices to Brahmins and Devtaas , on the month of Chaitra , during Ashtaamee of Krishna , he proceed to his own homeland Kanyakubja .


Rishis! Likewise I have recited the digvijaya of Lakshmana before you. Now listen Rishis! How Baalakhaani did reached heaven. The mighty fearless king Prithviraja on the month of Maargsheersh (Agahan), the day of Krishna saptamee, said to Samanta who was sent by the king Mahipati: – “I have heard that, your son got boon from the goddess Shaaradaa and with the influence and addiction of the boon, he had become Raktabeeja. Therefore, please surrender him to me. “By the warm welcome and paid best hostage to that Samanta named Brahmin, he called upon his Chaamunda named son and said: – “The war beloved son! Please be ready always to perform the acts given to you by king Prithviraja.” Hearing such words from his father, he replied to the king:-” King! Please give me permission, victory will be yours.” King replied to Chaamunda:-” The mighty Baalakhaani acquired the Shireesh named forest, he had deforested it and took it, which was mine. In that, he had built house and that strongest and well controller mighty being fearless, living there. If you conquer him and surrender him to me or kill him, then whole of my country is yours.” Being said such words, he gave his seven lakh soldiers to Chaamunda. He was very pleased with the king Prithviraja and left the place for the battle. Chaamunda then spent three days of Maargsheersh and thereafter he entered the forest named Shireesh. Then, he surrounded the state of Baalakhaani from every sides with his soldiers. The mighty Baalakhaani, heard the arrival of Chaamunda, he did worship of Mahamaya (goddess Durga) and paid many sacrifices to Brahmins. Thereafter, he took his one lakh army, and made a journey outside of his state to the battlefield. His younger brother mighty Sukhakhaani was going with him. Sukhakhaani rode Harinee named horse and started to make the enemies surrender and Baalakhaani rode Kapota named horse, started slaying the enemies. And being pleased, he went near Chaamunda. A great and tremendous battle fought between them, in which soldiers from both sides got destroyed gradually. The continuous battle led between them, went from day till night, many mighty soldiers died. On the early morning, after taking bath, those mighty warriors who were expert in archery, arrived in the battlefield. Baalakhaani rode on the chariot and Chaamunda on the elephant fought an amazing and terrible battle. Both the warriors who were worshipper of Devi Durga, cut their arrows with arrows and made them surrender. Again, they came down to the earth’s surface and started to fight with their Bilbo weapon. Chaamunda , who was Raktabeeja (the droplets of blood which helps create another human being i.e. blood droplets acts as seed – The Goddess Ambika once defeated and slayed Raktabija in Devi Mahatmya) , as the drops of him fell to the ground , there rose a man those droplets who was as mighty as demon Raktabeeja .  The greatest among Rishis! Like was war addicted strong warriors that were being created from the droplets of the blood of Chaamunda, had surrounded Baalakhaani from all sides. Baalakhaani then took shelter under the goddess Shaaradaa.


Sukhakhaani arrived there and threw Agneya named arrow, which burnt Raktabeeja. The younger brother of Baalakhaani, Sukhakhaani worshiped and pleased Lord Agni with cheese and cream of milk about five years of worship. Being pleased with him, Lord Agni, appeared before him and presented him Agneya (fire) named arrow, by which enemies get slayed and burnt into ashes in the battlefield. Applying that arrow, the victory came in their hand, and Baalakhaani saw that he had destroyed Raktabeeja and tied the defeated Chaamunda, took him to his home. Due to the fear of killing Brahmin (Brahmahatya) and to escape from its dreadful sin, he didn’t kill him. He simply disguised him as a woman and sent him to his enemy king Prithviraja’s palace.  Thereafter, the leftover five lakh soldiers went to Deholi and described him everything about the war. And at that moment, he saw Chaamunda in the disguise of woman. He got red in anger and said to Mahipati:-” As many days Sukhakhaani will remain alive, how the victory will come to me? “Hearing that Mahipati said: – “Do the work by trick, disguise and cheat. The mother of those mightiest is Brahmi, who is pure and follower of his husband. Therefore you must sent female messenger in disguise, to know their keys of death and getting all knowledge, you must restart the battle again.”  Prithviraja then called upon a group of female messengers who were expert at tricks and cheat, and sent them to the house of Baalakhaani. Those female messengers disguised themselves as ascetic Brahmins, and proceed for the palace of Baalakhaani. They had reached there and started to applaud Brahmi with her sons and said with polite words: – “What a luck you have got, their might and strength are praise worthy. As soon as they reach the battlefield, they started to kill and slay their enemies. By the grace of the lord, May your sons gain one hundred years of age. Is there anything which can cause them death! “Hearing that words, Brahmi replied: – “Sukhakhaani’s life is protected by the sacred “Agneya” named arrow and Baalakhaani’s life is protected by his own two foot.” Those messengers came to know about that and they arrived Deholi. They had presented everything before the king. Thereafter, they got wealth as present from the king, and after that they all went to their respective home. Hearing those words from the female messengers, being happy in mind, he started to worship the earth and by that, he continued it to worship and please lord Shiva.


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty fourth chapter ended.







Chapter 25

Lakshmana weds Padminee; Death of Sukhakhaani and Baalakhani in the war with Prithviraja; sati of Gajamukta.


Sootjee said: – “Muney! When Krishnaamsa got his age of twenty six, the things he had accomplished, I am describing it before you all, Listen! On the southern direction there was a lake named Bindusara and near that there was a fort named “Bindugarh” situated where all kinds of caste and different types of religious teacher based humans were situated. It was extended up to one yojana. That state was ruled by king Shaaradaanandan and belonged to the dynasty of Bishwaksena. He meditated upon Lord Brahma and he focused his mind on serving his residents. He had a great knowledge of the subject of Brahmaacharya, and by the influence of that subject, he had put his own semen on his head (which means he is well controller of his senses). By which he got famous in the name of “Kaampaala”. One day by the oblation of fire, he did worship of Lord Brahma who is forefather of all gods. After that he gave a part of his yagya as the fruit to his queen. That fruit stayed in the womb of her and on the tenth month, she gave birth to a beautiful girl named Padminee, who was charming and was knowledgeable (acquired nidhis of all knowledge). She was like a most beautiful idol.  When she acquired the age of twelve, that beautiful princess got the eligibility of Svayamvara. Having seen that, her brother prince Padmaakara, who is great follower of king Prithviraja, got the order of his father, granted a welcome to every kings for participating in the ceremony of Svayamvara .King Lakshmana with Alhaad and other four gallant and brave brothers got the order of his father (Jayachandra) were also present in the grandeur ceremony which was taking place in the Bindugarh.  The mighty king Prithviraja saw Lakshmana was present in the ceremony and to protect every kings, he situated his own army there. Meanwhile, princess Padminee entered in the ceremony with her friends and saw every kings present there. She got near king Lakshmana who was medium black in color, full of youth and his age was fifty, chest was broad, shoulders were strong and was physically sounds like gods. That daughter saw him, who was like her and was well protected by Alhaad and others and therefore, she wore him the garland of victory. During that time, Lakshmana also caught hold of her soft hand and put her on his chariot. Being pleased and therefore he proceed with her between every kings, who were at time present in that ceremony .King Prithviraja then with every kings surrounded Lakshmana from every side.


Thereafter, Taalana who was riding Shimhinee named horse and the part of Bheem (Bheemsena, the famous character in Mahabharata) started to do battle with the enemy by Pareegha named weapon. Alhaad who rode Panchashabda named elephant who was the part Balaraam (Balavaadra), took his Tomara named weapon and started to surrender his enemies. During that time Krishnaamsa who was on Bindula named horse, took his Bilbo and started to behead his enemy king’s at large number. Devshimha sat on Manoratha, took his great spear and started to slay his enemies. After slaying each of them down, he roar like a lion in the battlefield. And Lakshmana kept Vaishnava named arrow on his bow and made the chiefs of Prithviraja, to surrender before his fight. The battle continued till one prahara (three hours) and it was tremendous. After that, during evening Prithviraja left every other kings there, went to his state Deholi.  Then, Shaaradaanandan created a beautiful temple, and with tremendous amount of wealth, he fulfilled their marriage. And gave his daughter to Lakshmana. And on that time, there came Mahipati and said to the prince Padmaakara, who was that time situated with one lakh army personnel: – “My friend! Brave man! Where your intellect of your mind is has lost? It is surprising that you are from the dynasty of Bishwaksena and belonged to Kshatriya caste. Why you have made alliance with that varnasamkara (low caste) Lakshmana, who was thrown away from his society and religion? Alhaad and everybody was produced from the womb of Aheerin, therefore the ved knowing persons had discard them from their society.” Hearing that from the king Mahipati, prince Padmaakara, who was expert in all illusion, influence his Shaambaree named charm and tied those invincible warriors? Then he put them in stone built jail. As Devshimha got boon from the goddess, got back his senses in the midnight. And he went to Kanyakubja named state. He reached there and described everything to Indula. Hearing that, Indula with Devshimha, at that very moment proceed for Bindugarh named state. Padmaakara heard of his arrival and to charm him in his power of illusion, he created that Shaambaree charm again which was like creating clouds to shade over Sun .But Indula during that time, took out his bow and kept Kaambaan (Kaam named arrow that is perceived by lord Kaamdeva) and convert his charm into ashes. Thereafter, he applied Kaamaa-astra (Kaama named weapon) by which those gallant brave warriors got back to their senses and then they broke the doors of the jail. Being rescued themselves up, they started to destroy their enemies. They sent five thousand warriors to the house of Yama. Thereafter, king Shaaradaanandan went towards famous Lakshmana politely and with love, he surrendered his daughter to him. Then he distributed different dishes, dresses and ornaments to different people with honor, love and respect. Thereafter, king shedding tears from his eyes, filled with kindness and love gave farewell his daughter with the king Lakshmana. On the month of maagh, the day of Krishna-Ashtaamee, Lakshmana reached his own home with everybody. After he arrived his palace, king Jayachandra with love, he gave hundred states to Taalana and everybody as a reward. And he gave cows, dresses and ornaments to Brahmins and organized a grandeur ceremony.


By worshipping lord Shiva with the earth, king Prithviraja got boon. And on the month of Falguna, he took his seven lakh warriors and arrived in Shireesh named state. By getting the order of the king, Chaamunda again came with one lakh army, and being red in anger, he started a battle with Sukhakhaani outside of the state. Sukhakhaani slaughtered ten thousand warriors with his Agneya named weapon and thereafter he reached near Prithviraja and without any fear, he said: – “Today is the day on which I will kill you! Therefore king please apply your knowledge before, otherwise, you have to go to Naraka (hell).” Hearing those words, king Prithviraja kept his Raudra named weapon on his bow and charmed it with meditation and exercitation, by which it generate a great ball of fire. To make the fire at peace, Sukhakhaani delivered his Agneya weapon in it but that Raudra-Agni (the generated from Raudra named weapon) had engulfed it and convert Sukhakhaani to ashes. After it had done all its work, it went inside the quiver of lord Shiva. Baalakhaani heard about the incident and got afraid. He reached the battlefield and being in grief of his brother’s death, he started to destroy his enemies. During that time, Prithviraja meditated upon goddess Shaaradaa and reached the battlefield. He saw the might of Baalakhaani and got charmed by seeing his strength. Thereafter, being deceived in his strength, he said to Baalakhaani with loving words: – “Please listen my words! I have dug hole within one Kos, and warriors who were expert in battle are situated there, protecting such holes. You must get a victory upon them and if you cross those twelve pits by yourself, I will deliver you my half of the kingdom.” Baalakhaani thought those words were truthful, he sat on his Kapota named horse and took his Bilbo in his hand, and proceed for the battle. He had seen those holes and pits, that gallant Baalakhaani, surrendered hundreds of hundred warriors. And that well controller Baalakhaani reached the twelfth pit, which had been protected by Chaamunda with ten thousand soldiers. There the battle began with them. Baalakhaani slaughtered the soldiers belonged to that wicked and low caste Brahmin. He reached in front of Chaamunda and roared again and again. There was another pit that had been made which was hidden in thin layer of soil, creepers and grass. Under it, there was spear dug into the soil and its edges were filled with poison. With the connection of god, Baalakhaani with his horse fell down into that pit which was darken, deep, wide and extended up to one Kos. The son of Vatsraaj, Baalakhaani’s foot pierced into that sharp edged spears fitted inside the hole. During that time, his horse came out from the hole with great pain and started to destroy the soldiers of enemies with its foot. At that very moment, Chaamunda came there and beheaded Baalakhaani. Thereafter he destroyed the army of Baalakhaani. Hearing her husband’s death, Gajamukta created funeral pyre and brunt herself with her husband in it and became sati (the process of burning husband with wife together in the funeral pyre). Brahmaananda heard about the incident and came with his wife at that place and burnt Sukhakhaani’s dead body in the funeral pyre. Thereafter, they fulfilled his all Vedic terms after the burning for mourn and peace of Sukhakhaani’s soul. Prithviraja reached that Sireeshaakhya (Shireesh) state and destroyed it from its nook and corner. And he reached his Deholi state, and organized a huge ceremony for the celebration of the victory.


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty fifth chapter ended.



Chapter 26

Battle of Keertisaagara.


Sootjee continued: – “One day on the month of Shravana, on the day of Naagapanchamee, that chaotic Mahipati, proceed for Deholi. There he paid visit to the grandeur ceremony of the panchami which had been conducted with dance, song and it was large. He saw it and came near the king Prithviraja. He bowed before him and with polite words he said: – King! On the state of Mahavatee, in the middle of Kirtee sagara, the ceremony of lord Vamana is fulfilled with barley and rice (yava – vrihi). Therefore it is my want that, next time you must watch that great grandeur ceremony.” Hearing that Prithviraja took his brother Dhundukaara and Chaamunda with one lakh soldiers, and made there shelter in that Shireesh named place. There he placed his camp. During that time, Mahipati quickly arrived near lunar dynasty king Parimala. He bowed before him and that charm creator wicked Mahipati had made his face very serious and said: – “King! To have a war with you, Prithviraja have arrived here. After worshipping the divine lingam (shiv lingam), he will kidnap your daughter Chandraavali. Therefore the great king! Please get ready with your soldiers and army. Thereafter defeating Prithviraja through wickedness, trick, disguise and cheat, and then feel the happiness staying in your state. “Hearing all such words from Mahipati king Parimala gathered four lakh soldiers and took them in the battle zone when it was mid-night. There king Parimala slayed five-thousand warriors of Prithviraja and started to fire up the cannons by which many soldiers got surrendered. That time king Prithviraja quickly got up and gird up his loins (waist), understood king Parimala as his tremendous enemy. Thereafter, he did a ferocious battle with Parimala. When the two soldiers of both the sides were engaged in battle, queen Malana for her wellness of her own son, with lots of devotion, she worshipped the goddess Shaaradaa. After that, she praised her with beautiful words: – “The greatest among all goddesses! You who engulf everyone’s sorrow and mother of the universe. Therefore goddess! Please remove every barriers from the path and quickly deliver the news of the current state.” Then queen Malana recited the prayers of mother Shakti about ten thousand times, did oblation of fire and made salutation to it. And after that she slept on that same temple of goddess Shaaradaa. In her dreams goddess Shaaradaa appeared and said: – “Devi Malana! Please remove the sorrow from your mind. The great barrier which has been created in front of you will be destroyed quickly.”  Lord Shaaradaa then appeared in the dreams of Krishnaamsa and said to him: – “Son! Your mother-land had been put into sorrow by king Mahiraja (Prithviraja) .Please recover it otherwise it will get destroyed.”  Krishnaamsa heard the words of the goddess carefully and being surprised, he reached near his mother Devaki and said everything before her. Hearing that, doing tremendous meditation, the devoted wife said everything to Svarnavatee. Both being in grief, they shed their tears from their eyes. During that time, Krishnaamsa being in sorrow asked Devshimha -” Mighty! Now what is my duty which I will perform, please give me the order.” Hearing that Devshimha took him, Lakshmana and with the seed of digvijaya (the world’s conquest) in mind, proceed for Mahavatee state. The part of Bheem, Taalana, was the chieftain of the army who was administering his seven lakh warriors. Only Alhaad was deprived from everything.



They reached the Kalpa-kshetra place and disguised themselves as saint. There they kept their army in that deep forest, and after that, Krishnaamsa, Taalana, Devshimha and Lakshmana took the musical instruments and dancing ornaments and proceed for the battlefield. There the tremendous battle continued for seven days. On that seventh day, those gallant warriors reached that battle-field. The greatest of all rishis! That day, a fiercely battle had taken place. King Parimala saw his soldiers faced a defeat, he indulged into the net of distress, rode his chariot and reached near king Prithviraja. During that time, the husband of Chandraavali, yadav (Kaamsena) rode his elephant, excited Dhundukaara to do war with bows and arrows. And Brahmaananda who rode Harinagara named horse taunt and excited his enemy Taraka for doing war and after that they both engaged themselves in the war of archery. Likewise Ranajit engaged his enemy prince Mardana with his arrows and in the war he killed the son of Mardana. Roopana, who took birth from the womb of Aheerin (Abhiri or Baghela dynasty), who was famous in the name of Madana and was the part of Shankha, engaged in war with the prince Nriharee. Those gallant warriors who were involved in the great fight , during that time Chaamunda following the words and instructions of Mahipati (Mahila) organized ten thousand warriors with Mahipati himself entered the place of Mahavatee which was fulfilled with tremendous amount of wealth , four castes of humans and was very attractive ,beautifully decorated . When they reached the doors of Mahavatee’s palace, the sinful Mahipati took Chaamunda and entered inside the palace. Queen Malana saw her brother Mahipati and with lots of grief said to him: – “Today is the day of Krishna-paksha’s Ashtaamee of the month of Bhadra-pada, and today is the day when those barley and rice which are there situated in the palace, to be given to the flower decorated water of Keertisaagara (Keertisaagara named sea). But those were not sacrificed yet because the sinful king Prithviraja has arrived here during the ceremony of worshipping lord Vamana (Vamanotsava).Without Alhaad and Krishnaamsa, I am feeling great sorrow and grief now.” Hearing her words, his brother Mahipati laughing and said to her: – “Krishnaamsa had sent a Brahman from Kannauj who name is Deveedatta. He will fulfill every works of yours.” Chandraavali heard the words of Mahipati, who was beautifully decorated with ornament and well-dressed saw the Brahman Chaamunda, who was that time burning in fire of sex. She became very fearless and came near her mother and said: – “Mother! That Brahman is wicked, and came here in want of kidnapping me. I even not aware of who the gallant man is he? Being a very devoted wife, how can I go Keertisaagara with him?” Mahipati had listened those words and being very much ashamed, he left the place and came back to the battleground with Chaamunda. On that very moment, Brahmaananda got defeated and took his left over three lakh soldiers and went inside the fort keeping those doors shut tightly. He went inside the fort of Mahavatee and indulged himself into a deep thought. There following those words of Mahipati, Prithviraja took his six lakh soldiers and surrounded the Pramoda named forest from every sides for the reason of Vamanotsava. Taalana and others with four gallant warriors arrived the Sireeshaakhya state and saw the state became a barren island. Nothing is left over in that place. They were all surprised to see that scene. They all roam about in that place here and there and met Mada named sage. When they came near to that sage , they all bow before him with praise , and asked him being in a deep thought :- ” Muney ! Where does the war beloved Baalakhani most suppressive gallant mighty went? Where are the residents of this place left for? ” . Hearing such words from them, the sage replied: – “King Prithviraja had destroyed everything in this place and he took the help of cheat and lie and killed Baalakhani. The funeral pyre you are all seeing in front is of his.”  Hearing those heavy words of the sage, Krishnaamsa got into great sorrow saying: – “Hey friend! The part of the son of lord Dharma. Where do you went? Without you, staying in this earth is just worthless! Please give me your presence otherwise I will give my life here itself! “After saying those sorrow filled words, the soul which got Pisacha yoni (the dwelling ghost or non-purified soul) of both Baalakhani and his wife appeared before him, shedding tears heavily, described everything before Krishnaamsa, how he had been cheated and got killed. Thereafter, the divine chariot appeared and those souls got into it which drove towards the heaven. And the soul of Baalakhani after reaching heaven got smeared in the body of Yudhisthira. With great sadness in mind, Krishnaamsa offered the obsequie and thus paying oblation to the deceased Baalakhani, arrived the palace of Mahavatee.



There, Krishnaamsa playing flute and charmed the viewers through his dancing and playing. In that show of dancing, Taalana disguised himself as ascetic and played Veena, Devshimha played Mridanga and Lakshmana played Majeera (Metal gong (Kamsa) and drum). King heard the sweet musical sound and got into its illusion. And that moment, queen Malana seeing the ceremony of paying tribute to Lord Vamana, crying, shedding tears heavily and said: – “My beloved where did you went? With brother, Krishnaamsa had left me as I am very unlucky woman on earth! Where will I get you? Knowing the fact that you have left, Prithviraja had ransacked this place.” Likewise hearing those words of queen Malana with love and respect Krishnaamsa said: – “Devi! Please do abide by my words! Queen! We are all yogis and were all experts in performing war, therefore to perform all your wants, we will all proceed to Naimishaaranya (Naimisha named forest). Therefore all the rice and barley women have in your home, please take with you everybody and come near the coast of Keertisaagara named sea .We all here to protect you, forming the soldier of sages.”  The devoted and faithful wife Chandraavali came near her mother and said: – ” The sage who is performing the dance is Krishnaamsa because both the eyes of him is like the lotus and beautiful. Therefore mother! Who has the power to protect us without Krishnaamsa in this Earth?  Prithviraja who cannot be conquered so easily by anybody on earth got only be defeated by Krishnaamsa before. “Queen Malana had listened those words of her daughter and with love, gave those heap of barley and rice to the hands of those women gathered there and proceed towards Keertisaagara with the sedans. Those women who were going for attending the ceremony were describing the famous activities of Krishnaamsa. During that time, Lakshmana quickly started to control the soldiers disguised as saints whose chieftains are Taalana and others and they were all protected under them. They all reached Keertisaagara and to protect the ten thousand sedans, they all surrounded those sedans and excited their mind to perform their works freely and at ease. At that moment, the chaotic Mahipati got knowledge about the arrival of Krishnaamsa, and therefore with his son he went near the king Parimala of lunar dynasty.  Had arrived king’s palace, he started to shed his tears and said: – “Maharaja (King)! Those saints looted those women, in which Malana and Chandraavali is present. Both were kidnapped by those sages. Those sages were disguised belonged to the army of king Prithviraja, and they had surrendered your daughter Chandraavali to Prithviraja’s eldest son Taraka (Tahaar) and my sister to king Prithviraja”. Hearing those strong insane words, the gallant and mighty Brahmaananda, burning red in anger took his one lakh soldiers proceed to the place where Prithviraja’s one thousand warriors were situated with Prithviraja himself. The army of Brahmaananda were protected by Kaamsena, the yadav who was the husband of Chandraavali and also by Ranajit and both were protecting the army very carefully.


In that battleground there took place a fiery battle, and during that time, the Taalana who was disguised as an ascetic started to rage a battle with the mightiest soldiers of Brahmaananda’s army, Kaamsena and others, Lakshmana raged battle with soldiers of Abhayashimha and Devshimha himself went near Mahipati for his aid.  On that very moment, defeating those enemies, they tied their enemies up with iron chain and as both of them were pleased, Kaamsena suddenly arrived there. Lakshmana had seen his arrival, he tied Kaamsena and Devshimha defeated and tied Ranajit and both of them after tying, situated themselves at that place. At that time, the gallant Brahmaananda arrived there and tied Taalana with the iron chain and went near Lakshmana and started fighting with bows and arrows. In that archery fight, bow of Lakshmana got destroyed by the gallant and the mighty Brahmaananda also tied Lakshmana with the iron chain and made Devshimha senseless. The army of the sages saw the scene and with fear in mind, started to run from the battlefield here and there. Krishnaamsa saw the destructive atmosphere produced by Brahmaananda and with politeness said to those women: – “Brahmaananda had arrived here and destroying my army, therefore please come with me everybody.” Had said those words, Krishnaamsa went near Brahmaananda, and there started a tremendous battle with Nara and Narayan. The mighty Krishnaamsa came towards Brahmaananda through the sky and made him senseless by his sword. After Brahmaananda got senseless, Krishnaamsa freed Taalana and others from being tied. And thereafter, he took his armies disguised in ascetic form and started to depart from the battlefield. On that very moment, Brahmaananda got back his senses, and able to know that armies of the sages faced a defeat by him and his soldiers, therefore, he took every women from the battlefield and proceed for home. At that time, Mahipati pleaded the mighty Prithviraja, who got boon from Shiv-jee (Lord Shiva), surrounded the women from every sides. And a tremendous battle took place, Nriharee faced Abhayashimha, Mardana faced Roopana, Sara Dana faced Madana, Taraka faced Brahmaananda and Chaamunda faced Kaamsena. An archery battle started between them. The gallant Abhaya fought with the one who used to pull the strings of bows, Nriharee, got his own bow broken by Abhaya and thereafter started to do the war with Bilbo. Nriharee got again his Bilbo broken by Abhaya started to run out from the battlefield. Abhayashimha seeing this and being red in anger, said: – “You are the son of king Prithviraja who is my uncle .You are my brother and son of my uncle and being in such a relative of me , why are you regardless about destroying the Kshatriya dharma by showing back fleeing out from the battlefield? ” Hearing those words, Nriharee got red in anger and the struck the destructive Pareegha named weapon on the forehead of Abhaya by which he got dead then and there and his soul reached heaven. He had been born from the part of Kritavarmaa and after his death, his soul got mixed in the body of Kritavarmaa. Likewise the mighty Saradana killed the cowherd’s son (gopa-putra) Madana in the battle and had destroyed the enemy soldiers under Madana. After that he started to cry the victory sound “Jay “again and again in a very loud pitch noise. Madana took birth from the part of Uttara and after his death, he got mixed in the body of him. During that time, Roopana went near the dead body of Madana, took out his Bilbo weapon and raged war with Saradana. There Brahmaananda being in great anger tied Taraka with his strong iron chain and after that, he reached near Prithviraja, started the war of archery with him. In want of victory, Ranajit being enraged and offended with the current situation, and in the mood of annoyance, took out his spear and beheaded Nriharee, the son of Prithviraja.


Nriharee born from the part of Dushaashana, and after his death, his soul got mixed in his divine body. After the death of Nriharee, Mardana started to strike his enemy Ranajit, with his arrows creating deep wounds in his body. The son of king Parimala, Ranajit, broke and cut every arrows into pieces and took out his spear and threw it towards the head of Madana. By which his head got beheaded from his body and Mardana died then and there. After the death of Mardana, Saradana took out his spear, and stroke in the chest of Ranajit. Malana’s son Ranajit, feeling the great pain from the strike, he took out his Bilbo and cut the head of Saradana into pieces. Thus the, three brothers got killed in the war, and after that Taraka, who was situated on the Chariot being enraged with anger stroke Ranajit with his arrows. Similarly, Ranajit also with his arrows destroyed the enemy Taraka’s bows and arrows. After which he stroke his three heavy arrows in the middle of Taraka’s chest. Taraka being punished for his act, being enraged with anger like a snake, he meditated upon lord Shiva and produced arrows with poison. He thus stroke and cut the throat of Ranajit with those arrows. Ranajit cannot bear the great pain and died. His soul left his body and reached heaven. Brahmaananda heard the news of his prowess, gallantry and valor brother -Ranajit’s death and indulged into great sadness. He quickly took his left over sixty thousand soldiers protecting those women and came back to his fort. After reaching his own fort, prince Brahmaananda shut the entrance doors tightly being afraid of Prithviraja and took shelter under the goddess Shaaradaa.


The mighty Prithviraja being in the pain of his son’s death, he took vow in front of every kings that like he made Sireeshaakhya state into a barren island, similarly Brahmaananda and the lineage of lunar dynasty with Mahavatee state will get destroyed by his arrows. After said such words, king called Dhundukaara there and said: – “My beloved! Please take five lakh soldiers quickly and come here”. Hearing those words, Dhundukaara arrived Deholi state and within seven days, he came again back to the battlefield. And after that, King Prithviraja with Taraka took the eight lakh soldiers and got trained for the battle. ”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty sixth chapter ended.




















Chapter 27

Return of Krishnaamsa and Battle of Vetravatee.

Sootjee said: – “The figure of wellness, Krishnaamsa, when he reached to twenty seven years, in the beginning of the month of Bhadra during the time of Krishna-paksha on the day of Dashaami, queen Malana was at deep thought. Therefore she called upon Jananayaka, who was the son of king Parimala, and said: – “You, who is the resident of Kacchapa named state (Gulf of Kacch) and belong to the dynasty of Gautama (Lord Buddha)! Dear !You in this very moment  , ride on Harinagara and bring back your small brother from Kanyakubja (Kannauj) with son Alhaad , who is my nearest and dearest son , Please do quickly call them ! ” . Hearing those words, Jananayaka gave importance to it which has been said by his mother and indulged in too deep thought. Queen Malana who was in front of him, being very sad and thinking of those words of king Parimala, she started to shed tears and crying loudly and lost her senses. After getting senses back, queen started to make herself ready for giving up her life and said: – “Hey Ramaamsa (part of Balaraam – Alhaad) and dear son of mine Krishnaamsa! Where you all do went with your mother Devaki leaving here, such an unlucky woman alone in this palace. “During that time, son of Parimala, Jananayaka, satisfied queen Malana with many words and after that he left for the state ‘ Kanyakubja ‘.


Sages (Rishis) asked:-” Romahaarshana (Sootjee)! You have said Jananayaka is king Parimala’s son, therefore, we all want to know that who he is. Please explain about it before us. ”


Soot jee replied: – “The father of king Parimala’s name was Pradyot, who was resident of Delhi and minister of king Anangpal, which I have said earlier. Muney! He had a daughter named Parimala, who had been born from the part of Dushala (the daughter of Dhritaraashtra, famous character of Mahabharata. She had very soft body like the dancer Rambha of Indra’s court. For her marriage, his father did Svayamvara. In that ceremony, there came Kamalaapati who was the son of the king of Kacchapa named state. He won her in that ceremony and following Vedic rules, he marry her and went to his own home. Due to their begetting, they produce a son named Jananayaka, who was a great warrior in his dynasty and expertized in Bilbo war. On the coast of river Sindhu, he got victory to its residential kings and made them pay the sixth part of their wealth as revenue. Once king Prithviraja for the want of collecting tax, with soldiers had arrived that Kacchapa state. As they arrived, indulged into a huge battle with Jananayaka. That suryavaamsin (Jananayaka, lineage of solar dynasty) continued the war with Prithviraja for one month, and after that he got defeated. Thereafter, he took his family out from that state and came to Mahavatee state. During that time king Parimala gave him a state, in which he stayed and created his fame by that name on the earth. That Jananayaka who belonged to Kacchapa state got the order from king Parimala and was going to Kanyakubja. ”


After he departed for the journey, Mahipati informed Prithviraja and he ordered Chaamunda, to go with one lakh army and tie Jananayaka up. To fulfil king Prithviraja’s words, the chieftain Chaamunda went to the coast of Vetravatee (Betwa) named sea and stopped Jananayaka there. Thereafter, the man of body strength and self-restraint gallant, Jananayaka, took out his Bilbo and beheaded hundred mighty soldiers. And after that, from the route of sky, he came near Chaamunda and took the crown from Chaamunda from his head, kept it in his hand. Chaamunda being ashamed, said to Jananayaka with politeness: – “You are Kshatriya and I am Brahman in caste. Therefore, mighty! Please give back my crown and be immortal and enjoy happy pleasures in life.” Hearing those words, and being king hearted, he returned his beautiful crown back. Thereafter, he proceed to the state named Kuthaarnagara, which had been ruled by king Vamana. Being so tired, therefore he slept under the shed of a Banyan tree situated in that Kuthaarnagara state. In that  joyous place , had that gallant Jananayaka slept , king Vamana got the news of his arrival from his messenger and also came to know about the reason for his arrival . He therefore disguised himself in a normal resident dress, came there hiding and kidnapped Jananayaka’s horse Harinagara. Jananayaka got up from his sleep and cannot find his horse. Therefore he shed his tears and cried in grief. Thereafter he saw the foot marks of his horse and followed it. Then following those foot-marks, he reached near king Vamana. He said to the king without having any fear in mind: – “You are the king of Gauda dynasty. But you have established and started producing the ridiculous nature of Kshatriyas on this earth. My praise towards you is that you are politician, therefore, you give my horse back to me and live your life happily. Otherwise Krishnaamsa will destroy this place.”


Hearing that strong words, king Vamana, made up his mind and quickly returned his horse being very much afraid. But he was greedy about the whip (a strip of leather or length of cord fastened to a handle, used for flogging and for urging on an animal) which was well decorated with ornaments, and precious jewels. And to make a statement for it, he started to take fake vows. Being hurt on such statements, son of Parimala (Jananayaka), said: – “King! This whip, for which you seem to be greedy enough to acquire it, one day this greediness, will destroy your fort.” Jananayaka had told such words, and arrived to Kanyakubja (Kannauj). Lakshmana saw him and being so conceit, egoistic and pride, said to him: – “Who are you, sitting on the horse and seem to be very courageous Kshatriya? “ Jananayaka replied: – “King! Who is from lunar dynasty (Parimala) had sent me here. To shelter under you, I have been arrived here “. Mahipati encouraged Prithviraja, by which king Prithviraja took vow to destroy the dynasty of Chandravaamsin (Lunar dynasty) by his divine Raudra Astra (Raudra named divine weapon). Therefore, you collect and organize all your soldiers with Alhaad and other. And please do proceed with me. King! Please do this now to bring back life in the dead soldiers (to bring back pride). “Hearing that, Jayachandra called Jananayaka before him and said: – “King Parimala is very rude! Because without making me as his lord and creating an alliance, he created it with Deholi’s king Prithviraja, who is my great enemy. Believing that, Prithviraja is his great friend, he even thrown away his protecting soldiers, who are acting as a shield to him. Therefore what the work we do on earth, the similar fruit we get from it. (What can I do in this matter?) . “Krishnaamsa heard the reply from Jayachandra, and he said: – “King! Parimala is very pure, but listening to those diverted words from Mahipati, he came under the control of Prithviraja. Therefore, I pray towards you that, please forgive him as you have a great knowledge on Dharma .We all want stay there under king Parimala.” Jayachandra replied: – “Krishnaamsa! Please give the wealth about the days you have stayed in my territory. After paying it, you can leave from here as quick as possible. Otherwise, it is impossible.”  Hearing such words, the one who keeps the world in his charm, the great Krishnaamsa, smiling at him and said: – “Please give me the wealth for I have created the furious battle with Lakshmana, for his victory in all directions, expanding your kingdom’s territory. Thereafter, you can take the shelter tax (rental -tax) from me.”  Jayachandra was very ashamed on hearing the words of Krishnaamsa and sent seven lakh warriors with him. Krishnaamsa, the mighty took his whole family with Lakshmana and went near the king, bowed before him in praise and departed from the place. On his way, firstly he saw the fort of Kuthaarnagara and surrounded it from all directions. Hearing his arrival, King Vamana, being pleased and happy, gave the whip back to Jananayaka. The gallant Lakshmana, ordered king Vamana, to come after him with his ten thousand soldier who came with the king for delivering the whip. They all proceed to the pious coast of Yamuna. There, Lakshmana crossed the water of Yamuna, the gallant Lakshmana ordered Gangaashimha who was present there with sixty thousand soldiers at that moment to proceed forward with him and he himself proceed to reach the beautiful coast of Vetravatee river (Betwa). With the army, Lakshmana reached that coast of Vetravatee and stayed there with everyone well decorated with weapons.


Meanwhile, with one lakh soldiers, Chaamunda came there with one lakh soldiers and placed those soundly and enemy destroyer cannons there, and started war with them. Till one prahara (three hours) cannons were being fired from both the sides. After the war, Chaamunda who was the mighty Raktabeeja, saw his army was facing a defeat, he quickly arrived to that place, and induced an archery battle with the soldiers of Taalana. By the strike of Chaamunda, many soldiers died and others were fleeing from the battlefield, since they were all getting wounded by the arrows of Chaamunda. Taalana saw his army facing a destruction, he took out his Pareegha named weapon and made Chaamunda with his elephant fell into the ground. During that time, Chaamunda started the battle with his Bilbo weapon and defeated Taalana who was the bearer of the weapon named Pareegha. Thereafter, he tried to move forward, and on that moment, Lakshmana quickly went there and stroke with the spear on Chaamunda’s both arms. Blood of Chaamunda fell to the ground and he generated himself from every drop of his blood viewing like thousands in numbers and decorated with Bilbo and other weapons, taunting his enemies, telling them to stop from fleeing. Seeing the Raktabeej’s different forms, Alhaad and other mightier soldiers were terrified in fear and went near Brahmaananda. Brahmaananda saw them with Lakshmana and went near his father to give the knowledge of Lakshmana’s arrival. Muney (Rishis)! Hearing those reasons of Lakshmana’s arrival, with love and affection, king Parimala went near him and started crying in want of his help. During that time the figure of wellness, Devi Devaki filled with affection, she said to the king: – “We are all present before you as a poor and paying hostage to you, since it’s our duty for lifetime. Respectful are you! Oh king! You have thrown us out of your state, therefore, we all took shelter under another king, and roaming here and there.  But these all were the fruit of the sins of our earlier birth. Therefore please forgive us.” Hearing those pleasant words, and filled with worldly happiness, he made Ramaamsa (Alhaad) his minister of his kingdom and gave his army’s chieftain to Krishnaamsa .On the fifth day, and Krishnaamsa came with all his soldiers to the state which was ruled by Chaamunda who was the pride of Prithviraja. He surrounded his state with the army around all the sides. Thereafter, there was a tremendous battle raged between them for a month. After one month got passed, in the soft atmosphere of that early morning, the one lakh army went near that thousand forms of Raktabeeja (Chaamunda) and beheaded them. Each drop of the blood of that thousand mightier, formed many form of Chaamunda which was one lakh in number.


During that time, being terrified from such forms of Chaamunda, all the soldiers of Krishnaamsa (Udayashimha) got afraid. Muney (Rishis)! On that time, terrified Krishnaamsa also took shelter under the goddess Shaaradaa:-


Krishnaamsa uvacha: – “Namaastey Sharadey Matah Brahma Loka Nivasini | Tvyam Tatamidaam Vishwam Shabda Maatra Nirantara ||

Rakta beeja vinaashaaye Chaamundaa roop Dhaarinee | Namaste Divya Chaamundey Paahi Maam Sharanaagatam ||”


Krishnaamsa said: – “You who live in the Brahma Loka, I praise thee goddess Shaaradaa. Who by her power of her own voice, expanded the whole universe? I praise that form goddess Chaamunda, who took the Chaamunda form to destroy Raktabeeja. Goddess, now I am under your shelter, please protect me.” Hearing the reciting prayers of Krishnaamsa, the one who can do everything and boon bestowal to her devotees, took shelter in the Bilbo weapon of Krishnaamsa and thus he could slaughter and make those one lakh forms into ashes. Only, now Chaamunda had been left alone in the battlefield. At that time, Krishnaamsa tied Chaamunda and sent him, near Brahmaananda. Prithviraja heard the news and being very afraid, he came near the king Parimala who was the figure of love and kindness, and said: – “Please forgive my all sins. I came under the words of Mahipati and did such sinful activities which has resulted a great terror in my mind now. Gallant king! From today, our enmity have converted to love and friendship. From today we are in alliance and you have become my relative. And I am your savant.”  Parimala listened those words and replied to Prithviraja: – “The son of Ratnabhaanu, who got fame in the name of Lakshmana, and is preferable man under which anybody can take shelter. Please take shelter under him. He is the great devotee of lord Vishnu and very much kind hearted.”  Prithviraja followed those words of king Parimala and came near Lakshmana in the form of Brahman, sat down to the ground and bowed before him. Lakshmana also bestowed kindness, love and affection to him and after that he left for Kanyakubja with his seven lakh soldiers. After that, on the month of Falguna (February), everybody went to their respective home. On the month of Chaitra, for Baalakhani, they went to Gaya and perform the obsequie rites and funeral ceremony of Baalakhani and on the day during the time of Shukla-paksha (full moon night), they came back to their home and gave food to the Brahmans who were followers of Vedas.



In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty seventh chapter ended.



Chapter 28

Kidnapping of Krishnaamsa by Shobhana and war with Muslims and the army of Mahaamada (Muhammad).

On the beginning of the twenty eighth age, Krishnaamsa on the month of Kartikaa, day of Chandra (Monday) in which Krittvika nakshatra (star) and its yog of Vyatipada was situated.  He with Svarnavatee took his ten-thousand army personnel for flowing the crown in the water of river Ganges that had been worn during the marriage. He reached the coast of Ganga, and the place were seem to be forested which was filled with lotus flowers. On that very pure, Utpala-aranya (Utpala named forest), where the sage Valmiki used to live. That coast of Ganges is filled with the power of Brahma, which was strong like the iron and was nailed to the ground. The pure Krishnaamsa reached that place. He and Pushpaavati did bath in that river and gave one thousand cow to Brahmans. During that time, Shobha (Shobhana) named seductive courtesan came there, who was extremely beautiful and belonged to the dynasty of Mleccha. She saw Krishnaamsa who was supremely delightful, the best among every men. Seeing the beauty of Krishnaamsa, she became irresistible and wants to seduce him. At that very moment, she fell down, losing all her senses. Seeing her senseless, that seductive man, Krishnaamsa, went to his own place and called upon the learned Shastris and asked: – “You all are great knowledgeable men about the subject Vedas. Hey learned Brahmins! Who wrote the eighteen puranas? And also I am willing to listen all of their fruits.” Hearing such beautiful words , the learned Shastris who were all present there replied :- ” Sage Paraasaara wrote Vishnu-purana , Lord Shiva wrote Skanda Purana , Lord Brahma told Padma-purana , Sage Suk deva wrote Bhagwat Purana , Lord Brahma wrote Brahma-Purana , and Lord Vishnu wrote Garuda-Purana . These six puranas were filled with Satvik guna (knowledge of purity and truthful). Matsya purana, Kurma purana, Nrishimha purana, Vamana purana, Shiv purana and Vayu purana written by Vyasa sage. In this earth, these puranas were filled with rajas guna (Knowledge of passion) and those puranas is filled with action based true stories. Markendya Purana and Varaha purana is written by Markandeya sage. The beautiful Agni purana is written by Angira sage. Linga purana and Brahmanda purana written by Tandi named sage and the pure Bhavishya purana is described by lord Shiva (Mahadeva) himself. These books composed of power and dharma and is told filled with Tamas guna (Knowledge of dullness, lowest or darkest). Between all these puranas, Bhagwat Purana is the best among all. When Kali bestowed his yuga on the earth so deeply , during that time king Vikramaditya came down from Kailash named mountain to the earth and called every sage on that place .During that time , the sages lived in Naimisha named forest (Naimishaaranya) recalled every eighteen puranas . ” The dharmic Krishnaamsa after listening the fruit of Bhagwat Purana , on the seventh day , he provided them cows ,an amount of gold and food to all Brahmans and followed the laws of Vedas . And after that he called upon Vedic Brahmans and feed them.”


Shobha, who seems not to have benefited from this edifying discourse, has become an almswoman and set herself to meditating on “the heroic Mahaamada, the Pisacha servant of Raudra”. She went near Krishnaamsa and started to spread her illusion of charming living beings, to convert them to stone. “Seeing that Svarnavatee, who is the wife of Alhaad, destroyed her illusion and proceed from there. During that time, being red in anger, that courtesan Shobha with her wicked charm, stole her dress which cost about one lakh and proceed for Balheek state. Svarnavatee , the daughter of Netrashimha , reached the midst  of Kalpakshetra and came to know that courtesan had stolen her one lakh dress , and being very sad in mind , said to Krishnaamsa :- ” The strongest among all ! Go! Go!  And have my dress and quickly meet with me! I have created a small ball with my illusion, take it in your mouth. By this, Shobha’s every charm will get destroyed .For your wellness I have created such ball.” Hearing such words, the most attractive person of the universe, Krishnaamsa, took that ball in his mouth and saw that courtesan in the field of Varaha kshetra (region). That courtesan also saw him and to have bodily pleasure, she created her charm and went near him. But her every charm got destroyed. Seeing her illusion had destroyed, she started to cry loudly. The kind hearted Krishnaamsa being pleased with her, asked: – “Fortunate lady! Why are you crying, please tell me the truth, without any obstruction.”  She replied: – “Sahar (Sahura) named my brother, who is very favorite to me equal to my life. But he with five thousand gypsies (natas) died. Fortunate man! Therefore I am at your shelter and crying loudly.”  After saying such, the wicked Shobha, created her charm and viewed him those low caste graves. And to make her work successful, she started to shed her tears and created an environment to sacrifice herself. The kindhearted Krishnaamsa had seen her condition and said politely: – “Beautiful lady! How to make your brothers alive again. Please tell me quickly!” She replied: – “The ball which is situated in your mouth is only the way by which my brothers will be alive. Therefore please give me that ball to me. “Hearing the words of that courtesan, Krishnaamsa gave her the ball. After that, wicked lady who is affected of having bodily pleasure with Krishnaamsa, convert him to parrot and kept him in a cage. She took him to her residential place, Vahika named country. After she had reached that country, she converted him in his actual divine body from parrot, and that sex beloved wicked courtesan hugged Krishnaamsa. But seeing that condition, pure Krishnaamsa meditated upon goddess Jagadambika and recited “Ratri Sukta ” – The Hymn of Night .  By the power of that mantra, she got tiresome, sweating and perspiring and thereafter she converted him again into the body of Parrot. He flew and sat on the branch of a tamarind tree. During that time, Svarnavatee converted herself in to the body of female hawk (a form of eagle) through the charm of Vishnu and went there. She saw Krishnaamsa in the form of Parrot. And on that time, courtesan Shobha converted him again into his body and said politely to him: – “My love who is more than my life! My owner! I am stuck by the arrow of Madana and I am in pain. Therefore quickly come and hug me.” Krishnaamsa replied to her: – “Beautiful lady! Please listen my words carefully! I belong to the Arya dharma and walk in the path of Vedic dharma (religion) .Those persons doesn’t give the satisfaction of the child during the seasonal mating time that is the fruit of the menstruation cycle , that sinner had to feel the   pain of Naraka and after that fall in the yoni of Tiryaka ( bird yoni ) . Therefore enjoying different woman other than wife is very sinful act. “Hearing such words Shobha Replied: – “The knower of everything! The knowledgeable Vishwamitra and Shringee sage, made their contact with courtesan before, but, they didn’t attain Naraka (hell). Therefore, I am a woman who is dying of having sex, please do hug me now.”


Hearing that Krishnaamsa replied: – ” Those two sages were most divine ones .By their power of meditation they did that .But now at this time, I am unable to do such thing. The half of male’s body is female, mostly to fulfil the menstruation cycle. Therefore, I am the person belong to Aryan culture and you are the courtesan who satisfy your bodily pleasure with others.  I and you together, just an impossible act .Because mouth that situated on the east side, spelled the word of “Rishi ” , by which it created the fame of Santana . Likewise, mouth that situated on the northern side spelled the word of “yoga “and” yajur ” words. From the western mouth , spelled the word of ” Taddhitant ( nominal suffix , a group of  (     formed with a taddhita affix , tad means that , dhita means bestowed ; which means that bestowed upon  ) ) ”  , ” Yash ” (Fame) , and Saamaj (    occurring in the samaveda) . Therefore words like “Chhanda” (Lyrical Beats), “Bhuta” (soul and energy) and other Vedic words are favorite of Brahmins.  From the Atharva (Veda) it was only the caste that is produced and from the fifth mouth spelled the word of “Samsarik” (Family), which is Prakrit (a primary form) and contain five lakhs of division. Therefore, who has purity in his soul and knower of four Vedas relinquish and abandon “Family ” and he can only overcome the cycle of life and death , and can easily get out from the deep forest of universe . Thereafter , he has the ability to attain that pure ” Brahma ” ,and at last he attain ” Moksha ” (salvation) . If life is clenched to its vocal cord, you should not speak the yavani (language speaks by a Musalmaan (Muslim)) language and if you were crushed under the feet of an elephant, you shouldn’t visit a “Jain” temple. Likewise, I have explained all the “smriti” (words written down verbally in Vedic literature) words told by sages before you. Therefore, how could I throw my religion out, which is the bestowal of happiness to all?”


Hearing such words , that mlecch cultured courtesan ,Shobha (Shobhana) being red in anger started to flogged him heavily and after that she converted him again to the form of a parrot and  even doesn’t provide him any food to eat . Seeing such scene, Svarnavatee converted herself in the original form of woman and charmed Krishnaamsa into the form of fly (Masaka) and get him out of there. Thereafter, again, she converted herself into the form of a female hawk and proceed for her own country. She kept Krishnaamsa in the form of mosquito on her back and entered the state of Mayurnagara. Makaranda saw her and recognized them that the female hawk was the Svarnavatee, the daughter of Netrashimha and that mosquito was the Krishnaamsa. They landed there, took their original form and touched his feet. After that they stayed with him in his palace. Meanwhile, when Shobhana (Shobha) reached near the cage and saw that it was empty. Shobhana then fell down to the ground senseless .Thereafter getting back to her senses, started to cry loudly and said: – “How could I get that handsome Krishnaamsa? What could I do without him? Where will I go?” Thus saying those words in grief, she arrived the place named Madhinapura (Medina). There that resident, the great illusionist Mahaamada (Muhammad) who was involved in the works of “Pisacha” (ghastly works of a ghost). She made herself to sacrifice her life infront of him. Seeing her, and being pleased, he visited the temple of Marusthalesvara (the lord of desert) which consist of a Linga of Mahadeva (lord Shiva) and started to worship the lord with Sanskrit words. Being pleased with his servant, Lord Shiva appeared and said: – “The woman named Svarnavatee had kidnapped that Krishnaamsa who is staunch Aryan culture follower and very much gallant. Therefore, my servant, please do come with me in the place named “Mayurnagara” “. Hearing those words of lord Shiva, that great illusionist took his five thousand army of magician gypsies taking her (Shobhana’s) brother Sahura with him and proceed for Mayurnagara. By the help of illusion of lord Vishnu (through Shakti), they came to know the fact that was about to happen, and therefore Indula and Alhaad came to Mayurnagara in aid. They gave their lakh soldiers to the Makaranda. During that time Shobhana came there with his army and started to influence that place with her great illusion. It seem that big and bigger amount and chunks of cloud created in the atmosphere, big ball of galactic stars falling from the sky and there started the rain of dust. As the illusion was sustainable, darkness bestowed everywhere .Makaranda saw that situation and he rode his chariot to the source, where the charm was being controlled. He took out “Shani” named spear and destroyed the illusion. He then caught hold of the strong and wicked Sahura and proceed for his home.


That time, Shobhana started to influence everybody through her “Kaama” named illusion (illusion of seduction), where different types of courtesans were present and to attract everybody towards them, they started to sing and dance. Seeing that dance, except , Krishnaamsa and Devshimha , everybody were in the illusion and were standing like stone made statues .During that time , Svarnavatee meditated upon Kamakshee Devi and made them back to their senses . Then, she caught Shobhana, and brought him near Mayurdhwaja. She then tied her through strong iron chain. Mahaamada got the news and then he influence his ” Shaambaree” named illusion , in which Mahaamada produces different kinds of animals such as lions, monkeys, hogs , flies, serpents, vultures, and crows with his magic ; which were fiercely eating up the armies . Seeing that state ,Svarnavatee invoked and meditated upon the goddess Kamakshee Devi and with the help of the power , she began to create Taraksyas ( Garudas – eagles) and Sarabhaas ( eight legged monsters) which started to eat up those lions and fell upon others , slaying those animals of thousands and thousands . Thus she neutralizes the charm of Mahaamada. The soldiers were afraid to view such situation and started to flee from the battlefield. But that Shobhana who was the creator of charm had to accept the slavery of Svarnavatee. Alhaad thereafter slayed and pulverized those armies of gypsies with Shobhana’s brother Sahura. Then he buried their blood filled jars (the blood that came out from the crushed bodies of gypsies and Sahura) under the soil. The greatest among all sages! Likewise the battle continued for four months, and on the beginning of the month of Vaishakh (month of April), those mightiest came back to their respective homelands. Every sages! By this I have narrated everything before you all. Now what you all like to listen from me? ”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty eighth chapter ended.











Chapter 29

War with Chinese Buddhists.

Rishis said: – The greatest among all sages! You have told about a “Kinnari” named girl. Where did the girl born? Please describe about it before us!”


Sootjee told: – “Long ago in the country known as Chaitraratha, where many types of people used to live, the inhabitants of the heavenly planets used to come there to play during the time of autumn. One day a heavenly apsara (courtesan) known as Manjughosha came to that place where the sage Shuka in form of a childish boy was residing there. Seeing that beautiful boy, she tried to attract him by singing and dancing, being overwhelmed by lusty desires. She praised him with a beautiful prayer holding her hands and bowing down. Somehow, she pleased the muni. Then the glorious Shuka, hearing this auspicious prayer asked her to request a benediction. Manjughosha humbly said: -”O lord, you are the protector of those who came to your shelter, therefore I am at your shelter, please become my husband”. The sage accepted her and after some time they produced a son named “Muni” who performed austerity very strictly up to 12 years. Being pleased with his mediation, lord Raudra (Shiva) blessed him and with a gift of benediction, he married the daughter of Svarnadeva, the god of gold. After that they made their residential place at the peak of Himalaya and begat themselves and with its fruit, gave birth to a daughter named “Kinnari”. She was very young and beautiful. She performed austerity to please Lord Shiva, and as a benediction lord Shiva entrusted her to calm and solemn king Makaranda. Then her father, Muni, praised lord Shiva and said: – “The lord of lord, I praise you. Please give my daughter boon for progressing in the world and give her a state to rule upon.”  Lord Shiva said: – “When Gurunda’s (British) rule will end, you will enjoy your rule in the state named Madhya-pradesh up to thirty years, then it will be destroyed.” After hearing this Muni went to his place with Makaranda and resided there. Sages! After ending this event, I am about to describe another pure happening! Please listen!”  As soon as Krishnaamsa’s age, twenty nine started the battle took place among those kings who took birth as the incarnations of the associates of Krishna. Bauddha, the lord of nyuhas (the lessened people) attacked the beautiful city of Netrapala, thinking that this city is wonderfully decorated with various kinds of jewels. The powerful king Bauddha-shimha who had seven-million soldiers, fought with those kings who had only three million soldiers. The fight went on terribly between the armies for seven days and nights. The great powerful kings, who killed all the inimical armies protected by Bauddha-shimha, were Yoga-shimha, Bhoga-shimha and Vijaya.


After that more Buddhists came from the countries known as Shyama and Japaka, and all of them were magicians and were praised in the world. Again they had a large battle which lasted for one month. Then Netrashimha arrived with seven lakh soldiers protected by eight generals, for the destruction of the Buddhists. They were Krishnaamsa who sat on Bindula named horse, Devshimha sat on his own horse, Indula sat on Karala named horse, Alhaad sat on elephant, Goutam who sat on Harinagara and Talana sat on Shimhinee named mare. Dhaanyapala who was oil crusher (Teli or Tailyakaara) and was part avataara of Yuyutsu also came there. Lallashimha who was the part avataara of the mighty Kuntibhoja also came there. There also came Tambulpaka (persons ranking of carrying betel leaf and its box) caste men by the order of Lakshmana. During that time Netrashimha’s seven lakh army was protected by eight gallant generals, proceed for the battle. But seeing that huge army, they were all afraid and all the Buddhists left India completely and went to China to continue the war from there. The opposite army also continued following them. When they arrived on the bank of the Huha (Hoola) river, it was the month of Maagh, the second half part of the month of January, the fight took place again. There were one lakh soldiers from Shyama and more one lakh from Japaka, and ten lakh soldiers from China assembled for a fight. On the other side Netrapala also had gallant warriors such as, Krishnaamsa with one lakh soldiers , Devshimha with one lakh soldiers and Yogashimha, Bhoga-shimha with Netrapala also ready with their army. Mandalika (Alhaad) with Indula also situated with their one-lakh army. Dhaanyapala and Lallashimha controlling their one-lakh warriors. Jana nayaka also ready with his one lakh army. Talana was also with one lakh soldiers ready for the war.


“Sages! There was a terrible battle started between the Buddhists and the Aryans. The battle was continuous, and there was abundance of death toll just increasing the population in Yamloka. It continued for a paksha and in that war seven lakh Buddhists, and two lakh Aryans were killed. Being afraid the Buddhists ran away from the battle and went to their home and through their carpentry skill, they produce a wooden army with the help of a machinery arrangement. They made ten-thousand elephants (made out of wood) along with warriors, one lakh horses, one thousand buffaloes, one thousand hogs, one thousand tigers, one thousand swans, and seven thousand camels. All these creatures had wooden warriors on their back. Thus with the wooden army which was one lakh twenty five thousand in number, they killed two lakh soldiers protected by Krishnaamsa. Seeing this wonder Jayanta (Indula), the expert fighter shot fire arrows toward the wooden armies, so that they were immediately destroyed, being burnt to ashes with carriage and its masters. Only three lakh Kshatriya (warriors) were left, and they glorified the proficient warrior Indula again and again. Then the Buddhists from China, made a twenty thousand strong iron horse Calvary and sent them to fight. The powerful warrior Yogashimha, riding on an elephant held the bow and arrows in his hands and shot to the neck of the iron warriors. Being afflicted by the arrows of Yogashimha caused wear and tear of their bodies. Therefore through his arrows, those five thousand soldiers which were built up with iron were killed. Seeing the gallant fight of Yogashimha, Bauddha-shimha made an iron tiger and sent it to Yogashimha. By the attack of that iron tiger the brave Yogashimha was finally killed, and then Bhoga-shimha riding on a horse, went to fight with the tiger. He killed the tiger by throwing Valla-Astra (a kind of arrow or missile with a point of a partic. shape or a spear shaped weapon), and roared loudly. Then a lion was sent to him by Bauddha-shimha and thus he (Bhoga-shimha) with his horse were killed by a lion. When the son of Svarnavatee (Indula) saw that his maternal uncles were already dead, he rode on a powerful horse and went to Bauddha-shimha. He took illusory arrows and put the opposite army into delusion along with Bauddha-shimha. He captured ten-thousand kings including Bauddha-shimha, and returned to Krishnaamsa having destroyed the mechanical armies. Then all of them happily went to the state named “Prapeshya-nagara” and forcibly “looted” the wealth from the palace, which was very opulent, and came back the fort of the king. Jayanta came and released Bauddha-shimha. After being released he offered his daughter Padmaja to Indula, as his wife and also offered ten crore golden coins for the pleasure of his in law. After that all the Buddhists made their vows there itself saying “We will never go to Arya-desa to invade the country.” Then they offered their homage and left. After their departure, Netrapala also went to his home with his three lakh remaining soldiers.


Rishis replied: – “Sootjee! Why Indula didn’t make his maternal uncles Yogashimha and others alive? Please tell us about it! ”


Sootjee said: – “One day! Few living beings of “Yamloka” which is ruled by lord of death “Yamraaj” arrived to the earth. Again they went near the king of every lords “Indra” and praised him. They said: – “We all praise you! Lord! Jayanta (Indula) arrived in earth and giving life to the dead. Therefore, he is breaking rules of the earth.” Hearing those words, lord Indra, with his divine illusion, took away the power of arriving in “Devloka” and his divine horse from his son Jayanta (Indula). During that time, Indula being very sad about it, started to worship the goddess Sarada, the mother of wellness. After that he started meditation and austerity. “Sages! I have told about it, now listen about the occurrence.  The mighty Netrapala indulged in deep agony of losing his children, and therefore he divided the ten crore gold over his left-over, eight sons, equally. After that with his eight gallant sons and two lakh warriors, he proceed towards his palace.”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named twenty ninth chapter ended.







Chapter 30

Release of Lakshmana from prison in Delhi.

Soot jee said: – “Sages! The time when Krishnaamsa and other kings were busy in conquest in the country of China, during that moment, Kaampaala called Lakshmana, who was the part avataara of Nakula. In the letter he wrote: – “The greatest of all, Jayachandra! Be careful and please listen my words. On the very pious day of “Vaishakh Shukla Saptamee”, it is decided of Dwiragaman (second coming of a newly-married woman to her husband’s house) for mighty Lakshmana. Therefore please do sent Lakshmana alone to my palace. Thereafter, took my daughter’s sedan and bring it to the palace of yours. Because, if the strongest king Prithviraja know the fact he will come with his soldiers and forcefully will take away the sedan. Therefore, my thought is looking very absolute to the situation.” Hearing it, being very happy, king Jayachandra, called upon Lakshmana who was riding elephant and sent him to the state of Kaampaala with hundreds of soldiers. On the way, completing the five days of journey, they reached the house of Kaampaala. On that day, his brother-in-law Padmaakara heard about and called Prithviraja there. After that, there started a war between them. Seeing his enemy king Prithviraja there, prince Lakshmana, who the part avataara of Nakula, started to throw arrows on him. Thus making Prithviraja senseless, and killing five hundred mighty soldiers of him, thereafter he reached the palace of Kaampaala and bowed before him. After that, with very love and care, paid hostage to him and made him to stay in his palace. After getting king Prithviraja senses back, he went to the house of Padmaakara and told: – “My beloved friend listen!  Lakshmana is my greatest enemy, and he is staying in your house. If you tie him and present before me, then I will give the post of my chief.”  Hearing it, Padmaakara couldn’t, control the greed offered to him and gave poison named “Haalaahala”. By which Lakshmana got senseless and he tied him strongly and presented him before the king Prithviraja. King Prithviraja therefore, killed his hundred soldiers and hide Lakshmana in his hidden jail. Knowing the fact of her husband’s disappearance, queen Padminee worshipped goddess Chandikaa, for his wellness. That boon bestowal, figure of wellness, goddess Chandikaa pleased with her prayers and encouraged her. Thereafter, in Lakshmana’s dreams, goddess Chandikaa appeared and said: – “Please recite the mantra “Hrim Phat Ghe Ghe” which will destroy all your obstructions.”   Lakshmana got back to his senses and started to recite the prayer. At the beginning of the month of “Asadha”, Krishnaamsa and other gallant warriors went to their respective home. Talana with Krishnaamsa went to the state of Kanyakubja. There not seeing his brother Lakshmana in the palace of Jayachandra, they wanted to know the reason. Being aware of the fact, they disguised themselves in the form of yogis (sages) in which Dhaanyapala carrying Majeera in his hand, Taalana carrying Veena, and Lallashimha carrying Mridanga, and thereafter they reached the palace of king Parimala. The courtiers of the king Parimala were deluded seeing their performance of singing and dancing.


Being pleased, king Parimala himself gifted the necklace made up of beads from his neck to Taalana and the other two got golden finger-rings. Seeing the respect, they got very happy and all reached near Krishnaamsa. Krishnaamsa came to know about the Excellency and expertise of his society, he disguised himself as a sage and proceed for Bindugarh. On reaching that place, Krishnaamsa did a nice “raas-leela” on its market-place. Thereafter, they all arrived in the house of Padmaakara. Being very pleased, they all performed dance. During that time, every women arrived at that place and were seeing the delusional figure of Krishnaamsa, who was dancing and playing flute. Seeing his dance and playing flute, every women just standing like a statue being in its illusion, while Padminee didn’t come in its influence and recognized the sage is Krishnaamsa himself. Made her mind, that the man is Krishnaamsa, shedding tears, she prayed before him: – “The mighty Lakshmana is my husband who has been forcefully kidnapped by king Prithviraja and he put him in jail. But I am a woman, you are a sage, therefore I am in deep thought that how my husband could will get freedom from jail? “Hearing it Krishnaamsa, put up his two hand and satisfied Padminee with his words. There-after, he proceed for Deholi state. Had reached there, he started to perform his dance in the court of Prithviraja. Prithviraja was pleased with his dance and said to Krishnaamsa: – “Sage! Please tell me your desire, what do you want? I will produce it before you.” Krishnaamsa heard those words and replied: – “King! I want to see the jail that has been built for those enemy kings. Because you are the king of all kings, as I have heard about it. I have told you my desire, therefore please give it to me.” Being pleased with Krishnaamsa’s performance, king quickly viewed it to him and gave him much gold. After that, those sages, went to Mahavatee state. By king’s order , Alhaad made his army of Mahavatee ready for fight , who were always ready to do war .Likewise Taalana also took his seven lakh soldiers  , and in total of twelve lakh soldiers that constituting the army , in which most gallant warriors were present , decorated with weapons and proceed for Deholi (Delhi) state . At that moment , the most knowledgeable chief of Prithviraja named Chandrabhatta ( Chand Bardai who wrote ” Prithviraaj Raso”) , who was the worshipper of goddess Shakti , came near Prithviraja and said :- ” By illusion of goddess Shakti , I am able to know about the most secret happening , in near future . In which I saw “The pure brahma” (the lord of universe – indicating lord Krishna) arrived as Udayashimha (Krishnaamsa – part of Krishna) near me. Being pleased, Udayashimha said to me:- “I am now having an earthly body! I will destroy whole of Kauravamsa (the part of Kauravas), therefore I am going to the state Deholi (Delhi). There, destroying those part of Kauravas, I will establish Kali on the surface of the earth.  Thereafter, I will depart from my body and will come to you and will secretly do the work together (The soul will mix with lord Krishna). “After informing me about the fact, he already started his way for arriving here with his horse Bindula.  King! Krishnaamsa said to me all those through the divine power of Devi Shakti, when I was indulged in the sleep of austerity. ”


By hearing, those fearful words, King was astonished. He became very afraid, and called upon one thousand soldiers. Thereafter, he submitted Lakshmana to them and said to those soldiers: – “Take him with you and submit him to king Padmaakara and then come here and tell me the details about the happenings.”  Obeying king’s words, those Kshatriyas, who were all mighty agnivamsas (Agni dynasty) did as they were ordered to do and after completion, they came near Prithviraja and explained him about the happenings. The chief of those thousand soldiers, Bhagdanta said to the king: – “What the king Padmaakara has said, I am describing it before you, please listen to it carefully. He said to you that: – “King! My sister who is expert in creating charm and illusion, she got everything of the lord of austerity namely Yagyadheesha and had worshipped him well. From him, she got the boon from the lord about the knowledge of disappearing someone. She is expert in it and therefore, through her charm will disappear him. “Hearing those words from Bhagdanta, Prithviraja was very much delighted. Meanwhile, those gallant warriors arrived the state Deholi which is the capital kingdom of Prithviraja and surrounded it from all sides. During that moment , king Prithviraja came near them and gave them different types of garments and clothes as gift and being very kind , he said to them :-” Your king Lakshmana is not present in my jail . If he is present in my jail, then your showing of wrath against me is justified. “Then, the king showed his jail to Krishnaamsa. Thereafter being afraid, he took the vow of lord Mahadeva. Krishnaamsa find the truth in his words, and feeling sadness in heart, his soldiers proceed for the state of Bindugarh. After arriving there, king Kaampaala got the news of their arrival and with different types of gifts, he took shelter under Krishnaamsa and with love and kind words, he said to him:-” I and my peoples are not aware where did my daughter Padminee took Lakshmana ? I am telling the truth before you.”  Hearing those words of king Kaampaala, Krishnaamsa took his army to Kanyakubja and said to the king Jayachandra: – “Your brother’s son Lakshmana with Padminee is not present in the palace of the king Kaampaala. I have known the truth by seeing every nook and corner of it. Where did my favorite king, equal to my soul, went in which place of the earth? King! If I don’t see him, I will surely die now? Where did you went, the son of Ratnabhaanu? The great devotee of lord Vishnu! Where did you went leaving me, your best friend, alone? “Saying all those, the lover of Vaishnav dharma, Krishnaamsa lost his senses.


During, that time, Svarnavatee converting herself into parrot form, with her servant Shobhana, arrived there. Thereafter Svarnavatee sent Shobhana (Shobha), who was the consumer of the great illusion of Mlecchas near the king Jayachandra. She said to the king: – “The greatest king of all! Please listen my words carefully! My name is Shobhana and I am the famous illusionist. The one who has kidnapped your son with his wife, I am going there with my teacher Mahaamada (Muhammad). With me, Alhaad, Indula, Devshimha, and the mighty Talana will go under the chieftain of Krishnaamsa. ”  After that she took the form of saint’s body and put herself over that worshipper of lord Raudra (Shiva) , the pisacha , Mahaamada ( as if the ghost is the carrier of Shobhana) . Riding over the ghastly soul of Mahaamada that, Shobhana, paved the way of those disguised forms of yogis (sages), proceed for the destination. On that way, Alhaad rode over elephant, Indula over Karala named horse, Talana over Shimhinee named mare, Devshimha over Manoratha named horse and Krishnaamsa over Bindula, just riding their respective carriers and going for the destination. From there, they reached Kaamroopa named place, on which they went for hundred yojana long distance in search of Lakshmana in every houses that fall on their way. But they didn’t get him. Again, that Shobhana searching inside of every man through her illusive power, and came to the state of Mayurnagara, but failed to get him. Likewise, that Shobhana name illusionist went to Innagarh and Baalheek state and searched Lakshmana in every man and houses, but failed to get him. After arriving at Baalheek state, and being failed to search Lakshmana, she arrived in the place of Marusthalaa (the part of Rajasthan which fall near the border of Baalheek (part of Punjab)) and following the order of Vedas, she started to worship the Lord Markateshwara Mahadeva (a form of lord Shiva) and thereafter, she started to do singing and dancing infront of the lord. Then that lord, who was duly worshipped by Mlecchas, came out from under the Earth and said to Krishnaamsa politely: – “Mighty! Kaalaagni Raudra (a form of lord Shiva) had situated me under this earth, at this place (may be visualizing the war between the forms of Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva himself for restoring peace and dharma that we get from Shiva and Linga Purana). Therefore I am unable to grant your wish. So, please don’t waste your time here. “Hearing that from Lord Shiva, Shobhana lost all her hopes and came near Svarnavatee. After that she described everything about the happenings.”


At beginning of thirty years of Krishnaamsa’s age, on the day of Chaitra Shukla, the day of Navraatri, that golden figure Svarnavatee gave satisfaction to her relatives. After that she worshipped, goddess Chandikaa following every laws of Vedas. And on those days of Navraatri, the nine days of worshipping goddess Shakti, she performed severe austerity and fast and even she didn’t sleep on those days. Thereafter, on the last of her worship, on that deep blackish night, that boon bestowal goddess Bhagwatee Jagadambika (the mother of the universe) said to her: – “That woman Padminee, you are searching for, is favorite of Manideva named Yaksha. That Manideva is the general of the army of Lord Kubera, who was killed in the war of Kurukshetra long ago by Bheemsena (one of the brother of Pandava). During that time Padminee performed severe fast and prayed to Lord Siva again and again: – “Hey Shankar! Please give my husband back! ” . After performing austerity about one hundred years, Lord Mahadeva appeared before her and said: – ” In Kali Yuga, at the end of twelfth century of Vikram samvat (Vikram kaal), you will get the part of Nakula, in the name of Lakshmana, as your husband. After getting all happiness from the living, when you will depart from Lakshmana, you have to leave your body and get your Manideva as your husband. Then you and your husband will reach Kailash Mountain. The figure of wellness, goddess Shaaradaa built the Mahavatee state for Rashtrapaala (the one who looks after state or revenue collectors, here clearly indicates those revenue collectors who declared themselves free and restored them as rulers of the states – the kings). By the fruit of the goddess Shaaradaa, you will get Manideva as your husband. In this earth, Manideva will appear from the body of the goddess Shaaradaa and will look after that state (as a king). After that, he will get Padminee as his wife and again will arrive the Kailash Mountain. (First lord Shiva assures after departing from Lakshmana i.e. after the death of Lakshmana, she will meet death and after her death, her soul will meet Manideva in their divine forms, they will reach Kailash .Secondly lord Shiva states that goddess Shaaradaa who created Mahavatee. Manideva will take birth in this earth from her body as a human being. Padminee will get him as her husband again in this earth, when Manideva will rule Mahavatee (Mahoba) state. After their death, again their divine forms will reach Kailash, therefore goddess Jagadambika assures Svarnavatee that, it’s not the time that Padminee will get separated from Lakshmana and therefore she have to go near Padminee and give her assurance and make her understand).” Therefore the golden figured Svarnavatee, went there and explained everything before Padminee. The kind hearted Padminee, heard everything and accepted the wish of Svarnavatee of living in the house of Kaampaala. During that time, the queen Svarnavatee went to Mahavatee (Mahoba) quickly and gave the letter that had been written by Padminee herself. In that letter everything of living in the house of her father and about other details had been explained very clearly. Since, it was also written that please do come Krishnaamsa with your army, defeat my brother Padmaakara and release my husband. “King Lakshmana is alive in this Earth and is being tortured by Padmaakara.”


Krishnaamsa got the knowledge of it and took out his twelve lakh soldiers. Thereafter, he reached that place and surrounded the state of Kaampaala from all the sides. King Kaampaala with the order of his sons and his son Padmaakara, they reached the battlefield with his three lakhs of soldiers in the battlefield. As the armies gathered from both the sides, there occurred a huge battle. There raged a tremendous battle and it was continuous went on through day and night .The soldiers of Kaampaala faced a great defeat , thereafter Kaampaala with his sons took shelter under his daughter Padminee for the prayers of victory . For the victory of those two, his daughter Padminee gave that letter in which the charm of disappearing living beings was written. At that moment, reciting those enchanting prayers, they got disappeared and killed ten thousand soldiers of their enemies. Seeing that great thing, Talana and other gallant warriors got surprised. As the fruit of such, everybody ran from the battlefield and took shelter under Krishnaamsa. Krishnaamsa heard about the fact and feeling sadness in his heart, he started to worship the lord of the universe, goddess Bhagwatee from his mind. And therefore, he attained a divine sight, through which, he saw those two fighting with his soldiers, situating themselves in the sky. Thereafter, being very courageous, he tied them and went near Lakshmana. And taking the sedan of Padminee with her husband Lakshmana, he proceed for his home. After reaching the state Kanyakubja, he gave Jayachandra, his family, king Lakshmana and his wife Padminee back and felt great of himself. The mighty Lakshmana also saw his son and his daughter-in-law in his palace and got very happy. He therefore gave sacrifices (Danas) to Brahmans and freed those king who were caught in his jail.


Likewise on the month of Jyestha, Krishnaamsa reached his home. Sages! Therefore I had said the happenings in the biography of Krishnaamsa. Again sages! What I had seen the happenings in his biography through my divine eyes, I am describing it before you again. Therefore listen! ”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named thirtieth chapter ended.


Chapter 31

Brahmaananda’s visit to Delhi; the wives of the Kauravamsas & Vela’s vengeance.


Sootjee continued: – “My great sage! What I am narrating before you just listen! One day of that time, king Prithviraaj was sitting over the throne, and the jewel of the court writer Chandrabhatta (Chand Bardai) entered. Seeing him, and being so thoughtful, king said to him:-” Minister! Please listen my words! Because of that Krishnaamsa and other gallant warriors, every state of mine got afraid of them. Therefore, please tell me the time at which, the death of them is possible? Hearing those words of king , the court minister and  pure soul , Chandrabhatta meditated upon goddess Bhagwatee , the mother of the universe and wife of lord Shiva and said to the king :- ” King ! Your highness! What I am saying, please listen to it very carefully! The prince and the son of the king Parimala, Brahmaananda is victorious because he is the part of lord Vishnu. Krishnaamsa is his best friend and always busy to fulfil the favorite tasks of Brahmaananda. Therefore, when the son of Malana, Brahmaananda, will proceed to give up his body, during that time, everybody will leave from here (earth). “Mahipati said politely to those calm and solemn king and his minister: – ” I have a way which I have made out through my deepest thought that is: – Please call the greatest king of all time, the mighty Brahmaananda by showing the cause of “Dwiragaman” (second coming of a newly-married woman to her husband’s house) and put Brahmaananda to death by lie and tricks and reach to the boundary of greatness!”. Likewise, King got pleased with those words of Mahipati and king Prithviraaj said: – “My friend! Listen my words! You quickly go to the place of Mahavatee and make your sister Malana understand for such act. Thereafter, you come here and describe about it to me vividly by which you can get the happiness of living along.” “The best of all sage! After getting such instructions, Mahipati bowed before him and proceed from there. During the dark night, he arrived near her and said to her being courageous: – “Your queen and daughter-in-law Vela got the perfect age of the youth and got the eligibility of having her handsome husband .But Prithviraaj got to know that, Krishnaamsa took birth in low-caste race. Therefore, He didn’t find it suitable for sending his daughter near your son. Therefore, please accept my words and do as I say to you. That will bring glory to you! Your son, the gallant Brahmaananda will go with me, in my state Urviya and from there with my army, he will reach the state of Prithviraaj. After that, he can bring his wife from there and there is no suspected doubts about it .Otherwise Vela will leave his husband and give up her life by listening my words.” Hearing such words , and being affected by the illusion of goddess Shakti ,queen Malana reached near her husband Parimala and said to him everything , which was told by his brother . Hearing it, king Parimala answered:-” Mahipati is very wicked in nature and always thinking of destroying us. He always try to wipe us out. He is a treacherous man. Therefore I didn’t believe in any of his words, because he is planning something treacherous deceitful tricks against us.”  Hearing those words of king, Malana said to the angry king:-” King! Like my brother, I am also his sister. Therefore, please take his advice as mine. Otherwise, I will give up my life right now!”  King heard those strong words of the queen and felt helpless. And on that moment, he gave his favorite son, Brahmaananda, to Mahipati.



Brahmaananda also accepted the advice from his mother and went with his uncle, Mahipati to the state of Urviya. Thereafter, on the next morning, at the beginning of the dawn, Brahmaananda sat on Harinagara named horse and reached Deholi alone, being in divine illusion. There he met with his mother-in-law Agama after reaching the palace of Prithviraaj. That divine bodied Agama also got pleased to him. After that, on that day of Shukla Ashtaamee, in the month Maagh, that courageous Brahmaananda came to visit with the wives belonged to his brother-in-laws. In which there is three widows and four married woman whose husband were still now alive .Those widows heard of his arrival and started to express their grief infront of him , they said :-” The greatest part ! Brahmaananda! Please make your mind still and listen our words. Your Vela named wife is blackish and idol of quarrel.  She is the cause of the slaughtering of our husband and gave us tremendous amount of grief .Therefore, you who is the stealer of our minds! We request you in folded hands that is “Mighty!” We are all without our husband, therefore you please become our husband. As because you are like us.”  Hearing such words, gallant Brahmaananda said to them with sweet words of the fruits of Sruti and Smriti (two sacred types by which Aryan religious books were written i.e. hearing and saying through mouth by getting all such happenings through the power of meditation):- “Before there was Satya-yuga, that time women were pure in characteristic and follower of their husbands. There were the greatest among all. After that in Treta Yuga, women possesses middle type of characteristics. In Dwapara they became inferior types, as they possess vileness in them. After that, in Kali Yuga, they were all mean and low-caste. In Kali-yuga, those women loved to feel comfort themselves with their bodily pleasures with those men, other than their husbands. Therefore, they were adulteress. Since, sages such as Devala and Asita supported widow remarriage in their smritis. Those sages said: – “In Satya yuga, they were pure and virtuous and perform chastity. In Treta Yuga, they burnt themselves with their dead husbands. In Dwapara Yuga, those chaste women kept themselves as widow, and perform the severe austerity till its last boundary. But in Kali-yuga there is no such law to perform chastity and possess virtuousness for women (sat-vrata). Therefore, you all can come in contact with me and feel the pleasure of happiness of its last stage.”  After hearing such sweet words of Brahmaananda , those three widows decorating themselves with ornaments , adoring him , drawing his beautiful body in their minds and went near him . After that they requested that they will hug him. Seeing them, being fearless, the son of Malana, Brahmaananda said to them: – “Your husbands enjoyed you all. Those husbands, which were all being defeated by my brothers. Therefore I cannot accept you all. What I have just said now is very truthful! ” . They heard those words, which Brahmaananda said to them smilingly and they were all fired with anger. They went near king Prithviraaj and said to him crying: – “King! The husband of Velaa, is violating our chastity. Therefore, please punish that wicked man for performing such act, otherwise we will all give up our life right now!” Thereafter , king Prithviraaj called Brahmaananda and said to him :-”  I think , you came from the family of low-caste kings .Because those who enjoy other’s wife , he have to reach the Yama-loka (the sphere which is controlled by lord of death , Yama) . Therefore, you, the husband of my daughter! At the very moment I will sent you to jail.”  After Brahmaananda heard those strong words, he took out his Bilbo weapon from his bonnet and ran after Prithviraaj. Prithviraaj saw the angry Brahmaananda and being afraid, he ran towards Chaamunda minister. Thereafter, Prithviraaj tightly closed the iron doors and kept him in that jail (in which Lakshmana had been kept before).


Rishis said: – “Sootjee! Who did marry those women and how it was fulfilled? From whose parts they took birth? What do you saw by your divine power while in meditation? Please describe about it, before us!”


Sootjee replied:-” Greatest of all sages listen! In Anga named state, there lived a king named Maayaavarmaa. He did austerity by worshipping upon the power named Taamsee which is for controlling everyone. By which , he attained a great shield which was very fearful for every living beings .He accepted that shield and wearing it through his body , he travelled many places of this earth . He had a wife named Pramoda who gave birth to ten sons, who were the parts of Kauravas. The greatest part! I am now telling about their names , therefore please listen carefully :- ” Matta , Pramatta , Unmatta , Sumatta , Durmuda ,Durdhara , Baahu , Surath and Virath and a small daughter named Madirekshanaa . Seeing her beautiful body and lusty eyes, Kitava named demon fell in love with her. Thereafter, that demon came near Maayaavarmaa and requested:-“If you give your daughter to me as I am greatly love with her, then I can fulfil your every works without any doubt.” Hearing it, King gave his daughter to him. Since, then that demon who lived in the cave used to came out from it in deep night and enter the king’s palace. After that he started to enjoy bodily pleasure with king’s daughter every day and at the dawn, he again used to go back in his cave. It continued for several days and after that the king called his purohita (Brahmin who use to worship) and sent him to give one lakh things to Taraka. By which he granted Taraka, the elder son of Prithviraaj as his daughter’s husband. The mighty son of Prithviraaj also accepted the offer from the purohita and proceed for the state with his sixteen lakh warriors and one hundred kings. After travelling for one month and arriving that place, he send the news to its ruler of his arrival. During that time Krishnaamsa was only fifteen years old. For attending the marriage ceremony of Taraka, there came many kings from different states. At that moment, Maayaavarmaa said to Taraka who was sitting with his father Prithviraaj:-” The mighty king! Please listen my kind praise towards you. There is a talented demon caste daitya (demon) named Kitava, who use to come in deep night for hurting my daughter every day. To marry my only daughter, many princes had visited my state but were engulfed by that demon, sent them Yama-loka. And thereafter, he seized their wealth by force and gave it to my daughter .Therefore, my praise is, you must kill that son of Diti (daitya or demon, Diti – the mother of demons).  “Hearing such praise, king Prithviraaj took his army and went to the Warfield. There he called upon Kitava demon and fought with him severely. After the tremendous battle, that illusionist demon, Kitava defeated the gallant warriors of Prithviraaj and kidnapped Taraka, took him in his cave. That time Taraka being in grief, he meditated upon Lord Shiva and being pleased with him, Shankaar (Mahadeva or Lord Shiva) covert that demon into an idol of stone. During that time, there arrived the Kshatriyas of Mahavatee, who were ten-thousand in number and leaded by Krishnaamsa. Prithviraaj saw him, who was that time in grief of his kidnapped son, said to Baalakhani:-” That son of Diti, Kitava has kidnapped my son Taraka. If you give him back to me, I will give you one crore of gold to you.” Hearing that, Krishnaamsa with Devshimha, and those sons of Vatsraaj (Baalakhani and Sukhakhaani) surrounded that Kitava from all sides. Those warriors fought with that demon from day till night continuously. After that, Kitava put Krishnaamsa, Devshimha and Baalakhani into illusion and started to roar loudly. At that moment, the mighty Sukhakhaani took out his Bilbo from the bonnet and beheaded that demon.  Then he took his head and presented it before the king Prithviraaj. During that time, those three (Taraka, Maayaavarmaa and Prithviraaj) were also praising him for his bravery. On the moment, when Sukhakhaani kept Kitava’s beheaded head and presented Taraka infront of Prithviraaj, at that time, the princess Madirekshanaa wanted to marry Sukhakhaani instead of Taraka .But there came Mahipati and made her understand by many kinds, through his ability. After that, he presented her infront of Prithviraaj and there occurred the marriage ceremony of Taraka and Madirekshanaa. Baalakhani got one crore of gold, by which he took his brothers and went to his Shireeshaakhya (Shireesh) named state. ”


Sootjee continued: – ” In Gurjar state (Gujarat state), they was ruler named Moolvarmaa. He had a young daughter named Prabhaavatee and ten sons namely :- Bal , Prabal , Subal , Balvaan , Balee, Sumool , Mahaamool , Durg , Bheem , and Bhayamkar . There lived Karabha named Yaksha who was the servant of Lallaraaj. He saw that daughter named Prabhaavatee, and got hypnotized seeing her beauty. Within five years, that Yaksha Karabha, who had been struck by the arrow of Madana (lord of works), started to take bodily pleasure with her. Moolvarmaa got the knowledge of it and he called upon the king Prithviraaj. Moolvarmaa then requested the king with his praise:-” The king of kings! I want your son Nriharee to come in my palace and perform marriage with my daughter Prabhaavatee. “One paksha and a day passed by, that Yaksha Karabha came there and defeated all the kings. Thereafter, he started to torture them (Nriharee and Prabhaavatee). During that time, king Prithviraaj indulged in deep pain in his heart and called upon those two sons of Vatsraaj Baalakhani and Sukhakhaani. Then he started to shed his tears infront of them and expressed his grief. That two kind hearted sons went near that Karabha of Yaksha race. But no sooner did Karabha see them, he disappeared from that place and after that he caught them in the serpent built noose (Naag paash). Again, he appeared and started to torture that family (Nriharee and Prabhaavatee). Hearing about the incident, Krishnaamsa went there and through his power of meditation, he tied that Yaksha and freed that family. After that, he went near his brother Baalakhani and cut that serpent built noose through his sword. Thereafter, they got one crore of gold and went to their state being pleased. Prithviraaj also became happy and taking his son with daughter-in-law, he proceed for his state Deholi.”


Sootjee continued: – “In Kashmir named state, there ruled Kaikeya named king. He had ten sons including a younger daughter named Madanaavatee .Those son’s names were :- ” Kaam , Prakaam , Saamkaam , Nishkaam , Nirapatrapa , Jay , Vijay , Jayanta , Jayvaan and Jay . That king called Prithviraaj and requested him: – “I wanted to give my daughter to your son named Saradana. But there is a man named Sukal who is from gandharva race use to come and kidnap my daughter at the time of the appearance of full part of the moon (i.e. Full moon day). After that he use to take pleasure with her. The greatest of all kings! On the day of full moon night, in the month of Chaitra, he came here last. Today is the krishna-paksha, the day of Mangala Ashtamee, of the month of Vaishakh. Hence I pray to you that you must kill Sukal today and then depart for your state Deholi. It’s up to your decision.” King Prithviraaj heard it and then he kept one lakh soldiers there protecting his son and daughter-in-law and proceed for his state Deholi. As the full moon day of the month of Vaishakh past, that man Sukal of gandharva tribe took ten thousand of his soldiers who were all from that race and surrounded the state Deholi from every sides. During that time, if a gallant warrior came there for fight with gandharva’s, then that Sukal used to eat that man.  This continued every day and at a very small time, he gave tremendous sorrow to the king Prithviraaj. That pure soul, Prithviraaj being afraid of him, used to pray goddess Bhagwatee, the wife of lord Shiva for protection. The goddess and the mother of Universe, Devi Bhagwatee Jagadambika, became pleased with his prayers and gave the knowledge of the trouble of him to Krishnaamsa and others. She took them and proceed for the state Deholi. Had reached that place, there led a fiery battle with gandharvaas and continued from day till night. In that battle, Baalakhani killed hundred warriors of gandharvaas within three days. And Sukhakhaani did the same. Thereafter, that Sukal named gandharva got red in anger and constructed “Gandharvee” named charm. By the net of that illusion, he surrounded his army around the warriors of Mahavatee from all sides. During that time, those warriors of Mahavatee got afraid and fleeing from the battle-ground, took shelter under Alhaad. Being pleased, Alhaad began to recite “Devi Suktam” and worshipped the mother of wellness, goddess “Shaaradaa”. That goddess “Bhagwatee” appeared before him and being pleased by his prayers, she able to capture those gandharvaas into her illusion and made that gandharva “Sukal” helpless. Being helpless, he fled from the battlefield. As Gandharvaas were defeated, that charmer Krishnaamsa went near Prithviraaj and got one crore of gold from him. That worshipper of Devi “Shaaradaa”, Krishnaamsa, was only sixteen years, when Mardana fulfil his marriage in the month of “Maargsheersh” (Agahan). I am describing about that occurrence before you sages! Please listen! ”


Sootjee said: – “In the state of Pundra, there lived the mighty ruler named Naagvarmaa. He was the extreme follower of Dharma and worshipper of lord Takshaka (the king of Snakes). The name of his wife is Naagvatee, who was the daughter of Takshaka. She has been scarced by her own father (Takshaka) and took birth as the daughter of the king of Kalingaa state. King Naagvarmaa had ten sons and a daughter named Suvela, who was beautiful and youthful. That king said through his purohita to the king Prithviraja: – “I have to say to you that I have already accepted your Mardana named son as my son-in-law.” Hearing that, king Prithviraaj took his three lakhs of soldiers and went in that state named Naagpur. After that he picked an auspicious and favorable date according to Vedic laws for the marriage. That time, Suvela said to his father: – “You have to give me the clothes of the serpent (Naag bhooshan). If and only if I get that clothes, I will sit for marriage. Otherwise I will give up my life!” Hearing such words, Naagvarmaa went near Prithviraaj and said the wish of his daughter Suvela. Prithviraaj heard about it and got surprised and he also felt some sorrow in his mind with Naagvarmaa. Thereafter, he sent a letter to Alhaad and others and requested them. Accepting that letter, Alhaad with Krishnaamsa, Baalakhani (Maalkhan) and Sukhakhaani (Sulkhaan) within a day, they tried to reach there. They rode those horses, which passed the distance of one hundred yojana during afternoon at a time and thus they completed the thousand distance of yojana and reached that place. They gave the news of their arrival to the king. Those horses were taken birth from the horses of Indra: – From Ratna named horse’s part came in the womb of Harinee and took birth as Kapota; Gaayatra named horse who can rotate with the speed of time took birth as Papeeha and it was blessed by lord Surya, who presented it as a boon; and from the divine power and part of the divine horse Harinee, that Harinee had taken birth on this earth. Likewise, Sukhakhaani sat on Papeeha named horse, Baalakhani sat on Kapota, Alhaad sat on Karaala and Krishnaamsa sat on Bindula and they were in the way to reach the Deholi state. After arriving there, those brothers went near the king Prithviraaj and the king said to them in politely: – “The way by which you all have helped me in marrying my three sons , in same way please fulfil the marriage of my son Mardana and feel the happiness in your lives .”  Alhaad heard the words of the king and went to the Rasatala, one of the seven sphere of Patala, where the world of serpents bestowed in it. Having reached there, he said to the queen of serpents, Naaginee: – “Queen! Please give the news of my arrival to your husband, the king of this serpent’s world named Pundareek. Now don’t show any kindness to any serpents present here.” Queen of the serpents heard it and replied: – ” My husband Pundareek if awakes, then with his strong army of serpents will attack you by poisons which burn your body.” Alhaad laughed at it and said:-” I am not afraid by your husband.”  And being said such words, he stroke her husband tail, through his legs. The king of the serpents transformed into a snake and started to take out the hot poisonous venom from his mouth. Alhaad saw that and meditated upon goddess Bhagwatee, the figure of wellness and by her power, he was able to appease and pacified him. During that time, king Pundareek got pleased with him and gave ornaments with that clothes of the serpents to Alhaad as gift. Then Alhaad rode his horse and went near the king Prithviraaj. He gave him those ornaments and clothes. Thereafter by the laws of Veda, the marriage was fulfilled and Alhaad got one crore of gold from Prithviraaj as reward. As the ceremony was over, Alhaad came back and also those horses which were expert in their activities as quickly as possible. The five hundred warriors who went with them also returned to their respective homeland. ”


Sootjee (Suta Goswami ) said: – ” There was a state named Madra (Madra-desha) which was ruled by the king Madrakesha .The great powerful king of Madrakesha worshipped the mendicants of the heavenly planets (the Asvini kumaras) for five years and after having received a benediction from them he produced ten sons and one beautiful young daughter named Kantimatee. King Madrakesha arranged three lakh warriors and invited Maharaj Suryavarma, the son of Prithviraaj and gave his daughter to him with proper conduct. Having accepted the new wife, Suryavarma proceed with his father Prithviraaj and his army towards their home. There was a mystic demon named Karbura, the mighty son of Bibheeshana, came in their way. He saw Kantimatee the daughter of king Madrakesha. When he saw them (Suryavarmaa and Prithviraaj), he kidnapped her in their presence and went to a mountain called Sahyadri. Seeing this incident Prithviraaj became very upset and lamented again and again. Prithviraaj came to Deholi state and sent a message to Krishnaamsa and others through his messenger. That messenger of the king, explained everything to them. Immediately Krishnaamsa and others with five hundred warriors riding their horses and proceed for Sahyadri mountain. Krishnaamsa reached to that Sahyadri Mountain and said fearlessly: “O best of the demons, please listen. Your father Bibheeshana is a great devotee, and you are the dear son of him, therefore, you should not act in this manner (sinfully) which is the cause of the destruction of your family. Do you remember, long ago mother Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and what happened to him?” The rakshasa said, “Previously she was the daughter of a Gandharva and my beloved wife, but because of a curse by a sage she took birth on the earthly planet. Therefore, feeling her separation I went to Madrakesha. Although I stayed there so many days, being afraid of the king I could not kidnap her. Now she is in my control, but if you defeat me in battle you can take her back. Then Krishnaamsa started fighting with him with his Bilbo weapon and it went on for seven nights. Finally he defeated the rakshasa, and with Kantimatee came back to Delhi to see Prithviraaj (Mahiraja or Bhumiraja) .Thereafter, he submitted Kantimatee to the king. The king (Prithviraaj) offered one crore golden coins to the great Krishnaamsa. Then he came to Pramdavana, or the forest called Pramoda, with his friends.”


Sootjee said: – “There was a powerful king named Purnamala in Pattana (Patna). He worshipped the Vasus for five years and received a benediction from them. By their blessings he had ten sons and a daughter named Vidyunmaalaa. When the youthness and beauty were at its stage, he invited king Prithviraaj for the marriage of his daughter .When king Prithviraaj came with seven lakh soldiers, he gave his daughter to his son, Bheem. Bheem came back to his home (Deholi state) with his beautiful wife and started to live happily. Meanwhile, there came the king of pisacha-desha (The land of pisacha – a type of ghost) Sahoda, came with the army of ten-thousand Mlecchas and were preparing themselves to get Vidyunmaalaa. They came to Kurukshetra by the order of Bali, the grandson of Prahlaad. They broke the deities of gods, killed so many cows and in the places of sacred water they put cow-blood. Sahoda, the mleccha king, wrote a letter and sent it to Prithviraaj. King Prithviraaj answered to that letter: – “O mleccha king, you are the master of the mleccha race, why are you worried about Vidyunmaalaa? You should know that I am the one who can shoot arrows just by hearing a sound and I am the central point of the country which has been attracted by thieves( which means:- I am the king of the country which is great in its wealth and fame ).” Then the king went to Kurukshetra with three lakh soldiers. There was a large, terrible fight between them. At night in the month of Jesta (July), Bali, the king of asuras (demons) came from Patala, (who was pushed to Patala by the third leg of lord Vamana, there he reside as king and his door is protected by lord Vamana himself) the lowest region with ten-thousand demons and killed the soldiers of the king very quickly, eating them again and again. The king, being afraid took shelter under the goddess Shaaradaa, the figure of wellness. Muney (Sages)! By the grace of goddess Shaaradaa, Krishnaamsa and others arrived there immediately. After killing a thousands of demons, the two sons of Vatsraaj (Baalakhaani and Sukhakhaani) and Devshimha (Dhewa or Deva) came near Bali raja and started to strike him with their Bilbo again and again. Then Bali raja pleased with their architect of doing war, he said: – “I am very pleased with you all, now you all can ask for any benediction.” They said:-” You must give your word that these demons should never come to Arya Desha (India) with you. And all of you should stay always in mleccha-desha (the country of Barbarians) but residing in mleccha-desha, you must eat the followers of mleccha-dharma (the religion of Barbarians).” Bali raja became upset hearing these fearful, terrible words. Then Bali raja himself went near Krishnaamsa, remembering the greatness and fame of Krishnaamsa and he requested him politely. After that , being pleased ,Krishnaamsa replied :-” As long as I am in this world you should simply stay in your home, after that you may come here and use this country (Arya country) up to your desire .” Hearing this, the mleccha king Sahoda, Neela and other pisachas (demons) went back to Rasatala, the sixth lowest region of demons. And Prithviraaj also rewarded them with one crore of gold. After that, all those gallant brothers returned Mahavatee by riding elephant.”


Sootjee said: – “Prithviraaj’s son Vardhan was greatest among all the sons of Prithviraaj. He was the great devotee of the husband of Lakshmee (lord Vishnu). He began the worship of lord Vishnu, when he was only five years of his age. Due to his still worship, the lord! Gave him all the nidhis within a year. By the power of those nine nidhis, wealth of king Prithviraaj was abundant through the king of Gandharvaas (King of Gandharvaas gave him abundant of wealth). Thereafter, lord Kubera gave him the daughter of Mankana named Kinnaree to that son Vardhan. ”


“Likewise Sages! I have said about the marriage of the sons of Prithviraaj. Now listen what had happened next!”


“The mighty Dhundukaara came there with one lakh soldiers and asked Brahmaananda for fight! It was beginning of thirty one years of Krishnaamsa’s age. During that time, seeing that army, the son of Malana mighty Brahmaananda struck with his Brahma Astra named weapon. That weapon just burnt half of his army. The left-over fifty thousand ran away in fury. Dhundukaara ran from the battlefield and took shelter under the king Prithviraaj. Hearing about the occurrence, king Prithviraaj became sad and afraid. He called out Mahipati and Chandra Bhatt and said to them: – “How the victory will come to me?” During that time, the wicked Mahipati replied: – “The greatest among all kings! I am giving my decision which I have made in my mind! Please listen to it! The mighty Chaamunda will disguise as a woman and constructing himself as Brahmaananda’s wife Velaa, his sedan will be submitted to Brahmaananda. And after that with Dhundukaara and your four sons being present there and doing tricks, they will struck him, individually with their weapons. (As if the repeat of the slaying of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata is re-occurring).” ” Prithviraaj heard those pleasant words, and became very happy. On the month of Maagh, the day of Shukla-Ashtamee, at evening, that poisonous treachery took place. The sedan of Chaamunda had been protected by that five warriors (Taaraka, Suryavarmaa, Bheem, Vardhan and Dhundukaara) sent to Brahmaananda. The Chaamunda being disguised as Velaa, suddenly stabbed him with “Trishula” (Trident, divine weapon of lord Shiva) on his chest. Being hurt, that mighty started to cry loudly. Meanwhile, that troops of five arrived there and Taaraka struck him with arrow, which pierced his heart. Similar, Suryavarma with Tomaar named weapon, Bheem with “Gaada” (Mace), Vardhan with sword and Dhundukaara with his spear on Brahmaananda’s head, striking him in together till he became senseless and fell down to the ground. Brahmaananda was badly wounded. But due to his outbound power, he got from the earth and took out his Bilbo. Thereafter, he beheaded Bheem and Vardhan’s head and made Suryavarmaa to surrender in that war. Seeing those three were slaughtered badly by Brahmaananda, Taaraka, Dhundukaara and Chaamunda ran out of fear and took shelter under Prithviraaj. Prithviraaj heard about the news of his son’s death and went near Velaa, lamenting again and again.  No sooner, Velaa had heard about the fact, she quickly sat on her sedan and reached near Brahmaananda. She saw him in senseless condition. After that, she got down and caught those young brother’s dead bodies and started to cry loudly. Brahmaananda heard her cry and got back his senses. He opened his eyes and asked that beautiful, charming lady who was crying: – “In this war, you have come near me. Therefore you tell that whose daughter you belonged to? And whose wife are you? Beautiful lady! If you came here to help me, then please give me some water and fill my thirst.” That pure Velaa, who was the great follower of Dharma replied to him: – “The son of Malana! I want to request you, please listen to it! I am king Prithviraaj’s daughter and my name is Velaa. You are my mighty husband, therefore I have come near you. You are the best of all kings! Those downtrodden had made treachery against you and nearly killed you. Therefore please protect your life by your will and get different types of enjoyment with me. This is my plead! ”


Hearing that request of his wife, Brahmaananda replied: – “In this era of Kali, to be dead is lot greater than that of being alive. Therefore please do accept my words! My beautiful lady! Sit with me on Harinagara named horse and go for teerth. After visiting all such divine places, I want to give up my life. “Then they sat on the horse and at first went to the house of Kapila named sage in east direction (near river Ganges). There they took pure bath and did charity (daan). And after being pleased, they went further. Thus they completed visiting every pious places, took pure bath and bestowed charity respectively.  Likewise, they visited in east, the house of sage Kapila (Kapila-ashram), in north Setu-bandh, in west the famous and most pious place Dwaarikaa, and in south, the house of sage Badrika (Badrika-ashram). After completing their act of bath and charity, they visited the famous mountain Gandhamaadan, and that mighty Brahmaananda said to Velaa:-” Queen! On this auspicious day of Shukla-Ashtamee, on this month of Bhadra, I want to leave this earth. Please you must stay in the earth and slay Taaraka!” .Hearing such words, she prayed to her husband politely: – “My lord! Please do listen my words! You will go with me at the place of Kurukshetra and pray for your wellness. And I will go to Mahavatee and then I will arrive at Deholi again to kill Taaraka. After slaying him, I will again come near you.” Brahmaananda accepted Velaa’s words and he went to Kurukshetra. After that he started to perform meditation there upon.”

In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named thirty first chapter ended.



Chapter 32

Eighteen days war ; Death of every kings ; Vela ‘s Sati; Establishment of Kali; Coming of Sahoddina; Death of Prithviraaj.

Sootjee said :- ( when the earlier occurrence had occurred) Krishnaamsa’s age was only thirty two. During that time, queen Velaa took the form of an ascetic and sat on the horse named Harinagara. She proceed for the state of Mahavatee (Mahoba). Reaching there at the courtyard of king Parimala, she bowed before him and started to describe about the happenings. During that moment, there present Krishnaamsa (Uday Shimha) and other gallant warriors. She said: – “King Prithviraaj has considered Mahipati (Mahila) as his best friend and Krishnaamsa as treacherous man. Due to that, Prithviraaj’s wicked and mighty son, Taaraka and other sons had wounded my beloved husband very badly. Dhundukaara had disguised Chaamunda into the form of a woman and took him, near to my husband. They went there and by tricks, they destroyed my all happiness. At this time, my husband is lying down in Kurukshetra by losing all his senses. Therefore, all of you please prepare to go with me at that place, as quickly as possible.” Hearing those strong words, Krishnaamsa and other gallant warriors scarced king Parimala and queen Malana saying: – “Both of you is the cause of my friend’s accidental injury!” and started to cry loudly. On that time, the angry Velaa sent a poisonous letter to the king Prithviraaj and she herself went to the room of queen Malana. That poisonous king! Prithviraaj heard the letter carefully and able to know about the reason of the letter. He therefore became very thoughtful and his all happiness got disappeared. He also called upon his all sheltered kings and motivate them for war. The part of Yudhisthira, king Prithviraaj with his twenty four lakh army proceed for the place Kurukshetra.  King Parimala , the part of king Drupada (famous character of Mahabharata and the father of Draupadi) , also with Krishnaamsa and other military chieftains ,contributed sixteen lakh soldiers, and took Velaa and all the family members proceed for ,Kurukshetra quickly . After they had arrived to that place of Kurukshetra, they saw Brahmaananda indulged into deep meditation to that pious teerth place named Samanta Panchaka. There those part of Pandavas put their military camps. And on the cost of the river Ganges, those part of mighty Kauravas who were desired for victory set up their camps. On the month of Kartikaa-Shukla, the day of full moon, they performed pious bath and did charity. After that on the month of Maargsheersh (Agahan), the day of Krishna Dwitiya, that furious battle started where, the dynasty of Bishwaksena’s king Lahara came with his sixteen sons, who were taken birth from the part of Kauravas.


Their previous birth names were same to their present birth namely – Dussaha , Dushala , Jalasandha , Samah , Saha , Vinda , Anuvinda , Subaahu , Dushpradharshan , Durmarshan , Dushkarna , Somakeerti , Andur , Shal , Satva and Vivitsu . Those were the names of galant warriors respectively. The king of Balheek was from the dynasty of Tomara and he came there with his three lakhs of army, which were guided by his seven sons namely: – Mahananda, Nanda, Paraananda, Upananda, Sunanda, Suraananda and Prananda. The previous birth names of those seven sons were: – Chitra, Upachitra, Chitraaksha, Chaaruchitra, Shaarasana, Sulochana, and Suvarna. Those sons took birth from their parts and were the sons of Abhinandana, the king of Balheek. From the state of Anga, there came the mighty king from the dynasty of Parihara namely Maayaavarmaa with his ten lakhs of soldiers. Those army of Maayaavarmaa were under the ten chiefs , who were his sons namely :- Matta , Pramatta , Unmatta , Sumatta , Durmuda , Durmukha , Durdhara , Vayu , Surath and Virath took birth from the parts of Kauravas namely :-  Durmada , Durvigaaha , Nanda , Vikataanan , Chitravarmaa , Suvarmaa , Sudurmochana , Urnaava , Sunaava  and Upananda . There came the king from Shukla dynasty named Moolvarmaa with his one lakh soldiers and his ten sons namely :- Bala , Prabala , Subala , Balvaan , Balee , Sumool , Mahaamool , Durg , Bheem and Bhayamkara whose previous birth were named as :- Ayobaahu , Mahaabaahu , Chitraang , Chitrakundal , Chitraayudha , Nishangee , Paashee , Brindaaraka , Dridhavarmaa , and Dridhakshatra . They were all the part of Kauravas. The king from lunar dynasty named Kaikeya with his one lakh warrior and his ten sons entered the battlefield. Those ten sons namely :-  Kaam , Prakaam , Sakaam , Nishkaam , Nirapatrapa , Jay , Vijay , Jayanta , Jayavaan , and Jay took birth from the parts of Kauravas namely :- Bheemavega , Bheemabala , Balaakee , Balavardhan , Ugraayudha , Dandadhara , Dridhasanga , Maheedhara , Jaraasandha and Satyasangha . Likewise from the state of Pundra, there came the ruler of Naaga (serpent) dynasty namely Naagpaala with his one lakh army and ten sons. Their names were famous in this era ,similar to their previous birth namely :- Ugrashrava , Ugrasena , Senaanee , Dushparaayan , Aparaajita , Kundashaayee , Vishaalaaksha , Duraadhara , Dridhahasta , and Suhasta . They were all parts of Kauravas and famous in those names. Madrakesha who was from the dynasty of Tomara , came there with his one lakh army and his ten sons whose names were in their previous birth as follows :- Vaatavega , Suvarcha , Naagdanta , Agrayaajak , Adiketu , Vakshee , Kavachee , Kraath , Kundala and Kundadheera . They took birth from the same state, got famous in same names at this era and were the part of Kauravas.   The ruler of Magadha , who was from the dynasty of Shardool (Baghela) named Purnamala came there with one lakh army and his ten sons namely Veerbaahu , Bheeratha , Ugra , Dhanurdhara , Raudrakarmaa , Dridharatha , Alolup , Abhaya , Anaadhrishta , and Kundavedee. Those sons were Kauravas in their earlier birth. Again they took birth at the palace of Purnamala and got famous in their previous birth names. There came the king of Roopdesha named Mankana who was kinnar (heavenly musician) by birth. The intellectual persons identified the place Roopdesha on the other hand of the country China (after China). There lived very beautiful heavenly musician caste peoples. On that battlefield, the king Mankana came there with his ten kinnars and eight sons namely Viraavee, Prathama, Pramaathee, Dirgharomaka, Dirghabaahu, Mahaabaahu, Vyudhoraa, and Kanakadhwaja.  Those were musicians got same names as per of their previous birth and got famous with it. It is said that from the part of Viraja, Mankana as a musician took birth in this earth. Netrashimha came there with one lakh soldiers, who was the part of Shalya and took birth in the dynasty of Shardool (Baghela).  From the part of Shakuni (the famous uncle in Mahabharata), king Gajapati (Gajasena) took his birth. He came there at battlefield with one lakh of his army and kept his sons in the palace. From the part of Viraat (Another famous character in Mahabharata) king Mayurdhwaja, kept his son Makaranda in his palace and joined the battle with his one lakh army. King Veersena was the part of Ugrasena joined the battle with his son Kaamsena and one lakh of his army. King Lakshmana joined the battle with his seven lakh soldiers by keeping his wife Padminee in his palace. Likewise, Talana, the part of Bheemsena (one of the five brothers of Pandavas); Dhaanyapala, the part of Yuyutsu; and Lallashimha, the part of Kuntibhoja came there with Krishnaamsa and Indula controlling one lakh of their army. Alhaad aiding them with Jagnayaka, who was the part of Bhagdatta and ruler belonged to the dynasty of Gautama came there with his ten thousand army. Similarly, different rulers from the small regions came there at that Kurukshetra region for participating in the grand battle. Moolvarmaa came there with his sons and gave the news of his arrival to the king Parimala. Similarly king Kaikeya came there with his sons and one lakh army and joined king Parimala. Mighty king, Netrashimha, Mayurdhwaja and Veersena with their sons and one lakh army respectively joined king Parimala’s army. Thus contributing seven lakh army with Lakshmana’s one lakh army and Alhaad altogether joined king Parimala. King Parimala came to the battlefield with his three lakh army. Thus king Parimala contributed his sixteen lakh army in total and came for the war.


Likewise, the king Lahara with his sons and one lakh army, came in aid of king Prithviraaj .King Abhinandana with his sons and one lakh army came in aid of king Prithviraaj. Maayaavarmaa with his sons and one lakh army joined the army of king Prithviraaj. Naagvarmaa with his sons and one lakh army joined king Prithviraaj. Madrakesha with his sons and one lakh army joined king Prithviraaj. Purnamala with his sons and one lakh army came in aid of Prithviraaj. Mankana named heavenly musician (Kinnara) with his sons and ten thousand army joined king Prithviraaj. King Gajaraaj joined king Prithviraaj with his one lakh soldiers. Dhundukaara with his five lakh soldiers came in aid of Prithviraaj. There came the son of Krishnakumaara, Bhagdatta (Bhagdanta) with his three lakh army came in aid of king Prithviraaj. From the Gopalaka state which was ruled by Dalavahana, his son Angada, who was favorite of Devaki, the mother of Krishnaamsa. He also arrived and joined king Prithviraaj’s army with his ten thousand warriors. Similarly kings such as Kalinga , Trikona , Shreepati , Shreetaar , Mukunda , Suketu , Ruhil , Guhil , Induvaar , and the mighty Jayanta with their ten thousand army each joined king Prithviraaj . In aid of king Prithviraaj, there came one thousand rulers from small states with their one thousand army each, present for the battle. From that army, king Prithviraaj sent two hundred kings with their one thousand armies for protecting the state Deholi. Likewise, the ruler of Deholi (Delhi), king Prithviraaj contributing his twenty four lakh army came there at Kurukshetra battlefield. That grand battle continued for eighteen days which wiped away (destroyed) all the Kshatriyas from Aryadesha.


Sootjee said: – “Sages! I will now narrate about the battle vividly. Please listen to it keen and carefully.”


” On the day of Krishna Dwitiya , the month of Maargsheersh ( Agahan) , mighty king Prithviraaj being courageous called king Lahara and said :- ” Your excellency ! With your sons, allied with Chaamunda and Dhundukaara, proceed for the battleground. ““Hearing that, with those men king Lahara quickly arrived to that battlefield. During that time, king Parimala called Mayurdhwaja and said to him: – “King! Please go with Krishnaamsa, Jayanta (Indula) and Devshimha, taking all your one lakh army and proceed for the battle!” King Mayurdhwaja heard the order and quickly arrived at battlefield and started war with king Lahara. In that war, the one lakh army was constructed as: – one charioteer, five hundred elephantry, five thousand horse cavalry, and ten pedestrian soldiers. Now after describing the construction of the army, I am going to describe about the chieftains of the army. Please listen to it carefully! Ten pedestrian soldiers had a lord of their own, who was called “Pattip”. Similarly, five horse cavalry had a lord named “Gulmap” and five elephant cavalry had a lord named “Gajaadhip” .In that furious battle of Kali Yuga, a charioteer who guided all elephant and horse-cavalry with pedestrian soldiers. In that army, there are forty men who was riding camels and working as a messenger. There are one thousand cannons placed separately, in which thirty six pedestrian soldiers’ together working over it. I am describing about it, therefore all sages please listen to it carefully! Ten soldiers were there who were providing the cannon balls, ten more soldiers were present to throw those balls on the fixed target, ten soldiers present to make the cloth wet, and three more soldiers were occupied to give fire on the cloth and watch over those cannons. Likewise the fight of three praharas were described before you. In which, the last of Shoodras were there aiding those soldiers and helping the armies (Kshatriyas). Thus, the one lakh army’s construction were described were doing war being in that warfield for the establishment of dharma. From the early morning till afternoon, that terrible war continued and after that the war was adjourned for one prahara, till the chieftains of the armies to gather together.”


“Similarly, Mayurdhwaja and Lahara collided with their armies on that battlefield and on the afternoon it was adjourned for one prahara, till the mighty chieftains – Dhundukaara and others to come and ready themselves for the battle. Chaamunda fought with Krishnaamsa, Dhundukaara fought with Indula and Bhagdatta fought with Devshimha, and at evening many gallant warriors were dead. In that great battle , Krishnaamsa between one ghadi , defeated the sixteen sons of king Lahara and sounding the conch shell loudly for the victory , he proceed for king Lakshmana. Chaamunda, Dhundukaara and Bhagdatta gathered their left-over hundred soldiers and went near king Prithviraaj and at night being courageous they slept. At another-side, Indula and Devshimha also took their left-over thousand warriors and went near king Parimala and slept happily. On the day of tritiya , at very early morning , king Prithviraaj called his gallant general king Gajasena(Gajapati) and said :- ” You being protected by three generals( Chaamunda, Dhundukaara and Bhagdatta)  , proceed with your one lakh army for the battlefield .” During that time, king Parimala also called his general king Netrashimha:-” Being protected by Krishnaamsa and other gallant general, please proceed for the war.” On that day, the battle was furious, in which horsemen fought with horsemen, elephants with elephants, pedestrian with pedestrians and cannons with cannons. The best among sages! On that war, king Netrashimha began war with that mighty king Gajasena. On that war, both being destroyed their chariots, came down to fight. They stroke with their bows and arrows to each other. Again when their bows got broken, they started to fight with their bilbo furiously. After that, with their architect of war, they both died in that battlefield and reached heaven. There Indula defeated Chaamunda, Devshimha defeated Dhundukaara and Krishnaamsa defeated Bhagdatta in that grandeur battle, and proceed for their king with leftover five hundred warriors. Though Bhagdatta and others were defeated, they had thousand warriors in hand.  On the third day, at very early morning, king Prithviraaj called his general king Maayaavarmaa and said:-” You’re Excellency! Take your ten mighty sons with your one lakh army and proceed for the battlefield quickly for the destruction of enemies.” Hearing that king Maayaavarmaa took drums and musical instruments and arrived in that battlefield. He gave his news for his arrival and hearing that , king Parimala called upon his general ,Jagnayaka and said :-” You take your ten thousand soldiers and with those three mighty warriors , proceed for the war as soon as possible .Arriving there , you must make your victory land quickly .” He thereafter with his soldiers arrived at that battlefield quickly. Sages! There was tremendous battle fought between them within one prahara. Though those ten thousand soldiers being protected by Krishnaamsa, they fetched defeat. Thereafter, those soldiers of Marudhanwa started to sound their conch shell as a sign of victory and they gave the news of their win. Meanwhile, Krishnaamsa and other gallant warriors went there and within one prahara, they killed those one lakh army. At the afternoon, Maayaavarmaa reached there with his sons and Krishnaamsa with Devshimha and Jagnayaka arrived at that battlefield. The ruler of Anga, Maayaavarmaa started to fight with Krishnaamsa, who was sitting on Veervar named horse, which was the figure of destruction of enemies and took birth from the part of Madhusudana (lord Krishna). Thereafter, king of Anga, Maayaavarmaa with his three arrows struck Krishnaamsa’s head and two sides of his body. Being wounded by the stroke, like the “kaalsarpa”(the most poisonous serpent), red in anger, that mighty Krishnaamsa flew his horse to the middle of the sky and reached near Maayaavarmaa chariot. The he made his horse to strike through its feet to Maayaavarmaa furiously, by which he fell to the ground. Thereafter, Maayaavarmaa took out his sword and started to strike the body of the horse named Bindula of Krishnaamsa. Maayaavarmaa said to Krishnaamsa: – “You have gained your fame by overcoming many strong kings. But now I will destroy your vast illusion and become happy. Thereafter, my fame can spread widely.” Hearing those strong words, Krishnaamsa beheaded the head of Maayaavarmaa. After the death of the ruler of Anga, his ten sons surrounded Krishnaamsa and tried to strike him, but at the meantime, Indula arrived there and defeated those ten sons with his arrows. After that, Devshimha killed two sons of Maayaavarmaa with his spear, the elder son was killed by Jagnayaka and other last two sons was killed by Krishnaamsa himself. After being victorious, sounding the conch shell loudly, they went to their camps at evening.  ”


“Being very tired, they all slept at festal couch. At very evening, after completion of every work, they reached the court of the king and said to him: – “Lineage of lunar dynasty (Chandravaamsin)! Today who will become general (chieftain) of the army. Please tell us.” Hearing it, king Parimala replied: – “Kaamsena with Veersena and his soldiers will arrive at the battlefield. Therefore, you all be careful in protecting him.” At the time when Veersena bowed king Parimala and proceed for the battlefield, that glorious king Prithviraaj called king Naagvarmaa and said: – “King! Please take your sons and one lakh army to that battlefield quickly and defeat that great enemy Veersena. Be victorious!”  Naagvarmaa bowed before king and made himself ready for the battle. Being reached that battlefield, within three praharas, all of the soldiers were defeated and went to heaven through beautiful aircraft. As every soldiers of both sides were dead, Naagvarmaa said to that king Veersena, who belonged to the dynasty of Yadavas:-” I and you, both are without our soldiers standing on the battleground. We both have our sons participating in the battle. Therefore recalling Dharma, you must do war within its rules and regulations.”  After that, both warriors took up their bows and started to strike themselves with arrows.  After destroying their arrows and bows, they took their bilbo and started strike furiously. They both were killed in that war and went to heaven sitting on a beautiful aircraft. Thereafter, Kaamsena killed those eight sons of Naagvarmaa with his arrows. In between all those sons, the elder and the middle brother came near him and beheaded the head of Kaamsena. After the head fall down to the ground , that headless demonic body of Kaamsena killed those two (We remember to that history of Mahabharata , when Gatotkaccha ‘s demonic body fell down ,it had killed half of the Kaurava’s soldiers ) . Likewise, all those pure souls gather together, sat on beautiful aircraft and went to heaven. Had all those mightiest were dead, Chaamunda and others (Bhagdatta and Dhundukaara), those three surrounded Jagnayaka from all sides and started to stroke him with strong arrows. They were also hurting the horse Harinagara. Thereafter, that divine horse, opened up its wings and went to the sky. And then it came down and killed the elephant of Dhundukaara and Chaamunda and broke the chariot of Bhagdatta into pieces. After that it flew to the sky. During that time, Jagnayaka started to make sound with the conch shell for the victory and went near Krishnaamsa. And he described everything about the happenings inside the battlefield.”


“At very early morning, after completion of every work, Jagnayaka and other gallant warriors proceed for the battlefield. During that time king Prithviraaj called upon the king of heavenly musicians (Kinnars), Mankana and said to him: – “King! Please arrive at the battlefield quickly for killing those greatest enemies of mine. Today, the battle will occur between gods and humans. Such battle had never occurred before.” After the order of the king Prithviraja, king Mankana arrived to the battlefield with his sons and soldiers of heavenly musicians. King Parimala saw Mankana’s arrival and ordered his generals. Thereafter, after king’s order Jagnayaka sat on Manoratha, Talana sat on Shimhinee, Indula sat on Karala took his bows and arrows, Roopana sat on Papihaka and Krishnaamsa quickly proceeding for the battleground. Also Lallashimha on elephant and Dhaanyapala on the horse proceeding for the battle quickly to defeat them. All those warriors surrounded those army of musicians from all sides and started to strike them badly. After seeing the three thousand of his soldiers were destroyed, king of those musicians, Mankana disappeared in the sky and started meditating upon the lord Kubera. And being in such strong meditation, he started to strike his enemies badly with his strong arrows and started to disappoint his enemies. Through his strong arrows and roaring, everybody started to wail and lament .At that moment, the mighty soldier Indula went near his enemy. And meditating upon “The king of gods” – lord Indra, he tied Mankana with strong iron chain and went near Krishnaamsa. After reaching near Krishnaamsa, Indula touched and praised his feet. Those soldiers of kinnars about to know their lord was captured by enemies and they threw the divine “Guhyak” named weapon. By the power of that influencing divine weapon, the battle continued from day till night continuously for seven days. On that war, when the soldiers were dead, the seven gallants being tired, they slept. In the meantime, Mankana started to meditate upon lord Kubera and gained boon from him. He then tore the chain and freed himself. And on that mid-night, he awaken them and started to fight. After the influencing six gallants were defeated, Mankana started to fight with Indula by taking out his bilbo. Being addicted in the war, they stroke with their bilbo one-another accurately by which they were killed. Their pure souls were worshipped by all gods and they reached heaven. Sages! On the early morning, Alhaad heard about his son’s death and with his family crying in grief and after that arranging his three lakh army, and riding his “Panchashabda” named elephant, he started to proceed for the battlefield with great speed. There, king Prithviraaj also called his general and warriors and said to them: – “Come with me in the battlefield.” Ordering them as such, he with his five – lakh soldiers surrounded his enemies from all the sides. Warriors from both the sides, roaring and performing war by which within three praharas, all soldiers from both sides were severely wounded. On that time, Prithviraaj and Alhaad proceed for the war with their bows and arrows. In that war, the furious king Lakshmana razing battle with Dhundukaara, Krishnaamsa with Bhagdatta, and Devshimha with Chaamunda. Alhaad sat on “Panchashabda” named elephant while Prithviraaj sat on “Arivayamkara” (Adivayamkara) named elephant razing battle in the battlefield. During that time, king Prithviraaj said to the king of the elephant “Arivayamkara” which was granted as boon by Lord Shiva: – “You who was gifted boon to me by lord Shiva! My elephant! Let the victory come to me and that war addicted and the general, that greatest Alhaad, he is my greatest enemy. Please protect me from him! Elephant! He is standing like my death in the battlefield.” That “Ari-vayamkara” named elephant replied to the king: – ” King! Please accept my words. Till the time of my soul is in my body, up to that you will be like victorious toward your enemies.”  Meanwhile, the “Panchashabda” named elephant arrived at that place and with its four long teeth, just pierced those into “Arivayamkara’s” mouth. That addicted divine elephant gifted by lord Shiva ran with great speed and attacked that Panchashabda named elephant with its trunk and teeth and hurt Panchashabda’s head and leg severely that it got senseless and fall on the ground. ”


“When Panchashabda named elephant lost its senses, Alhaad took out his Tomara named weapon and created a deep wound on the body of Prithviraaj. After that he struck his bilbo to the body of Arivayamkara. Thereafter, that enemy destroyer, Alhaad walked down through the battlefield alone and went near his son Indula, who was a great archer, lying dead on the ground. He took his body on the lap and started lamenting. Alhaad carried his son’s body near his beautiful wife Svarnavatee, who was crying loudly. Meanwhile, those kings got their senses back and again they began to do war. On that very moment, Lakshmana took out his bilbo and broke every arrows that were thrown towards him. And again he recited the prayers and put the divine “Vaishnava-Astra” and threw it towards Dhundukaara. By the power of the arrow, Dhundukaara with its horse got burnt into ashes. Prithviraaj got the news of his relative and best friend – Dhundukara’s death, he sat on his “Arivayamkara (Adivayamkara)” named elephant and stroke the divine “Raudra” named arrow towards Lakshmana. That lineage of lunar dynasty – Lakshmana got senseless by that fierce arrow. Krishnaamsa fought with Bhagdatta and made him senseless and he thereafter tried to reach near Lakshmana alone. No sooner had the king Prithviraaj saw Krishnaamsa trying to reach near Lakshmana’s body, he ran in fear and hide himself behind his general Chaamunda, the Raktabeeja. During that time, Chaamunda defeated Devshimha and went near Krishnaamsa and made him senseless. Meanwhile, Devshimha got back his senses and tried to reach near Krishnaamsa. Chaamunda again made Devshimha senseless. Seeing that Chaamunda, was trying to tie and capture Devshimha, the great warrior Lakshmana went there and again put “Vaishnavaastra” on his bow and roar towards Chaamunda for fight. During that time, the son of Samanta, Raktabeeja (Chaamunda) saw that the time was already evening and he ran out in fear from the battlefield and hide himself in between kings. Lakshmana, who was red in anger standing on the battlefield, saw his enemy was flying out from the battle. The son of Ratnabhaanu, Lakshmana went towards his camp. King Parimala heard about his victory and happily slept through the night. At very early morning, after completion of every activities, King Parimala called upon the king of Gurjar (Gujarat) and ordered him: – “The ruler of Gurjar, king Moolvarman (Moolvarmaa)! Take your sons and one lakh army and proceed for the war.”  That king proceed for the battlefield as quick as possible. There king Purnamala came to that battlefield with Prithviraaj’s order, taking his ten sons and one lakh army. Till the afternoon, those armies fought furiously between them and all those soldiers of both the sides fetched a defeat. As those soldiers were dead, both the kings fought, striking themselves furiously and reached heaven with their sons.  On the month of Maargsheersh (Agahan), the day of Krishna Chaturdaashi, at very early morning when sun had risen on the clear sky, king Kaikeya arrived at the battlefield with his sons and one lakh army. During that time, king Madrakesha also proceed with his ten sons and one lakh army for the battle from the king Prithviraaj’s side.  On that battlefield, soldiers from both the sides with those kings fought tremendously. At the evening, those Kshatriyas (Kings with their sons and soldiers) present on the battlefield got killed and reached heaven. On the next day, at very early morning, the great king Bhagdatta came to the battlefield with his three lakh army. Seeing that, Lakshmana prepared his three lakh army and went to the battlefield. Thereafter, he started to do tremendous battle with Bhagdatta. Lakshmana also saw his father’s enemy -Krishnakumaara’s son Bhagdatta (Bhagdanta) and he struck him with his three arrows and a spear at the same time.  Being red in anger, Bhagdatta made Lakshmana chariot less. Seeing that angry enemy Bhagdatta, he took out his bilbo and killed Bhagdatta’s horses and the charioteer. And after that Lakshmana came face to face with Bhagdatta. That mighty Lakshmana with his bilbo tearing Bhagdatta’s shield and amulet or armor and cut his body into three parts. At the evening, after killing the enemy, Lakshmana alone with his Hastinee named elephant had returned to the camp.”


“After Bhagdatta was dead, king Prithviraaj became very angry and sent Chaamunda and every kings to the battlefield. On the month of Maargsheersh (Agahan), at the day of Pratipada of Shukla, there started a tremendous battle between every kings. In which , from Prithviraaj’s side there were Angada , Kalinga , Trikona , Shreepati , Shreetaar , Mukunda , Ruhil , Guhil , Suketu and ninety thousand soldiers under those newly formed kings were sounding different kind of musical instrument for the beginning of the ceremony of war . Seeing that, mighty Lakshmana with his kings went to the battlefield and with the formation vyuha (To arrange troops in a battle array, it is an architect of doing war), they started to do the battle. Likewise, King Rudravarmaa with his ten thousand soldiers doing war with the enemy king Angada. Similarly Kalivarmaa with his ten thousand warriors fighting with Kalinga. With ten thousand soldiers Veershimha fighting with Trikona and with same amount of soldiers, his younger brother Praveera was battling with Shreepati. And the brave and mighty king Suryadhara was fighting with Shreetaar furiously. Mukunda was fighting with Vamana, Mahil (Ruhil) was fighting with the mighty Gangaashimha and Guhil was fighting with Lallashimha and their ten thousand soldiers concentrating on the war. In which there were three hundred small kings, who did terrific war between them and were destroyed at the very beginning. Chaamunda saw those kings were dead, he reached near Lakshmana and did tremendous battle with him. Being hurt and wounded, Lakshmana did not struck Chaamunda with his divine weapon – Vaishnavaastra as Chaamunda was Brahman in caste. During evening, Lakshmana reached his camp riding his elephant Hastinee alone and Chaamunda reached king Prithviraaj. On the day of Dwitiya, at very early morning Krishnaamsa with Devshimha took their army and reached that battleground. That Taraka and Chaamunda also reached the battlefield with his two lakh warriors and two hundred kings. Being kept themselves behind and those kings with soldiers ahead, on that day those mightier performed a tremendous battle. In which, Krishnaamsa and Devshimha within one prahara they killed those kings and one lakh soldiers. Thereafter, being tired, those two -Devshimha and Krishnaamsa started to take rest. That wicked Taraka, who could measure the hole took Chaamunda and started to war with those tiresome warriors. Till the three praharas, two sides did terrific battle. At the evening, Krishnaamsa was running out of weapons and there was no weapons by which he could fight further. But being in such horrific condition, that famous Krishnaamsa slapped Chaamunda tightly and made him senseless. At that moment, Taraka killed Devshimha and his horse Manoratha and made victory sound through conch shell. As he made the blow to the conch shell with his mouth and the sound generated made Chaamunda to get his senses back. Chaamunda got up and with great speed, he came near Krishnaamsa and beheaded him. Thereafter, they took the beheaded heads of Devshimha and Krishnaamsa near the king Prithviraaj. Prithviraaj saw it and became very happy. And after that, he celebrated that day, organizing a great ceremony and gave different types of charitable (Sacrificial or Daan) goods to Brahmans.  ”


“After the death of them, there was a total chaos that ran over the army of Lakshmana. Hearing such chaos, meditation of Brahmaananda got broken and he came back to his senses. He said to his wife Velaa: – “My dear! Please do sit on the horse named Harinagara and quickly arrived to the battlefield. Disguising like me – Brahmaananda, you will reach the battlefield and kill Taraka as soon as possible.”  Hearing that with Alhaad, Velaa took the army composed of thousand soldiers and reached the battlefield. Lakshmana and Talana heard the news of arrival of Velaa into the battlefield and they took their ten thousand soldiers respectively and went near king Prithviraaj for the war. On the day of tritiya, at very early morning, the mighty Taraka thought Velaa as Brahmaananda and did tremendous war with her. That day, Raktabeeja -Chaamunda did furious war with the Ramaamsa Alhaad. Within one prahara, he killed Chaamunda’s elephant and destroyed his every weapons. Thereafter, they came down to the ground and led a wrestling match right on the battlefield. Till the three praharas, as that battle continued, during evening Alhaad killed and crushed that Chaamunda’s body who killed his brother Krishnaamsa. During that time, Velaa also destroyed every weapons of Taraka and beheaded him with her bilbo.  Thereafter, that pure soul, who was the daughter of king Drupada (Draupadi), Velaa got her father-in-law, king Parimala’s order and sat on the funeral pyre with her husband Brahmaananda. And she told her seven years birth’s biography and turned themselves into ashes (This process is called “Sati”). On that deep night, King Parimala became very angry and with Lakshmana went near the king Prithviraaj and did a terrible and frightful battle. During that time, Prithviraaj had left hundred lakhs of his army while king Parimala had three lakh soldiers. Dhaanyapala had slaughtered hundred kings in the battle and similarly Lakshmana also slaughtered hundred kings. Talana slaughtered another hundred kings and they all proceed for doing war with the king Prithviraaj. On that moment, Prithviraaj got sad. At that deep night, Prithviraaj meditated upon Lord Shankar (Shiva) and with his left over army he continued the battle. He with his arrow that had been given boon by lord Shiva, he killed king Parimala, Dhaanyapala and Taalana and after that he proceed towards Lakshmana. King Prithviraaj in want of killing Lakshmana, he recalled his Raudraastra named arrow. And Lakshmana upon seeing it, he recalled his Vaishnavaastra. By that Vaishnavaastra, Raudraastra got destroyed. By the energy of Vaishnavaastra, king Prithviraaj got warmth. Thereafter, king Prithviraaj meditating upon Lord Shiva, he recalled the divine Valla Astra which beheaded Lakshmana from his body. During that time, the Lakshmana’s elephant Hastinee did a terrific war with Adivayamkara (Arivayamkara) and defeating it within a muhurt, Hastinee itself went to heaven. After that, during dawn, queen Malana with her dead husband delivered themselves at funeral pyre and burnt themselves into ashes. On that time Devaki with pure Lakshmana and Talana with others and sat on funeral pyre. After that, they got converted into ashes with Devaki herself. On Tuesday, at the early morning Alhaad came with his dead wife Svarnavatee and burning her on that same funeral pyre. Then he completed the funeral rites for them and after that he sat there, at that place and started meditation of the goddess of wellness, Shaaradaa. During that time, Kali Yuga arrived there with his wife and to get his job done, he started worshipping him:-


Kali r uvacha:-


“Namah Ahlaad Mahateh Sarva Ananda Pradayini | Yogeshwaray Shuddhaye Mahavatee Nivasinee ||

Ramaamsa Stavam Mahabaaho Mam Paalana tat Parah | Kalayikya Samaa Gamya Bhuvo Bhaarsatva ya ahrritah ||

Raajaanah Paavakiyaaschya Tapobalasamanvitaah: || Hatva Taan Pancha Saahasra Kshudra Bhoopaannekashah: ||

Yogmaddhye Samaaseeno Namahstasmayee Mahaatmane,

Teshaam Sanyaah: Shashtilakshmaah: Kramaadvira tvya hataah | Varam Bruhi Mahaabhaag Yatte Mansi Vartate ||”


Kali Yuga said:-


“The one who bestow happiness to everybody and the great Alhaad, I praise you! You are Yogeshwara (lord of austerity and oblation of fire) and residing in pure Mahavatee named state. Mighty! You are born from the part of Balaraam and rigid follower of mine. You destroyed those five thousand famous ascetic kings of Agnivamsas (Agni -dynasty) and slaughtered many small kings in the battle. By performing such activities you have taken the mass of the earth on your own shoulders. After that, now you are concentrating on your deep meditation. With love, I am praising you, who is great magnanimous and generous. You are such a famous person, who had shown amazing skill of gallantness and destroyed king Prithviraaj’s great sixty lakh army. Please ask the boon from me according to your wish.”


Alhaad replied: – “Lord! Kindly preach my famous works to every humans. I will try to fulfil your every works again. And please do listen my word. Lord!  King Prithviraaj is the part of Dharma and its great follower. Again he is great worshipper of lord Shiva. Therefore I want to covert his eye color to the pure blue. Because it is your favorite one and which gives grief to me and other gods and provides happiness to Daityas (Demons).  “Having said such, Ramaamsa – Alhaad, sat over the elephant named Panchashabda and proceed for Prithviraaj with great speed for razing war. As he reached the battleground, there started a tremendous war with the king Prithviraaj. During that time, that Lord Shiv gifted elephant Adivayamkara kept its feet on the tooth of Panchashabda and did battle with it ferociously. They both died in that ferocious battle and reached heaven. At that moment, king Prithviraaj ran out of fear from the battlefield with great speed. But Alhaad also chased him behind and caught him by his hair. After that he poured the great fountain of blue given by Kali into both the eyes of the king. And on that time, lord Shiva thought that the king was impure, he left him. Thereafter, Lord Shiva proceed for the mountain of Kailash which is mysterious and solitary place of ghost and goblins. Alhaad also proceed with Kali Yuga for the mountain named Gandhamaadan. Alhaad entered in that plantain forest of Gandhamaadan and started his meditation there. ”


“Kali saw that Alhaad was performing his austerity in that forest, being very happy, he went near the king of demons Bali and described to him everything. During that time, the king of demons Bali and with his ten thousand soldiers, he went to Gaur named country (Gaur Desha). There he said to the king Sahoddina (Sahabuddin):- “Mighty king! I will be protecting you all the time. At this night, you will take all your army and defeat the king Prithviraaj. And after that accept Vidyunmaalaa as your wife. “Hearing that, that king Sahoddina took his hundred lakh soldiers and proceed for Kurukshetra. After completion of sixteen day’s journey, he conquered over the other sons of Prithviraaj and went to Mahavatee state .By the help of Mahipati, Sahoddina looted all the wealth of Mahavatee state. King Prithviraaj went to the Keertisaagara named sea for worshipping Linga of Shiva. But he didn’t satisfy with that and came back to his state again. There he celebrated one lakh homa (burnt offerings and sacrifices which is of one lakh i.e. one lakh offerings to please goddess Chandikaa through oblation of fire) for goddess Chandikaa and got the pure happiness. Hearing the recitation of hymns of goddess Chandikaa, king Jayachandra felt great grief for the death of his own son. Thereafter he performed severe penance and kept fast like Yatee (Goddess Durga). He even left eating, by which he died within few days. King Prithviraaj did tremendous battle with Sahoddina and on the seventh day, he got caught. Thereafter, Sahoddina tried to kill him through tremendous torture but he failed. After that, he felt helpless and untied the king Prithviraaj. When there occurred a divine light, by the order of the king Prithviraaj, his minister Chandrabhatta with his sharp arrow killed the king Prithviraaj and burnt him in funeral pyre. Thereafter, that king of Mlecchas, Sahoddina ransacked tremendous amount of wealth and kidnapped Vidyunmaalaa. He made his slave Kutukoddina as king and proceed for his own country. ”


In Shree Bhavishya Maha Purana’s Pratisarga Parva, the history of Kali Yuga’s description named thirty second chapter ended.